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[#75 Score:1 Comments:2] - BITCOIN FOG SCAMMING

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Bitcoin fog STOLEN money! BEWARE!

When we try to paste our withdrawal address, it automatically inserts a different Russian bitcoin address every time!
Now the coins have been sent to a foreign bitcoin address, instead of my wallet.
Every time I paste the address in bitcoin fog, this happens now. I believe this is a bitcoin fog scam.
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[PSA] If you are a user of Dark Net Markets, be very careful about /r/DarkNetMarkets. The mods are shills, and the sub is heavily censored.

poster: justmeanon, original conspiracy link
More Info Here
The mods of /DarkNetMarkets have been caught, over and over again, using their mod accounts and puppet accounts to shill for services like Bitcoin Fog (which is in the sidebar here with just a warning).
[Evidence Linked, Further Down]
They censodelete any post that discusses bitcoin fog scamming, and the mods are always the first to every BTCFog thread to vote brigade and proclaim BTC Fog's innocence.
It's time for the community to start their own sub, free of censorship, scamming, and shilling.
nucensorship should be a mod, so everyone can see what posts are being removed from the sub, so they can draw their own conclusions.
Thread has now been downvote brigaded, and deleted.
What it said:
>I just made this post about how ridiculous it is that the mods of this sub contrinue to shill for BTC Fog even though countless members of this community have made posts (that can no longer be found) about BitcoinFog scamming them.
>Why do all posts about BTC Fog scamming need to be deleted?
>Why do posts about mods deleting BTC Fog scamming threads need to be deleted?
>How many members of this community are going to demand for Bitcoin Fog to be put in the Wall of Shame before it happens?
>Why do people keep getting banned for saying Bitcoin Fog scammed them?
>Lastly, why have my posts and comments been removed despite not breaking any rules?
>Doesn't anyone else find this a bit concerning?
>I think it's time for a new subreddit, with nucensorship as a mod, so we can see what posts are being silently deleted from this sub.
>EDIT: My comments are being silently deleted, despite not breaking any rules. Again, you should be asking yourselves, "Why all the censorship?"
>This is how the mods guide public opinion. They upvote brigade all of the mod comments, and all their puppet accounts, then they silently delete all the comments from actual users. That way, when unsuspecting users stumble into this thread they believe that 100% of the community agrees with the mods, and that if they were to disagree they would have the whole community against them. So they are forced to conform.
>Read my comment history. Ask yourself why it needed to be deleted?
They have succeeded now in getting this post censored from /Tor and /Onions, as well as /DarkNetMarkets and /AgMarketplace
I have also been shadow-banned from /DarkNetMarkets for exposing the mods as shills.
Discourse level: 100%
Shills: 0%
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Bitcoin Fog Review – Is It Legit or Scam? Review

If you’re trying to get your hands on a Bitcoin mixer or have questions related to Bitcoin mixing this Bitcoin Fog review is exactly where you should’ve landed.
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Bitcoin Fog Review - Is It Legit or Scam?

If you’re trying to get your hands on a Bitcoin mixer or have questions related to Bitcoin mixing this Bitcoin Fog review is exactly where you should’ve landed.
First and foremost I will explain, compare and contrast the features and problems that Bitcoin Fog brings with itself, and then answer the most common questions related to Bitcoin mixing.

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05-06 21:03 - 'Yes, is still a scam.' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/johnstonet removed from /r/Bitcoin within 2-12min

I know I know. There are much better solutions, but I was looking for a quickie fix. Luckily I didn't send much.
Yes, is still a scam.
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: johnstonet
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Yes, is still a scam. /r/Bitcoin

Yes, is still a scam. /Bitcoin submitted by HiIAMCaptainObvious to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Bitcoin Fog selectively scamming???

Deposited ~.5 BTC on bitcoin fog to TEST the service. Waited for deposit to show up on the account. Then I initiated a withdrawal. After waiting much more time than necessary, I checked the wallet where I withdrew the btc to from the fog, and there was only 20% of my withdrawal that had arrived. I then tried to log back onto Bitcoin Fog, and a message pops up that says "Could not login using provided information." login and pass don't work anymore.
Created a new account and clicked on support, asked for help and explained the situation. No response as of yet.
If they don't fix this I will be sure to make it known to EVERYONE never to use their service. Selective scamming should not be possible in a society where we can inform each other who to trust. I'm surprised that I have only seen a small handful of other posts regarding scamming by these people.
If somehow it was all just a big mistake, my apologies...I will update soon.
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Might be getting scammed? (Bitcoin Fog)

So I've tumbled coins through bitcoin fog but I've just checked blockchain and above my transaction there is another newer transaction coming out of my address for way more money than I have been depositing? I need to know if this is normal quick. I've just checked the address and it seems to be connected to a lot of transactions for lots of money.
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Okay so before you start ripping me up with "you should've known better" I used Bitcoin Fog to wash some coins, everything was going fine I scheduled my withdraw to another wallet off the site and went to bed, woke up the next morning with the coins gone from BTC Fog and not in the wallet i sent them, I can see in the Blockchain they were sent to a bunch of random address's, when i check my old withdraws though it looks the same as this one, why are my coins not showing up in my wallet and did I get scammed?
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The Sandman

