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The Beginning of my doge-life

Dear Shibes, I would like to tell you a story, the story of my doge-life.
It was the 24th December I heard of Dogecoin when surfing and reading articles about bitcoin. At the beginning i started laughing but i wanted to know something more and, after that, I created a wallet on and started saving dogecoin thanks to various faucet..
Afterward, I decided to start mine with my "monster" HD 5570 at an incredible 91 Khash/s. After the christmas' dogewallet hack, I losted my 26 first DOGE and after a few hours of sad, i restarted mining and "fauceting" and "redditing" (I subscribed on this subreddit the 27th or the 28th, we were just a gaggle of shibe).
The 26th, I received my first Doge at my client-wallet ( wow many rich such transaction )
During the last few weeks I have seen Dogecoin's difficulty and value going and up and down like a Shiba Inu playing with laser.
I'm actually proud to say that thanks to, doge.dedicatedpool and the tons of faucets, I have got already more than 11'000 DOGE.
I would like to thanks the whole fantastic community of doge that are mining, trading and saving DOGE.
P.S: sorry for my poor wow, I'm an italian shibe:D
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What are your thought on Llano for mining?

AMD will be releasing a new APU in the next month or two called Llano. It contains a Radeon HD6550D GPU on the die which is equivalent to a slightly underclocked Radeon HD 5570. You will be able to crossfire the APU with a Radeon HD6570 which will give you about a 100 to 120 Mh/s without any overclocking.
Based on this article, the GPU clock can be increased to 870 MHz, and based on the mining hardware comparison results for the 5570s, a 5570 running at that frequency would get around 90-100 MH/s.
With the AMD A8-3850 combined with a Radeon HD6570, you should see similar performace to the Radeon HD 6770 and be able to get around 200 Mh/s overclocked. The A8-3850 is a 100W quad-core APU and the Radeon HD 6570 consumes about 40W according to Anadtech.
It will be interesting to see how much bang for your buck and performance per watt this combination will bring to the party.
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