stopmybiting 😍Is it normal for puppies to be scared of ...

However, in order to trust accounting records, costly reconciliations, confirmations, verifications, and audit procedures must be performed by the firm and its counterparties, as well as by auditors. Blockchain facilitates the innovation of a triple-entry accounting system; a system whereby all transactions are cryptographically sealed by a third entry and reside in a shared ledger. The third ... As everyone should know, Metzdowd is where the bitcoin whitepaper and early iterations were first shared. There is "Tims" name, right there with it. Tim also wrote books on cyber security and provided security code for NASA and the pentagon. Tim was amazingly talented. Quick note: earlier this Spring, a series of events unfolded where a Newsweek journalist challenged ethics in the field by acting – as some have put it – with an unwarranted amount of investigative nature and for releasing too much information about her subject to the public.Her subject was the “founder” of Bitcoin. The goal of this post is not to resurrect the drama and sensationalism ... stopmybiting 👍Should you close a puppy crate at night? Otherwise – yes, some puppies eat rocks. Normal. Annoying. Eventually they outgrow it (most do). Posted in r/Bitcoin by u/btchappy • 172 points and 176 comments

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