NoSleep. Ironically, I am posting this to NoSleep. You are here to read stories so scary that they will keep you up all night, I am here because I can’t go to sleep. I haven’t slept in 3 days, and I can’t even remember the last time I got real sleep. The kind where you go to sleep and stay asleep. The kind where you naturally drift off to a relaxing sleep and not your body forcibly shutting itself down against its own will. So I am sorry if I ramble some, but I can’t help but laugh at the irony of this being on no sleep. Is that funny to you too, or just to me because I am too tired to be rational?
Every teenager thinks they have insomnia because they stayed up too long playing video games 2 nights in a row and fell asleep in class, then they sleep for 15 hours straight on the weekend. I was like that once. Life must be tough with that sort of insomnia.
I have real insomnia. The kind where people think you are insane, and to be honest, they aren’t wrong. I have had it since I was in college, but it has only gotten worse and worse. I can't even remember the last time I slept. Wait? I told you that already.
I’ve been to a sleep specialist. I’ve been on every sleeping pill you can think of. Melatonin, no caffeine, no naps, Ambien, Sonata, Lunesta, silenor, antidepressants, Seroquel, Ativan, benzos, you name it, I have taken more than they recommended. Still no relief or sleep.
I know, you are not reading this to read the ramblings of a madman who hasn’t slept in days. You are here because you want a scary story. I’ve got one for you. I think it is real. To be honest, when you haven’t had a real night's sleep in months, dreams and reality start to become one big blur. The truth is, when you are as desperate for sleep as I am, you will do almost anything to get even 1 night of real sleep, no matter how crazy it is.
The story starts about 6 months ago, maybe? It was still winter and the virus was not a big deal yet. I remember that much for sure.
At this time, my insomnia was at the worst it had been in a few years. I remember I had been up for 4 days straight. When you hit this point, you become jittery. You know when someone has had too much caffeine and they sort of shake uncontrollably. Eventually, lack of sleep does the same thing, my whole body feels like it is trembling, my teeth feel like they are chattering even though they are resting as normal, my hands can’t even hold my phone still.
Then there is your mind. You get Brain Fog. At first, it feels like you have been driving on the interstate for 10 hours and can't see or think straight, then you get a second burst of energy and feel great. Most people crash at this point. If you stay up, things that don’t make sense start to make sense. Last is paranoia and anxiety. Every shadow has something lurking in it, ready to jump out and take you. TV or Radio starts to talk to you. You go on Reddit but every story is the same, like god playing a trick on you. You get anxious, praying for sleep, knowing the anxiety is keeping you up even longer. You start to ramble like I am doing again right now.
Okay. I am gathering myself now.
I had been up for days when a commercial came on for an over the phone psychic reading. If a doctor couldn’t help, maybe a spiritual advisor could. No, I didn’t need a psychic, what I needed was a hypnotist. You have seen them before, they can just snap their fingers and you fall asleep instantly! This is the answer to all of my prayers.
It was a scam. They had me lay down and close my eyes, then they softly started talking while I tuned out. When I woke up, she said when I go to sleep at night to relax and listen to a youtube channel that softly plays music and tells you to relax. It didn’t work at all except that every time I listen to soft background music I get the strong urge to make a grilled cheese sandwich, which is weird because I had not had one since I was maybe 9. I think she just hypnotized me to crave grilled cheese. She probably invests in the Big Cheese Industry and makes money by making people crave grilled cheese. What a waste of money.
So much for that idea. The next night I still couldn’t sleep. I decided to watch my feel-good movie: Back to the Future. During the movie, Marty goes back in time to 1955 and there is a part where a song comes on, you hear the unmistakable BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUMMMMMMM! MR. SANDMAN! BRING ME A DREAM! (That song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. I’m not sorry.)
When I heard the song, I started to boil over in rage. Maybe it was from the lack of sleep, or maybe I am just insane, but I picked up the remote and threw it into the LED screen breaking the tv. I screamed, “THAT IS THE MOTHER FUCKER WHO HAS CURSED ME! THE FUCKING SANDMAN! I AM GOING TO FIND HIM AND KILL HIM!”
This went on for longer than I am willing to admit, but you get the point. The Sandman was my enemy. The one who is supposed to deliver us into sleep every night had decided to stop visiting me. What had I ever done to him to make him skip me every night not allowing me to sleep? The Sandman was to blame.
The Sandman was going to have to answer for these wrongs. I was determined to find a way to confront him and give him a piece of my mind. I just had to figure out how the hell you could find or trap it. At this point, I don't care if The Sandman is God himself, I was going to find him..
I thought about it for a while and decided based on movies and books, the way to call a god to you is to summon it. Sounds simple enough, Let’s do it.
Another long story short, putting candles in a circle and yelling I SUMMON YOU SANDMAN! Doesn’t work.
Again, I was back on the internet looking for someone to help me. After talking to someone I was given the email of an African Witch Doctor named Mrs. Fatima. I emailed her and she agreed to help me if I send her bitcoin. She even offered to come out for more money, but screw that, I can do it myself. Why the hell does everything have to be so difficult? Can’t people just take a credit card like the rest of the world? Always extra steps for some weird-ass digital currency crap.
Screw it, I am willing to try anything at this point. I sent her the bitcoin. Whatever the hell that is. It is expensive, I can tell you that much.
After she got the money, she replied to my email with detailed instructions and a warning. She could help me summon The Sandman, but advised against it. Summoning a dead person is dangerous, summoning a demon is disastrous, summing a God is deadly. I thought about it for less than a moment and decided to do it. What is the worst that can happen? I die and am in an endless uninterrupted sleep for eternity? Sounds like heaven to me.
Under her instructions, I waited until 2 am the following night. You can do it anytime, but the barrier between the spirit realm and the mortal world is the thinnest in the early morning hours when people are sleeping. She advised to go somewhere secluded like in the middle of the woods since it would be desolated and more likely to work. I am doing it in my bedroom, it gets the same amount of girls in it as a desolated forest. Lucky for me, I also need the blood of a virgin, so I got that covered too! Just joking, I don’t need blood.
The first thing I needed to do was draw a large circle in chalk. The circle had to be complete and above all else, not broken. The circle is the doorway between realms, if it was not complete it would not work. It also acts as an invisible wall to keep the spirit contained once you summon it. Keep the circle complete at all times. I drew a circle on my hardwood floor. Easy.
The next step was to light 5 red candles drawing a pentagram star. They have to be red because the devil is red and we are practicing devil magic, that’s my explanation, not hers.
Inside the circle, I was to fill it with sand. If you are summoning The Sandman, you need sand?
That was all I needed. Some chalk, candles, a secluded spot, and sand. I was closer than I thought earlier.
Next, the hard part, summoning a god.
The first step is to clear your mind and meditate. Most people have a hard time with this, but I have been meditating for years. They said it would help me sleep, it doesn’t. Don’t waste your time.
The next step is to concentrate on the circle, opening the pathway in your mind. Like imagining it disappearing or opening it like a door?
When your mind is clear, envision the one you are summoning. Do I just imagine what I think he looks like in my head? It’ll have to work.
When you feel the energy start to peak, only then can you summon the spirit into the realm. Call out to the spirit you desire and demand it’s presence. Do not ask. Demand it. This is your world and you must stay in control at all times. If you give up control, the spirit will be able to take control and possibly hurt or kill you.
If you do everything right, you will have summoned the spirit.
Let’s do this. I have a bone to pick with that asshole Sandman.
The circle is drawn, the candles are lit, and sand is in the circle. I turned off the lights for good measure, it wasn’t in the instructions, but it makes for a better dramatic effect.
I closed my eyes and cleared my mind. I imagined the circle in my mind as an empty white space, a void, a door, then I imagined a portal like in the video game with a blue glowing loop.
Next, I imagined The Sandman. Was he a human figure who carried sand, or a God made of sand? I kept trying back and forth, and everything in between before I finally settled on a spirit outlined in the sand.
I held my concentration on The Sandman and the opening of the portal. It felt like nothing was happening when suddenly everything changed. My eyes were shut but I could feel the energy start to build in the room. It felt like a strong storm was blowing on the outside of the house. I couldn’t physically feel the force, but I could feel the pressure growing and growing. Finally, I felt the energy reach its crescendo like something was trying to push itself through the circle into my room.
It’s time to open the gate.
I felt resistance trying to pull energy back from the door, not wanting to obey.
The energy in the room seemed to explode out of the circle. I opened my eyes to see the sand turning in a tornado inside the circle high above my head. I gasped in shock, wondering if I was dreaming. This couldn’t be real. Suddenly the tornado dissolved and the sand formed into a figure with red eyes staring down at me.
I may have made a mistake. The thing is, spirits and especially Gods, do not like it when mortals summon them. They have to come if you summon them, and that pisses them off. They are over there doing ghost and god stuff and get interrupted by people who can’t even walk through a wall. So if you do ever try this, just expect the ghost or demon or god to be in a pissy mood when they come. It is understandable when you think about it.
I looked up at the god, not backing down, and responded “I did.”
Sand swirled around The Sandman as he looked at me in disbelief.
“You are The Sandman, right?” I yelled at him. “You are the god of sleep, the god of dreams, right?”
“I am,” it growled.
“Then why the fuck can I not sleep?” I said. “It has been years and I am stuck awake for days at a time. Why have you done this to me?”
A deep laugh came from the circle. “You think I care about you, mortal? Do you think I waste my time on someone as insignificant as you or your kind? I am a god. A GOD! I don’t have time to waste being here talking to you. Release me!”
“I am not going to release you until you give me what I want.”
The sand settled down and it was quiet. I waited for it to respond.
“You want something from a God? What do I get out of the deal? What do you have that I could possibly want?”
“Give you something?” I asked. “You are the asshole who won’t let me sleep.”
“I am feeling generous. We can make a deal,” it said. “I will give you the ability to sleep anytime you want”
“What is the catch?”
“Ahhh! The catch. Smarter than you look.” He said. “I am the God of Sleep and Dreams. You can sleep, but I will control your dreams.”
”Can’t you do that anyway?” You are the God of Dreams”
“Do we have a deal or no? Answer me before I change my mind.”
Damn it. I know he is playing me as a fool. Fuck it, I’ll solve my sleep problem now and worry about the catch later.
“We have a deal, Sandman.”
“A deal it is” he laughed. “Anytime you wish to sleep just say Mr. Sandman, Give me a dream.’ And you will be asleep in less than a minute.”
“You gotta be kidding me.”
“My game. My rules.” He said. “Now release me.”
“You are released.”
“See you in your dreams!”
The energy that had filled the room evaporated into thin air, the sand fell back into the circle, the candles went dark, and The Sandman was gone.
Was that real or am I hallucinating again? And damn! What even happened there? I was ready to cuss him out and he somehow took control of the encounter. Shit! Mrs. Fatima warned me it could be deadly if he took control. Then again, he made a deal and I can finally sleep.
What is done is done. I blew out the candles and decided to put our deal to the test. He will allow me to sleep anytime I want, real sleep, he will just be controlling my dreams. I’ve had nightmares, what happens in the dream world is all a dream. Nothing can hurt me there. Right?
It was 4:15 am. I turned off the lights, turned the fan on high, and put on some calming music and prepared to lay in bed awake for hours on end. I said the magic words As soon as I closed my eyes, I was out like a rock.
The dream started. I was back five minutes earlier saying “What happened in the dream world is all a dream. Nothing can hurt me there, right?” There was an echo repeating the same phrase back to me. That isn’t a good start.
I laid down in bed, just like before and closed my eyes trying to sleep but this time no sleep came, like always. I sat there for hours trying to sleep. I meditated, listened to calm music making me crave grilled cheese, and tried to will myself to sleep. My dream self was exhausted and on the verge of tears from being unable to sleep.
The Sandman’s idea of a joke is to give me insomnia in my dreams so I couldn’t escape it. Funny joke, but as long as I wake up refreshed I don’t care.
I looked at the clock and it was 7:45 and the sun was up or would be if I didn’t have the windows blacked out. Too exhausted to get up I laid in bed and prayed for sleep.
A moment later, the red candles flickered to life in a star pattern, the room went cold, then the sand started to swirl up into the air. The Sandman appeared in the circle.
My body stiffened, I couldn’t move a muscle, not even to close my eyes. Is this what sleep paralysis feels like? I thought back to my email with Mrs. Fatima and remembered as long as the circle was complete he would be stuck inside.
“That is only true when you’re awake. You’re in my world now,” he laughed as he floated across the circle to my bedside. “You brought me to your world, now I have you in mine. A deal is a deal.”
Ah shit. I knew taking his deal was a bad idea. Never negotiate with a god. You will never come out ahead. I tried to answer him but I was still paralyzed.
“Do you know the legend of The Sandman? The original story? The real story?” He stood over me.
Everyone knows the legend. He comes at night, sprinkles sand in your eyes so you will sleep well and have good dreams. You wake up with sand in your eyelashes.
“Wrong!” He yelled. “That is a story told much later after I left the mortal world to stop people from fearing me. You are about to find out the real legend of The Sandman.
I laid in bed unable to move, my eyes held open by some imaginary force, staring at him in fear.
He held out his hand in front of my face and blew. I felt the wind on my face followed by the sand. The awful awful sand. Unable to close my eyes the sand blanketed my eyes. I could feel every grain of sand stick to my eyes.
Finally, I had control of my eyes again and started to blink uncontrollably. Each blink the sand grinded deeper and deeper into my eyeballs and eye socket. Each blink felt like shards of glass cutting my eyes. My eyes became watery and started to tear up but it wasn’t tears but blood leaking down my face. The pain engulfed my face but I couldn’t move, only involuntary blinking trying to clear the sand from my eyes. Each blink the sand cut farther and farther into my eyes. The pain became excruciating like someone had stuck a red hot fire poker in each eye. I wanted to scream out but nothing else worked on my body. Then the pain disappeared.
I assumed I had blacked out or went unconscious but that doesn’t happen in dreams and I wasn’t that lucky. Instead, I felt a weird sensation on my eyeballs then the feeling of water being poured into my eye. When it stopped, my vision started to appear again, blurry at first but clearing. I could see a sandy palm and fingers like I was being carried in The Sandman’s hand.
“The legend of The Sandman isn’t that he comes to put sand in your eyes to help you sleep, he comes to put sand in your eyes to steal eyeballs of kids who stay up too late.” He said. “I’m making an exception for you.”
He opened his palm and I could see my lifeless body, still in bed, not moving, the face covered in blood with empty holes as eye sockets. I am seeing myself from my own eyeballs. What the fuck, even for a dream this is fucked up. Luckily the pain had stopped, for now.
“Do you know what happens next in the legend? Do you know what I do with the eyeballs I steal” He asked like I could to respond. I didn’t know the answer but I knew I was about to find out.
“Right you are. Close your eyes, It’’s a surprise.” He laughed. “Get it? You can’t! You have no eyelids. Hahaha”
Excuse me for not thinking the joke is funny, being the butt of the joke.
“He pointed my eyes toward the moon and asked, “Do you like The Dark Side of the Moon?”
What the hell does the Pink Floyd album have to do with anything? Who doesn’t like it?
“Great. Let’s take a trip there. You’re dreaming so we can be there in, what would you say, a blink of an eye?”
Fucking funny. A moment later, we were on the dark side of the moon. It looked like the moon, but dark. He walked into a crater and I started to hear cries. Not like human cries, more like an animal cry. Not just one animal but a bunch. The cries got louder and louder. Even in a dream, I knew something bad was about to happen.
We finally arrived at what I would call a nest. Not your typical earth nest, but an enclosure that held a bunch of giant ugly bird-like featherless babies. Not dinosaur big, but big enough. Each bird-like creature was lifting its beak up in the air crying for its parents to bring it back food. What the fuck kind of food was available on the moon or in space is beyond my understanding, but that’s exactly what my eyes were seeing.
“After I steal the eyeballs, I bring them back here and feed them to the birds. In your world, you may throw bread out to the birds for a treat. In my world, I feed them your eyes.”
Fuck. Can I wake up now? I really don’t feel like being eaten by a giant alien baby bird thing.
“The legend says I fed them to my children, but that is the part they got wrong.” He said. “Sweet dreams, prince.”
He tossed my eyes into the air into the waiting mouth of one of these creatures. I saw it’s beak close as my eyeballs exploded into a gooey mess.
The dream ended and I woke up in a panic. I tried to open my eyes but they were sealed shut. I lifted my hands, happy I could move again, and felt my eyelids crusted over with sand. I cleared them the best I could but needed a warm compress to clean all the salt out. When I finally opened my eyes, they hurt. Everything had happened in the dream, but somehow my eyes felt sore.
I thought back to what I said and heard in my dream, “It is just a dream, nothing can hurt me there.” It is true, I wasn’t really hurt, but I’ve never woken up feeling pain I got from a dream. What is going on?
Still, If I dreamed, that means I slept! A nightmare isn’t so bad if I get real sleep. The dream felt like it lasted hours, a few more nights of this and I will have a somewhat normal sleep schedule and feel rested. I looked at the clock to see it was 4:30. I slept 12 hours and 15 minutes. Amazing!
I opened the door to my room and walked into the kitchen and it was still dark. That can’t be right. It should be 4:30 pm, the middle of the afternoon. Did I sleep for 24 hours straight? I looked at my phone and saw the date. My heart dropped. I had only slept for 15 minutes. It is like dreams take place in another dimension where time doesn’t exist. The Sandman was able to torture me for hours in dream time while allowing me to sleep for a few minutes. I cried. Seriously, I cried like a baby.
He held up his end of the bargain, I can fall asleep any time I want to, except now I am afraid to go to sleep. Everytime I fall asleep, he takes me away to his realm and gives me nightmare after nightmare. Every dream is one where he does something horrible to me and my dream self feels every bit of excruciating pain. And he never allows me to sleep more than an hour at the most.
I eventually accepted my fate. He is going to torture me, but it is all a dream. I will wake up feeling mostly normal. Then things changed. It is like he knew I had stopped fighting, so he found a new way to hurt me. Instead of hurting me in my dreams, he started to make me watch him hurt people I loved in their dreams. I didn’t think it was real until I heard from my sister about how my niece has been having terrible nightmares and refusing to go to sleep. When she described her dreams, I already knew, because I was there too.
That has been my life for the past however many months. Instead of trying to take medicine or listen to music or having The Sandman put me to sleep, I try to use my insomnia to stay awake for as long as my body will withstand it. I drink coffee and energy drinks, I take adderall, but eventually sleep always comes, even if for short periods. No matter how hard you fight it, your body will always sleep, and the Sandman will be there waiting on me.
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Kickstarter Roundup: Jan 28, 2018 | 19 Ending Soon (incl: Tokyo Series: JIDOHANBAIKI, METRO, & JUTAKU) & 35 New This Week (incl: UBOOT)

What this is:

This is a weekly, curated listing of Kickstarter tabletop games projects that are either:
All board game projects meeting those criteria will automatically be included, no need to ask. (But the occasional non-board game project may also sneak in!)
Expect new lists each Sunday sometime between 12:00am and 12:00pm PST.

Ending Soon

Project Info Status Backers Avg Pledge Ending Comments
Heropath - Dragon Roar Go out on an adventure, discover unique 3D place sites, interact with your opponents and monsters and be the first to slay the Dragon! (Has currently earned $17,796 of $12,500) 142% 240 $74 01-30 kicktraq#take2
Kingdoms of Erden: King of the Mountain card game expansion Collect faction members and dominate the mountain in this set collection strategy fantasy card game. Ages 10+ 2-4 players 15-45 min (Has currently earned $990 of $600) 165% 57 $17 01-31 kicktraq #expansion
Elder-Forge tier 1 A collection of four resin kits by Elder-Forge, A limited edition of sculptures in different scales to assemble and paint! (Has currently earned €2,708 of €900) 300% 44 €62 01-31 kicktraq #minis
Supernatural Socks - A Tabletop Game About Lost Socks Have you ever lost your socks in the dryer? Well, Supernatural Socks is a game about the ghost that takes those socks. (Has currently earned $12,516 of $10,000) 125% 337 $37 01-31 kicktraq
The Dice Tower - 2018 The Dice Tower enters its fourteenth season. We are raising funds to continue our coverage of board games and the people who play them. (Has currently earned $261,826 of $200,000) 130% 5642 $46 01-31 kicktraq #show
Hit Me! The Comic Book Fist Fight Card Game Ever wanted to punch your friends like they do in the comics? Now you can with this quick push-your-luck filler game! (Has currently earned $2,070 of $1,000) 206% 51 $41 02-01 kicktraq
Black Hole Council A negotiation and deduction game about secret agendas and throwing planets into a black hole. (Has currently earned $36,751 of $20,000) 183% 965 $38 02-01 kicktraq
Fantasy Football Goblin Dice Goblin themed dice for Fantasy Football games (Has currently earned £580 of £500) 115% 26 £22 02-01 kicktraq
Corsair Leader CORSAIR LEADER is a solitaire board game putting you in the cockpits of US Navy and Marine aircraft battling the Japanese during WWII! (Has currently earned $74,888 of $17,000) 440% 606 $124 02-01 kicktraq
Highlander: The Board Game A fast-paced game of strategy and chance in which up to 6 immortals battle to claim the prize. There can be only one! (Has currently earned £29,254 of £10,000) 292% 994 £29 02-02 kicktraq
Countdown: Action Edition One Reckless Action Hero, an Out of Control Hostage Situation, who will You Trust? Welcome to Countdown, the 80's hidden role game! (Has currently earned $11,622 of $7,500) 154% 273 $43 02-02 kicktraq
Championship Baseball 1979 dice/card Game Championship Baseball 1979 is a two team individual card set for the Pine Tar Dice Game Engine. The cards feature a streamlined layout. (Has currently earned $456 of $200) 227% 21 $22 02-02 kicktraq
War Along the Chesapeake - Limited 250 Copies Volume 1 of 3 in the War of 1812 Campaign Series. There will only 250 copies printed. For 2 players. Plays in 1 to 2 hours. (Has currently earned $22,081 of $1,000) 2208% 227 $97 02-03 kicktraq
Heavy Gear Blitz! Utopia Armed Forces Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter to fund the plastic injection mold need to make plastic miniatures for Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear Blitz! - Tabletop Wargame. (Has currently earned $18,801 CAD of $30,000 CAD) 62% 135 $139 CAD 02-03 kicktraq #minis
FROM BEYOND: DISTRESS CALL Sci-fi RPG Adventure A Starfinder Roleplaying game compatible sci-fi adventure set in a newly discovered star system. The first of a six episode saga. (Has currently earned MX$8,240 of MX$2,000) 412% 55 MX$150 02-03 kicktraq #rpg
Status Report! A 15 minute social deduction game for 3-7 players about a starship Captain attempting to save their crew from Rampant AI. (Has currently earned $14,943 of $17,000) 87% 393 $38 02-03 kicktraq
MINI Metal Polyhedral Dice Sets from Metallic Dice Games Our same great metal dice colors- but MINI! Mini metal dice are rarely found in the dice market, until now! (Has currently earned $16,675 of $10,000) 166% 318 $52 02-04 kicktraq #dice
TOKYO SERIES: JIDOHANBAIKI, METRO, & JUTAKU JIDOHANBAIKI - Vending machines and guest designers METRO - Heavy economic train simulation JUTAKU - Real time dexterity for 1-8 (Has currently earned $152,928 of $21,000) 728% 1680 $91 02-04 kicktraq5

New This Week

Project Info Status Backers Avg Pledge Ending Comments
5 Stack, A Chip Stacking Game of Strategy and Chance 5 Stack is an incredibly "easy to learn" chip stacking board game, that involves strategy and chance. Fun for 2-6 Players, Ages 5+. (Has currently earned $4,834 of $35,000) 13% 71 $68 03-02
Auditions A brand new fun party game for everyone to enjoy! (Has currently earned £170 of £3,000) 5% 6 £28 02-09 #take5
Bitcoin Empire: To The Moon A card game about bitcoin and a conspiracy that the moon landings are fake. (Has currently earned £669 of £10,000) 6% 20 £33 02-24
BLOCKCHAIN: The Cryptocurrency Game An action-based strategy game for the new millennium! Mine, hack, trade, and store coins to be the first one to fill your vault. (Has currently earned $2,716 of $40,000) 6% 50 $54 02-24
Canon Fodder: The Game of Fandom and Charades Canon Fodder is a card game which has you acting as your favorite fictional characters in different and hilarious situations. (Has currently earned $7 of $6,000) 0% 1 NA 02-28 #lolwut
Crime Pays You’re a horrible person. But that’s okay. Nice guys finish last because they’re pussies. Rob, Scam, and Deal your way to millions. (Has currently earned $426 of $15,000) 2% 6 $71 03-23
Da Share Z0ne: THE DEVIL'S LEVEL Card Game The Devil's Level is a tabletop card game where 2+ players battle life's challenges to achieve an ultimate state of Chill. (Has currently earned $96,688 of $28,800) 335% 1501 $64 02-21
Dead 'til Dawn - Zombie Survival Horror Card Game Experience a unique zombie apocalypse story line with your friends full of choices, voting, chance, alliances, combat, and betrayals! (Has currently earned $5,512 of $7,500) 73% 89 $62 02-24
Dead Men Tell No Tales: Board Game Expansion + Miniatures The Kraken game expansion and miniatures addon for Dead Men Tell No Tales cooperative board game. (Has currently earned $56,351 of $50,000) 112% 715 $79 02-15 #expansion base game
Deadly Concoctions Mix Lethal Potions. Kill Your Friends. (Has currently earned $45 of $100) 45% 1 NA 02-02
Dicetopia Dicetopia is a quick strategic board game about dominating neighbourhoods, collecting shiny dice loot and completing secret missions! (Has currently earned kr67,183 SEK of kr40,000 SEK) 167% 230 kr292 SEK 02-25
Draft City: A strategic drafting game unlike any other. Draft City needs a new Mayor! Draft from a deck of 100 unique multi-use cards to gather resources and expand the city. (Has currently earned £369 of £5,000) 7% 14 £26 02-26
Gentes - Deluxified™ Edition Tasty Minstrel Games & Game Brewer present Stephen Risthaus' "Gentes" a game about ancient civilizations- in Deluxified™ Format! (Has currently earned $251,292 of $40,000) 628% 3677 $68 02-17
GO ECO: The Classic game of survival. The card game that allows you to Attack, Defend, Kill, Protect Steal, Trap, Hack and Surrender!!. It's all happening on your tabletop! (Has currently earned $1,786 CAD of $15,000 CAD) 11% 90 $20 CAD 02-09
Handmade Artisan Hardwood Dice Sets Hand-crafted. 100% Handmade from Select Artisan Hardwoods. Unique One of a Kind Dice. (Has currently earned $346 of $150) 230% 15 $23 02-05 #dice
Ian Brody's SHAEF A two-player, card-driven World War II strategy game covering the period from June 1944 to March 1945. (Has currently earned £6,683 of £10,000) 66% 147 £45 02-07
Isles of Terror Embark on sinister adventures in this 1-4 player story-driven strategy game of exploration and conquest. (Has currently earned €53,592 of €25,000) 214% 818 €66 02-20
Ladder Ball Jr. : Table Top Fun For Everyone Face off against your friends with this compact indoor version of everyone’s favorite lawn game. First to score 21 points wins! (Has currently earned $4,182 of $6,000) 69% 80 $52 03-04
League of Seekers A Lovecraftian Grimdark tabletop RPG Set in an alternate 18th century Europe. (Has currently earned £2,432 of £1,500) 162% 131 £19 02-22 #rpg
Lucky's Misadventures - Episode 42: Lost in Oddtopia You and your dog Lucky should not have taken the shortcut through the woods that night... (Has currently earned $4,411 of $4,242) 103% 105 $42 02-24
Make 100. Play:List - a party card game of list making. Play:List is a party card game of making lists. A game you play. A game you play by making lists. Play:List. Longest list wins! (Has currently earned $17 of $10,000) 0% 1 NA 02-26 #hmm
MICRONOMICON: The Tiny Game of Terror An adorably diminutive game of massive amusement. If you are going to buy one tiny game of forbidden magic this year, make it this one! (Has currently earned $2,270 of $3,375) 67% 117 $19 02-22
Necronomicon Dice Evil Dead Set D2, D3, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 (Has currently earned €8,500 of €15,000) 56% 83 €102 03-05 #dice
Oh Cluck! - The Barnyard Brawl Oh Cluck! is a party style card game where no egg, or chicken, is safe. Taking 30-60 minutes to play, and designed for 2-6 players. (Has currently earned $1,344 of $8,000) 16% 23 $58 02-24
Payday: The Card Game Play the perfect heist and trick, trade, threaten, beg, lie, manipulate or fool with your friends to be the best criminal out of all. (Has currently earned €256 of €10,000) 2% 12 €21 02-20
PolyHero Dice - Rogue Set From the shadows rolls a PolyHero Dice Set for heroes of a more mysterious kind. Rogues, Thieves, Assassins... steal yourself a set! (Has currently earned $129,100 of $50,000) 258% 3375 $38 02-08 #dice
Rambo: The Board Game No Man, No Law, No War Can Stop RAMBO! The Tactical Mission-Based Cooperative Board Game with Unique Stealth and Fog of War Mechanics! (Has currently earned $65,270 of $50,000) 130% 560 $117 02-22
THE ART OF TOKAIDO Admire, gathered in a single work for the very first time, all of the original graphical creations that make the universe of TOKAIDO. (Has currently earned €17,761 of €20,000) 88% 253 €70 02-12 #bling
THE PIT: The Board Game A harrowing raid on the deadliest mad science facility in the galaxy! Inspired by the hit dungeon-crawler video game! (Has currently earned $14,585 CAD of $65,000 CAD) 22% 122 $120 CAD 02-23
The Scarlet Pimpernel: Signature Edition Join the Scarlet Pimpernel on his daring adventures in this beautiful new euro strategy game! (Has currently earned $51,777 of $15,000) 345% 761 $68 02-13
Treasure Towers: Expanded options for Engraved Dice Towers We're back with even more options for your dice towers. New designs, new woods, and Treasure Towers with foil designs and suede lining (Has currently earned $564 of $2,500) 22% 9 $63 02-26 #bling
UBOOT The Board Game A real-time, app-driven board game of WW2 submarine warfare. This underwater war thriller will put your skills to the ultimate test. (Has currently earned £445,693 of £65,000) 685% 6661 £67 02-15
Unicorn Poop and the Secret of the Enchanted Arcade It's a card game, filled with 80's stuff, an enchanted arcade and poop. Unicorn poop! (Has currently earned £260 of £10,000) 2% 14 £19 02-24
Valeria: Card Kingdoms - Shadowvale The next thrilling expansion - Shadowvale - introduces all new Monsters, Citizens and Domains, with a twist of classic horror. (Has currently earned $55,731 of $15,000) 371% 1555 $36 02-16 #expansion base game
Warriors In a world where warriors protect their land from invasion, to save the nation, choose a warrior and be ready to battle. (Has currently earned $58 of $2,000) 2% 1 NA 03-27
Looking for more comprehensive Kickstarter gaming information? Check out the meta listings on BGG, explore Kicktraq's data-driven views, or, of course, Kickstater's Tabletop Category.


  • #hmm means that something about the project seems a little off. Buyer beware kinda thing.
  • #lolwut is reserved for projects that seem like trainwrecks. Check 'em out for amusement.
  • #take tags are for projects that have been restarted for some reason, with the number indicating what iteration we're currently on.
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Scam Emulators: a Guide

After each new console release, the immediate question for many is "how long till its games get ported to PC" or if that's not possible, like with Nintendo and Sony's first party releases, "how long till the console is emulated". Homebrew hobbyists and emulator devs aren't the only ones aware of this thirst, however. Opportunist sociopaths with far more sinister goals are more than eager to take advantage of gullible people craving new emulators for new consoles.
In the hopes of sparing more people the trouble of doing a complete system format for their malware-infected computers because of their own idiocy or that of an excitable idiot acquaintance, here's a guide that hopefully helps telling which emulators are real and which are that just in name.
#1: If it's too soon after the console release, it's suspicious
In order for an emulator to be developed, the console first needs to be hacked first so that the following are extracted
The developers need to be able to execute unlicensed code on it to test hardware behavior and properly document it (the latter is sometimes possible with a developer unit, although it might have some limitations). You need to hear of someone reputable managing to load a "hello world" unlicensed program on a console (NOT a web page on a browser, or a video). After all, they need to be able to code their own demos, see how it looks on hardware, and have their hypothetical emulator replicate that behavior.
There's lots of work before an emulator can even boot up the most basic of "hello world" demos. Correct hardware memory mapping, timings, console boot-up initializations (even when spoofing services and processes like home menus)... can easily take up a lot of work. This is when hardware documentation provided by the console and GPU manufacturers is useful, and without those this part of development can be set back even further. And even then it doesn't discount cases where the console manufacturer withholds some information from the documentation either missing it in translation or on purpose (like Nintendo with a whole audio mode in GC games).
And then after booting simple demos, it can be a while before the first commercial games (often the simpler one, the shittiest ones, or 2D stuff) are booted.
Between the actual console hacking, and then preliminary work on a PC emulator getting up to a point it's usable, this can take easily 2 to 3 years. For example, CEMU, often cited as an example of an emulator with impressively fast development, took 2 years of research and internal experiments after the Wii U was hacked to make a demo only able to boot the decidedly not that flashy Shovel Knight and NES Remix.
Of course, exceptions exist like the GBA which had its emulator available around the American release (and before the European one), but this was more due to a combination of a massive developer kit leak before the Japanese release, and poor hardware security. Those early emulators were still not without their flaws either. Or the even rarer case of an in-house Nintendo emulator leaking like what happened with Ensata (for the Nintendo DS) in 2005 (Sony and Nintendo do make PC emulators for their consoles, in addition to the traditional setup of dev kits linked to PCs for logging stuff, but they don't release those emulators for obvious reasons).
#2: If it looks too perfect from the get-go, it's very suspicious
Emulators often don't implement everything in their first releases. Models can be warped, audio may be not supported or oddly-pitched, transparency can be nonexistent and as a result you'd see black rectangles everywhere, lightning and fog effects might not even be there, and so on. Often, the one thing working just like intended would be videos and static images.
If you see perfect footage of a complex 3D game that looks just like in real hardware, consider the high likelihood it was indeed recorded off real hardware with a capture card (or just lifted from a trailer / let's play).
Some scams have evolved their methods and would slow the video down with distorted audio. One of the more innovative scams used models ripped from other versions (likely PC) of Street Fighter IV, had them in wireframe over a white backdrop and with a HP bar shopped on top and tried to pass this static screenshot as "the first 3DS emulator".
#3: If it's just a binary released, exercise caution
Scams like these often come as binaries or installers. Installers are NOT standard procedure for emulators as they are perpetual buggy alphas that get updated all the time with not even bothering to keep save state compatibility. Sites usually get basic information about the hardware incorrect.
These programs will either come with no source code, or when they do actually bother making a source code (like the emu3DS scam) it actually does nothing, or the github code repository is empty aside from readme files like with the recent Nintendo Switch scam (to get with the times since more emulators now are open source than closed source). The name will be something simple ("switchemulator" "ps4-emulator") or iterating on an existing big name from earlier generations (3DesmumE, NO$GBA 3D, a Dolphin version with Wii U emulation on youtube with download links -and no it's not the wud file browser fork-...) to maximize search engine hits from idiots.
Sometimes, scamware include newer versions of dead emulators, like the fabled NO$GBA 2.7 (which was just the latest version, functional but laced with malware). One of the more innovative scams played ".3ds" "roms" which were actually 3DS videos, and the emulator was just a video player for those... with malware. But to its credit, it actually did run something by Nintendo. (the actual work on that video codec was by someone else though)
Until this subreddit, or other more reputable modding circles, report on a new emulator, and until semi-reputable sites like emucr host it, if a new emulator that nobody heard of besides you is too good to be true then it probably is.
What is it like to get a scamware emulator?
This blog documents some of the more notorious 3DS scams before the Citra days, and it makes for a good reading.
Parts of the scamware experience includes:
I don't believe you!! Why would someone tell lies on the internet?
The "developer" gets money from advertisments and surveys. Better if they're directly served to you and rooted in your computer as malware redirecting your browser to ads, logging your personal data, or using your machine's ressources to mine bitcoins for someone else.
Some vocal minority of open source advocates unfortunately label any recent closed-source emulator as a virus (even after it's proven false), and it doesn't help many new programs that are not regularly downloaded or ones coded directly in assembly (because hacked programs rewrite some parts of a compiled build in assembly "hacked" on the program like an external tumor tied with hooks and JMP opcodes) are often labeled by anti-virus suites as false positives. In these cases, the best thing to do is to wait for someone else to verify it works, or trust the developer in case he/she proved himself to be the real deal when it comes to homebrew development or reverse engineering the hardware in question.
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Bitcoin tumbling, also referred to as Bitcoin mixing or Bitcoin laundering, is the process of using a third party service to break the connection between a Bitcoin address sending coins and the address(s) they are sent to. Since the Bitcoin blockchain is a public ledger that records every transaction, mixing coins is critical for anyone who doesn’t want the entire world to know exactly where they send and store their BTC, or from where they receive it.
Properly mixing coins may seem like a daunting task to those who aren’t very familiar with Bitcoin, but it is actually a simple process that will only take a few minutes of your time for each deposit.
There are good reasons for everyone to mix their coins, but for those who use Darknet Markets in particular, it is a necessity. New tools are being built all the time to increase the ability of the public, as well as private corporations and government agencies, to follow coins through the blockchain and track those who use it. It may seem like a waste of time now, but in the near future it may be simple for anyone- including friends, relatives, employers, and law enforcement, to track every Bitcoin transaction you’ve ever made and see exactly where it ended up. Breaking the connection between your addresses and the coins’ destination by mixing them is certainly a precaution that all DNM users should take.
In this guide we attempt to provide the simplest possible step-by-step instructions to help users unfamiliar with the process of Bitcoin tumbling do so effectively. This guide assumes the reader already has a basic understand of how to send Bitcoins and how to use .onion sites.
To mix your coins using this method, you will need:
-Bitcoins, or the ability to buy them. -The Tor Browser -The ability to create new Bitcoin wallets, both via Tor and on the clear net. We recommended using Electrum, but any client that functions over Tor will work. Alternately, you could use and their Tor hidden service to create all or some of your wallets.
NOTE: Always make sure you get the .onion link for this and every hidden service from a safe place (like, never from Wikipedia, Reddit, or Hidden Wikis! Also make sure that you never use the clearnet url over Tor; doing that opens you up another possible vulnerability (malicious tor exit nodes). A good place to make sure you are using the correct URL is from our Darknet Resources page, or memorize our short link for it:
The Steps
Step #1: Create a wallet on the clearnet. (We will refer to this as wallet #1)
Step #2: Buy Bitcoins, and send the amount you want to mix to wallet #1.
Step #3: Create a second wallet, this time over the Tor network. (wallet #2)
Step #4: Send your bitcoins from wallet #1 directly to wallet #2.
The reason for this is to add plausible dependability between your clearnet wallet and in-person purchases. If you are ever investigated by law enforcement or the company from which you are buying coins (this happens with especially), you can reasonably claim that you sent them to someone else who controls wallet #2 (for whatever made-up reason you have in mind as your excuse for your BTC purchase). After that you have no idea/don’t care what that person did with them, nor should anyone expect you to.
Step #5: Create a third wallet, also over the Tor network. (wallet #3).
Step #6: Select which mixer you will be using, and set up your transaction there using the address(s) from wallet #3. It is best to use multiple addresses, and to set random time delays.
Scams are rampant everywhere online, and the darknet is no different. You can choose your mixer(s) and get the correct URLs from our list of darknet Bitcoin mixers.
We recommend Helix by Grams first, and then Bitcoin Fog, as the two seemingly best in a group of imperfect options. They have both been extremely reliable so far while processing millions of dollars. DO NOT use’s shared send or any other coinjoin product as your mixer, as those do not completely hide your trail like the others.
Mixers in DarkNet: - BraveBunny - Down - Bitcoin Wash Down - BestBitCoinCleaner ONLINE - Helix Light - ONLINE - BitcoinFogg DarkNet Mixer -ONLINE
NOTE: Turn off JavaScript before doing this step if you are using Helix, Bitcoin Fog, r or other mixers that function without it. (Click on the “S!” icon before the address bar in the Tor browser, then >Forbid Scripts Globally”.)
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Top Daily Posts for September 14, 2018:

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Lets trade so .onion links

ill start by the way no illegal to veiw content. (like CP)
http://foggeddriztrcar2.onion/ (bitcoin fog)
http://deepdot35wvmeyd5.onion/ (Deep dot web)
http://o6klk2vxlpunyqt6.onion/ (conterfeit euros)
http://footballthj7o5w3.onion/ (fixed football)
http://sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion/ (creepy emails oooohhh spppokkky.)
http://blkbook3fxhcsn3u.onion/ (facebook for deepweb! weird)
https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/?_fb_noscript=1 (real facebook for tor
http://torflix5djtgsbn3.onion/ (piracy ahhhh who needs netflix and chill?)
http://xfmro77i3lixucja.onion/ (pirated ebook!!!!)
http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/Libraries (moar piracy!)
http://hsokrrx2htv7rlvr.onion/ (fake passports n stuff)
http://tfwdi3izigxllure.onion/ (stolen good)
http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/Korean_Hidden_Wiki (korean hidden wiki who knows what it says)
http://chchchiasaeljqgs.onion/ (want your own .onion site!?)
http://answerstedhctbek.onion/ (hidden anwser like yahoo)
http://hackcanl2o4lvmnv.onion/ (deep web news)
http://76qugh5bey5gum7l.onion/ (jazz radio on deep web????)
https://contra6am7tdml6h.onion (discount money)
http://bitmailendavkbec.onion/ (secret swiss mail)
http://2xurbtccqdpr5nyi.onion/ (only idiot fall for dis)
http://rjuvjyygjqm6mlqm.onion/ (or dis)
http://3vk2dyth3w4zxdba.onion/ (discription of tor have not read)
http://3fym7qpu7jsljat7.onion/ (im a hackeir)
http://54lnbzjo6xlr4f4j.onion/ (TOR official .onion link!! you need to use tor to download tor...)
http://wallet6qmtkcub2e.onion/login.php (for people who enjoy burning muny.)
http://2h3xkc7wmxthijqb.onion/ (forgeign whistle blower site)
http://dustriic3kdutvvc.onion/ (blogs r cool)
http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion (hidden wiki)
http://skunksworkedp2cg.onion/ (harry 71 onion spider)
http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion/ (google but with drugs! wow its just what i always wanted)
http://msydqstlz2kzerdg.onion/ (good google for deep web.)
http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion/ (torch yet another tor search engine.)
http://zzq7gpluliw6iq7l.onion/ (???)
http://nare7pqnmnojs2pg.onion/ (FREE MUNY OMG!)
http://pirateceo5dz3q4b.onion/ (hackers 4 hire!)
http://nt4f7fzcjoe3f5aj.onion/ (hosting hmm.)
http://fhostingesps6bly.onion/ (moar hosting)
http://mail2tor2zyjdctd.onion/ (bad email on tor)
http://torbox3uiot6wchz.onion/ (stupid but secure emial)
http://tetatl6umgbmtv27.onion (chat with random strangers wwwwaaaattttt???)
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http://54ogum7gwxhtgiya.onion/ (pastebin sharing code?)
http://pyl7a4ccwgpxm6rd.onion/ (hacktivist )
http://encryptor3awk6px.onion/ (more hackers for hire)
http://wuvdsbmbwyjzsgei.onion/(music or just sound files for all i know)
http://kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.onion/ (banned books like anarchists cookbook)
http://qd73mvvc7v7zewwl.onion/ (polish deep web forum)
http://iprdvbf4rxykyvvs.onion/ (another polish forum)
http://iprdvbf4rxykyvvs.onion/ (spanish torchan)
http://uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion/ (the official piratebay link)
http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/ (wow pretty good lookin search engine im impressed.)
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http://jzn5w5pac26sqef4.onion/ (bitcoin 4 cash!)
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http://visitorfi5kl7q7i.onion (funny and sinister links)
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http://dogshith5ciwa5ua.onion/ (best site ever pics of dog poo)
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http://fz23wespgs3tahw3.onion/ (best onion spider be careful shows thumbnails of homepage)
http://k4r3zihvrk6o2jl6.onion/ (scam idiotic shadow web site)
http://fuckyouhwlpp3odw.onion/ (HAHAHAHAH)
http://22222222shp56atq.onion/ (probably fake red room.)
http://2lol7ha4j442rqeg.onion/ (???)
http://nope7beergoa64ih.onion/Tard%27s_Library/uploads/1327556010_50.Things.Youre.Not.Supposed.To.Know.pdf (just read it)
http://nope7beergoa64ih.onion/ (freaky library.)
http://oiiuv2gwl2jhvg3j.onion (most definitely fake hit man)
http://sntfgwfami5fdbn5.onion/ (sonic and tails)
http://22222222ay7mhtbs.onion/ (fake bitcoin multiplier)
http://53kytgvzgqwmezif.onion/ (???)
http://armoryohajjhou5m.onion/ (guns lots of guns.)
http://cityzenp4d2eytjh.onion/ (totes real usa passports and docs)
http://dancekomtnglfvei.onion/ (dancing hitler nuff said.)
http://doe6ypf2fcyznaq5.onion/ (weird rip off hidden wiki)
http://zw3crggtadila2sg.onion (torchan BE VERY CAREFUL.)
http://electrotev3tgo2p.onion/ (probably stolen electronics)
http://hacker4hhjvre2qj.onion/ (hacker4hire!)
http://infinityzdc7wepx.onion/ (google)
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First page in google that appears when you search for bitcoin fog is which has an onion link http://foggedd3mc4dr2o2.onion/. 6 hours ago I deposited 0.36 BTC and they still didn’t appear in my wallet. Is this website a scam or it’s just a default delay from their side? Transaction has 48 confirmations.
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PSA: Do not use TorShops, EuCanna, Peoples Drug Store or EasyCoin wallet.

Figured I should lay some good ol' Tor justice smackdown on whoever this is. If you don't want to get into the juicy details just read the title and store it in your brain for future reference. This entire thing really fucking rustled my jimmies and I'm going to get it out there.
Earlier I received an e-mail from someone frantically encouraging me to take down TorShops off the Cleaned Hidden Wiki. They alleged that the vendor stole $500 from them and that he'd actually faked a ton of feedback across various sites and even came up with elaborate forums/communities as a part of the operation. I get these e-mails once a week - occasionally from a legit scam, occasionally from a competing vendor trying to tarnish another vendor's reputation. The entire thing seemed really far-fetched and complex and didn't scream "scam" by any measures to me. That's usually the most dangerous kind of scam though; the one that looks like it could easily pass as any legitimate marketplace and doesn't cause a second glance.
However, I decided to investigate. I remember this vendor sending me an e-mail a while back, so I cracked open TrueCrypt, searched around a bit for archived e-mails (I occasionally keep them when someone asks me to add something to CHW - can become useful in events like these), and finally found it. He'd asked me to add 3 different links to CHW - EuCanna, EasyCoin, and the actual TorShops site. This maybe should've sent alarm bells ringing (this wide of a variety of products is rare unless you have a whole team working on it). I thought nothing of it, the sites looked pretty fancied up and it likely took effort to build them so I didn't worry about it too much.
Fast forward a bit, I see TorShops advertising on reddit. Not odd at all, some reasonable site operators advertise here when they want to get the word out about a service.
Fast forward to today. I check out EasyCoin. I notice the banner at the top of the page - it advertises the clearnet URL and .onion URL. I check out the clearnet site.
This is what sent me for a loop. The banner at the top didn't include any .onion address. In fact, I found no sign of an .onion counterpart at all on the entire site. This happens with scams all the time. I remember a Bitcoin laundry that blatantly ripped off part of Fog's descriptions and a clearnet site's interface.
The reason why I included Peoples Drug Store. This thread. Site located at this URL.
All of these drug sites include escrow. The escrow is provided by the drug sites. All of these sites appear custom-made except for EasyCoin (which is where this scam artist dun fuck'd up).
Moral of the story: Trust NO ONE in Onionland. Never go by appearances alone. Use a guaranteed third party escrow that isn't affiliated with the vendor. Make reviews regarding vendors in Evil|Wiki's Reviews page. Always warn others if you come across a scam.
Good luck out there, it can be a dangerous place.
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Pondering the true meaning of money (special Monero edition) using the 100-person island.

I originally posted a thought experiment over on /bitcoin regarding how money works on a fundamental level, but realized over the next few days I had made a mistake. In the parable, I likened bitcoins to shiny gems vs. the island standard of paper notes. In reality, bitcoins are more like marks on a large 'sacred rock'. Everyone can see them and they are public. Monero would be the 'shiny gems', or the superior form of money. The corrected version of the thought experiment is as follows:
It's worth noting that we are most assuredly in the top sliver of humanity by even challenging the notion of what money is. I asked my teenage nephew the other day what money was, and the answer he gave, "paper that the government prints", is indicative of the fog that the general population operates under.
If you were the last man on Earth, would money exist? No. Because money is an imaginary concept by humans to keep track of what other humans owe them.
If there were only three survivors on a deserted island, would money exist? Possibly, in a primitive form. Small notes could be used to keep track of IOUs and favors, but one would hardly expect a robust economy to emerge. For the most part, the three people are probably intimately connected in their day-to-day actions so each sees what the other is contributing towards civilization and feels compelled to interact appropriately. A complex separate ledger to keep track of each person's contribution is not necessary. (Consider this: in a marriage do you have a form of money? Probably not, you know what your significant other is contributing or not to your mini-'society')
Now let's say that there are 100 people on the island. Now it's not completely possible to keep track of each member's contribution. A form of currency is needed.
One wise man stands up and says, "Guys, I got this. We will use special notes with my signature as currency. I will issue them to anyone who does me favors, and you can trade them among yourself."
Now initially, these notes carry little value, because who-da-fuck-is-this-guy amirite? And so the issuer finds himself giving out many notes for very little payback. These early "speculators" find themselves turning over real and hard resources for all-but-worthless notes.
But they also tell their friends that this is a superior way of doing things vs. just trusting each member to do their part.
In this way, the early speculators get quite rich, as they have been saving these notes for a while by the time the rest of the population catches on. Bitcoin is a superior form of this money because we don't need the first guy to issue the notes. There is no human point of failure.
What would the 'bitcoin' be in this example? Bitcoin would be a large sacred rock in the center of the island. There is only one, and people transact by making large signatures on the rock, each claiming a portion of it. They can then transfer a part of their claim to others as a form of payment. It is limited, independent, and the signatures on the different regions can be publicly verified. It is also nice that there is no central authority controlling the sacred rock. It exists all on its own. Of course, the 'notes' in our tale are the U.S. Dollar, which is the standard we are currently on.
Let's look at what happens next in our example:
The notes are the dominant form of currency on the island. They circulate wildly and among the 100 survivors, there are eventually 1,000 notes that are being passed back and forth. The value of a note fluctuates slightly, but because the 'issuer' (who has become quite famous by now) has decreed that he won't issue more than 100 new notes a year, the value holds fairly steady as people know they can rely on the power of that promise.
But suddenly a new tribe is discovered across the island. And this tribe has many things that are desired... so a plan is formed. The 'issuer' sells the new tribe on the power of their note, and proceeds to create 5,000 new notes and trade them to the new tribe for their goodies.
The new tribe thinks they are getting a killer deal. The original tribe only has 1,000 notes circulating among it, and they now hold 5,000 of the same? Imagine the servitude that they can invoke by cashing in those notes! The first tribe basically owes the second a vast debt that can be called in at any time.
Meanwhile the "issuer" is attempting to soothe the concerns of the first tribe: "Listen, this is normal. It is healthy for other tribes to hold so many of our notes. We don't have to worry about them cashing them in. You can go ahead and continue valuing your notes as usual."
Now imagine that a third tribe is discovered, and an additional 5,000 notes are written and exchanged for resources.
See where I'm going with this? This is exactly what is happening with the US Dollar right now.
And what is bitcoin? Bitcoin, again, is that sacred rock. A new character, the "miner" declares to not just his tribe, but the entire island: "Guys I have a better idea! Instead of trusting this guy who clearly keeps drawing up new notes, let's just use the sacred rock! We can compete to see who gets to make the initial markings, and we will set up a fair game to distribute the initial claims of the sacred rock. There's clearly only a limited number of places to make markings, and if we run out we can just subdivide our markings into smaller parts."
Don't forget, money is only needed if there is more than one person on the island. Because that's what a "dollar" is, ultimately. It's a measure of what society owes you. You can take your dollar anywhere and exchange it at any time for something from another human. This miner wants to substitute these new markings on the sacred rock for debts.
Initially, the "miner" is met with wide skepticism from those who liked the notes. "No one wants your stupid marks on a rock, you bum. And what's more, if those got popular, you would be rich with them! It's just a scam! Guys, no one trust the miner and his sacred rock. It's fucking dumb."
And this is the key: All money is a scam by that definition. The early adopter will always get rich if they successfully predict that something is a superior form of money that will grow popular.
Getting rich speculating is a necessary evil for the rise of a new form of money. So when they say that cryptocurrency is going to be one of the greatest wealth transfers in history, they are right. The future is about to be a very strange place.
Now, here's where Monero enters the equation.
A third wise man, the gem miner, enters. He says, "I have an even better idea! Instead of using marks on the sacred rock, lets use these shiny gems as money. They are limited, as there are only so many on the island, and they are also private! No one has to know how many gems you own unless you show them."
If the shiny gems truly are limited, it would be difficult to figure out a more effective basis of money for this island. It is clearly superior to both the paper notes and the markings on the sacred rock.
This is why I'm with Monero. It might not be the first blockchain, but it is the first blockchain that has all the necessary features of a true currency.
I really enjoy these thought experiments regarding the n-person island and how the n-persons will transact goods and services. Understanding these metaphors really helps simplify large scale economies for both you and anyone you are teaching about cryptocurrency.
Any additions or comments?
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Seriously now? (Funny scam in my mailbox.)

This is a mail I just got in my mailbox. Can't stop laughing. The address is "[email protected]"
Ladies and gentlemen,
have you ever heard of Bitcoins - the new digital currency that lets you pay anonymously and instantly and without paying fees to banks? There are already more than 5000 merchants ( accepting Bitcoins and the number is growing everyday. Expedia and Dell are the latest big companies that accept Bitcoins (
Beside the rising number of legal ways to spend Bitcoins it is also No1 choice of payment of darknet markets. On darknet markets like Silk Road 2, Blue Sky, The Pirate Market you can find drugs, weapons, hacking tools, counterfeit products, etc. and pay with Bitcoins.
From 2011 until Oct 13 there was mainly just one market: Silk Road ( After its seizure and the arrest of its alleged founder and operator many new markets appeared on the darknet. One of them was Sheep Market Place (SMP) - quickly becoming the most popular one. But already in December 2013 SMP got hacked by one of its vendors stealing 5500 Bitcoins. This prompted its owners to stop business instantly and take away all the Bitcoins of its customer's and vendor's accounts and all coins in escrow and close the platform. (
I first heard of Bitcoins in 2010. I knew it would become big and set up a gambling-with-Bitcoins website. It never took off as big as I expected but provided me with a little extra income. 3 months ago I got approached by someone asking to launder some coins with the help of my casino. After some research I found out that these coins originated from the Sheep scam. With you can trace back all transactions that ever happened.
Actually Bitcoins are not anonymous but pseudo-ananonymous. That means everyone can see how many Bitcoins belong to a certain address but as long as your real ID is not connected to your Bitcoin address no one knows who own these coins.
That's how I knew that the offered coins were stolen coins from SMP without knowing the real person. Now it is very easy to change small amounts of Bitcoins into Cash without revealing your real identity (for example via but large amounts will not go unnoticed - even when using anonymous tumbling services like Helix or Bitcoin Fog.
After all I decided to buy ~1000 Bitcoins for a nice discount. I thought I take this unique chance - not knowing how to turn this large number into cash or "clean" coins.
Now I still have almost all of them and I like to do something about it. So here's my offer to you. You transfer your Bitcoins to my account and immediately receive back 2 times the amount of stolen Bitcoins from me. Of course I'm happy to sell any amount (up to 900 Bitcoins) but I recommend you keep it low. Remember your account with those Bitcoins must not be connected to your real ID or email or phone number! Never! Don't exchange those coins to cash or other crypto currencies at an exchanges that knows your real name. Those coins can only be exchanged by selling smaller amounts for cash to someone you don't know (, or using a tumbling service.
Because we both want to stay anonymous, this cooperation requires some trust. Lets say you want to buy 10 "Sheep"-Bitcoins for 5 Bitcoins. Don't send me 5 Bitcoins at once but several small amounts and always wait until I send back twice as much to you. This by the way should be a general rule for Bitcoin investments: first try a small amount that won't hurt you in case your partner turns out to be a scammer. Furthermore make sure you send the coins from an address where only you own the private key. Don't use a temporary address because I can only send the coins to the same address where they came from.
However I ask for a minimum amount of 0.01 Bitcoin to avoid too much workload. Your Bitcoins will appear in your wallet approximately 20-30 minutes after you send yours. I am online everyday 12:00-22:00 UTC.
My Bitcoin address is (redacted, ask me in PM is you want)
Looking forward to cooperating with you!
For questions about Bitcoin please check:
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OK. THIS IS HOW WE ARE GOING TO CATCH THEM! Create a new sheepwallet Deposit address NOW

Apologies if this doesn't read well, I've got to write it quick:
Where are the FBI when you need them, eh?
They are the inspiration behind this idea, so they HAVE helped. The answer is the FBI are here:-
or at least, thats where they keep the bitcoins they stole from us. People have been sending hundreds of insults attached to thousandths of a bitcoin, paid in from blockchain info wallets (which allow a message to be attached).
You're all at that shocked and not thinking straight stage I was at 10 days ago when I realized that a one-way money valve had been introduced to sheep market in a software update:-
The miner's fee just gets automatically paid by every other wallet in the world. They disbled it on purpose on a friday when everyone finalizes and the vendors immediately try to get the bitcoin out of the sheep into a tumbler. The sheep was nearly bled dry,so they needed to delay the withdrawals for a few days until Monday, when customers put bitcoins IN (ready to buy the next weekend's drugs)
This weekly wave of buying and selling is called "the Silkroad tide". Cash becomes bitcoin becomes drugs becomes bitcoin becomes cash for vendors, washing in and out once a week,
Customers only really put money into sheep. Vendors put drugs in, and take money out. Even a few bitcoin are a bugger to turn securely into cash, because that's when you stop being anonymous.
sheep was able to rob us because of bitcoin. Bitcoin is going to catch them for us.
This "tumbler" which never appeared was just an excuse to make the cash flow in but not out. The ONLY cash coming out for a few days is going to the people robbing us VIA BITCOIN FOG, which only allows 6 input addresses and 8 output addresses (I think).
How do I know? It crashed the day they introduced the stupid withdrawal rules. WE didn't overload it. The crooks did. Bitcoin fog have waived their fees now, because they made so much commission out of the Shepherd.
Q. Why are the lights still on in Sheep?
A. People are still depositing money. But only the crooks can take it out.
If we can fire a few airgun pellets into the sheep,we can track its meat across europe.
I've been concocting this plan for 9 days, getting high on my own supply instead of selling it. When i've written this, i'm off to bed!
OK,here's what I propose. Login to your sheep account. Try to withdraw.It says "0 hours" but doesn't work. Go to the deposit page and create a new deposit address (to avoid confusion). It worked!
Copy its address into a text document or something, and send, say, 0.0001BTC into it. That's your airgun pellet!
Follow it on the blockchain. Eventually, it will pop out to another address - it's being laundered by the thieves, eventually to become euros.
Q. How do we follow the bitcoin to catch them ? A. I don't know yet, but we have until 2140 to work it out. You can have a look into every bitcoin wallet in the world, and see every transaction. When the FBI start to sell those bitcoins, we can track every sale because we know it's their wallet.
For instance, here's a wallet I just created:-
and here it is on the blockchain
make a new sheep wallet address every day and send a pellet into the sheep. Hell, you could even create new accounts. Scammers like Crystal Palace can use those hundreds of shill accounts to redeem themselves!
OK. My work here is done. This reddit may sink without trace, or it may catch the sheep rustlers. It will certainly make their life difficult,and maybe stop them from scamming the unwary,because most sheep users still don't know what we know. The bitcoin price is still high.
I'm going to bed. You all work out the detail. We will find their wallets and mark them, making it very hard to turn it into cash. They will have to spend it on heroin and OD.
They've been emptying the sheep piggy bank for 16 or 17 days, since they started talking about limiting withdrawals (on the withdrawal page).
Night night!
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Why I think is a well-built (dormant) scam

Hello, here is my analysis for anyone still hesitating to invest into
People, please review some profiles here, on reddit and on Bitcointalk and you'll see that many people "vouching" for BT are fake profiles... I've been investigating for the 3 last weeks, going beyond the analysis given on reddit ( by Vaiex to take my decision to invest or not. Even the local reps are consisting of fake accounts for some if not the majority.
Forget the testimonials, then. This is a very-well thought dormant-scam. It's much more machiavelic I'd say since they've put the right amount of "credible" info such as : - Arbitrage is a real way of making money - Buying limit of 50K - Doing operations relative to open bank days - Providing "honesty" by offering a product that is going weaker due to real facts (mining shares)
This creates a sort of fog to put BT in a grey zone were even intelligent people may get into the trap...
Don't get me wrong, a lot of fake accounts claimed to have received their principal back, the script used is a HYIP software that was used before and often, the first adopters of a Ponzi get their money back like many of you know. As soons as there is more 10L-50K investments, they will just pull off.
The 50K investment limit is also a trap. If you were to sue someone for 50K, it will cost you about the same amount to get it back, so this will discourage many to use legal actions and just live with the loss. This isn't the same with people goxxed for millions, it will be worth it to at least retreive some BTC. I know, my wife is an attorney and she did point me to that possibility straight when I started talking about this "opportunity".
Also, you have to get the same capital moving to get arbitrage working. What I mean is that the open bank days isn't relevant.
Take CaVirtex and VaultofSatoshi. There is a constant arbitrage opportunity, but thething is that I have to get the capital to go this way : Bank>CVX>VoS>Bank and so on. I can'T just split my money in 5 and think that I will get 1% per day. It won't even be possible because it takes 7-10 days to make this process possible with the 100% capital.
The only plausible way is that 50% of the time it is either one exchange or another that is selling BTC higher, but still, you have to transfer all those BTC. The full 100% ! And in 30 minutes there is slight chances that the arbitrage opportunity will stay the same. Also, this bank open days argument is irrelevant in that case, it is just fog.
I could be wrong in the long run, but I think that they did innovate by giving some info that would alter the capacity to see that it is a Ponzi scheme after all. If I am wrong, then I'm sorry for and their faithful user.
Just my view on this. They lost me after all of this, especially the sock puppet accounts.
Sorry for the bad english, it isn't my natural tongue.
Update : after giving my view on the official group, I've got banned...
Michael Brandenburg : Sorry Tahar, but calling our representatives using fake accounts, is a reason to ban you from our group. This group was designed for our clients to share ideas, not for naysayer and hired posters to damage our reputation. Of course we are operating in the so called gray zone, as do all Bitcoin related ventures. 1 min · J’aime
Me : Go ahead, I understand. But it is easy to see.
Naysayer? Hired poster? I think they can't handle an opinion, I just stated that I could be wrong... I have no interest of doing this other that others may be tempted to put a lot of money in there. There is risk, but this one is slightly more risky.
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YouTube Live stream Foscam - YouTube The Bitcoin Code Scam - LIVE PROOF - YouTube CoinTips - YouTube How to use bitcoin mixer BestMixer.IO (EN) - YouTube

Scam accusation. It would be nice, if you enable editing this page, because Bitcoin Fog scammed a lot of people. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Pampa (talk • contribs) at 20:19, 5 March 2015‎ (UTC). Changes can be made here.The links are locked, not the content of the page. While Bitcoin Fog and successfully mix our transaction, we are able to nd a direct relation between the input and output transactions in the graph of BitLaundry. Keywords anonymity, bitcoin, blockchain, laundry, mix, pseudonymity, shared wallet, transaction 1. INTRODUCTION Bitcoin is a distributed, cryptographic digital currency that is developed by an open source community ... View and research bitcoin ownership, transactions and balance checker by name, bitcoin address, url or keyword. Login ; Signup; Report Scam; Tag An Address; Blog; BTC = $11363.93. BITCOIN ADDRESS REPORT Scam Alert: None Verify Watch Report Scam Add Tag × Watch. Please login to watch this address. Close × Add Tag * Enter Tag: Enter a maximum of three tags separated by commas. Details: Attach ... Bitcoin Fog released this statement (probably a load of shit) "Recently we have been receiving a lot of reports from users that claim that their accountshave been stolen. Between weak password, phishing websites, inability to send e-mails or other means of identifying users,there are a lot issues with restoring passwords. To improve the situation we have now implemented PGP authentication.If ... Bitcoin Fog does allow for time-delays, although it’s more like a generic delay and not specific; meaning users get to select the number of hours the transactions would be spread through (minimum 6, maximum 96 hours) and the number of hours before starting the withdrawal (maximum 48).So in other words, users get to set the time only after the passing of which the first withdrawal will start ...

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