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coinpot is a subreddit for the discussion of the cryptocurrency microwallet and the seven faucets that pay into it.

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Coinpot Microwallet Paying Faucets Free Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin — Steemit

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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] All Coinpot faucet NEW MICROWALLET ! earn Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Faucet service is for sale.

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Coin Omega - Faucet for Bitcoin

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Earn Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies with

Article dedicated to an interesting Faucet that is well organized and clear in the offer of its functions. Earning Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins must never be too complicated!
BtcFaucet consists of a single side menu on the left that lists in an exemplary manner all the functions offered by the site for Earning Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. Let's proceed with the registration using the banner shown below:

Earning Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

After logging in, the main Dashboard will appear directly showing your Satoshi balance, your PTC credits, energy, number of referrals and Referrral URL. Below, the form to send the Satoshi earned to the Faucetpay microwallet (minimum amount 500) and the one to convert them into PTC credits. We remind you that before transferring the balance you will need to use a Bitcoin address previously entered on FaucetPay.

The composition of the menu is as follows:

- Dashboard, where you are now;

- Achievmentes, daily goals to be achieved for which Satoshi and additional energy points will be received;

- Manual Faucet, the classic faucet for which, however, there is no claim. Wait for the counter to reach zero and press OK. You will be rewarded with 5 Satoshi. It is possible to run it every 2 minutes;

- Auto Faucet, in this case you won't have to do anything. Every minute that passes you will get 1 Satoshi;

- Shortlinks, a series of claims to be completed while advertising banners and pop-ups appear;

- PTC, view an advertising page to earn Satoshi. It is not mandatory to keep the page displayed on the screen;

- Lottery, the site's internal lottery;

- Advertise, a section where you can create an internal advertising campaign on the site and manage it using a fair number of options;

- Deposit, to be able to deposit funds on BTCFaucet;

- Account, where you can change your password;

- History, the history of all the latest operations carried out on the site;

All that remains is to start Earning Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies with BTCFaucet!
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Bitcoin: 1Ld9b165ZYHZcY9eUQmL9UjwzcphRE5S8Z
Ethereum: 0x8D7E456A11f4D9bB9e6683A5ac52e7DB79DBbEE7
Litecoin: LamSRc1jmwgx5xwDgzZNoXYd6ENczUZViK
Ripple: rUb8v4wbGWYrtXzUpj7TxCFfUWgfvym9xf

Telegram Channel:
Netbox Browser:
Horizen Faucet:
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Making Money with Cryptocurrency Faucets: "Dogemate"

Dogemate is a classic faucet site with a nice and essential user interface. By following our advice it will be fun to make money with faucets!
Initial premises: Dogemate is divided into 2 main pages with related specific menus. All earnings will be paid in DMT Coins which will be converted to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin or USD at the time of the transfer. It also offers the possibility to transfer your earnings to all the most used online microwallets including popular platforms such as Coinbase. In addition to making money with faucets very easily, with Dogemate also transferring them is faster than most of the competing sites.

Let's proceed with the classic email / password registration.

Making money with cryptocurrency faucets
Once logged in, instead of describing the Dashboard as usual, we will jump back to the Home Page by clicking the word Dogemate at the top left. The menu items that interest us are Features, Info and Earn More.

Features displays in boxes all the services and features made available by the site; Info reports the news regarding the news introduced by Dogemate, the statistics of all members and the usual FAQs; Earn More lists a long list of other sites for making money with faucets. Not all of them are 100% reliable.

To return to the Dashboard, press the relevant button or Start Earning. In succession we will describe the main menu, the profile at the top right and the dashboard screen.

The main menu of Dogemate
The aforementioned menu is divided as follows:

- Dashboard: where are you now.

- Games: Dogemate's claim. Press Roll Game and on the next page solve the captcha. You will receive a certain number of DMTs determined by the number that will appear. If performed daily, you receive a percentage bonus that will grow day by day.

- Shortlinks: a long list of advertising pages, by viewing them you will receive in exchange a good number of DMT Coins.

- Offerwalls: a very high offer of the usual surveys or tasks by completing which you will be rewarded in DMT Coin.

- PTC, display advertising for a fee. The only obligation is to leave the screen open until the counter ends without necessarily displaying it on the screen.

- Mining, use your PC to mine cryptocurrencies by relying on the Dogemate platform. Every 1000 hash it is possible to start the conversion into DMT Coin.

- Tasks, tasks very similar to ICO and IEO bounties: making articles on blogs, advertising posts on social media, videos on Youtube in exchange for quite high fees.

- Withdraw: here you can convert the DMT Coins into 3 different cryptocurrencies and proceed with the transfer to the desired wallet. The same function is performed by pressing the balance on the top right.

Dogemate's account

By clicking on the nick at the top right you can change your profile; view the referrals URL; choose the wallet to allocate the cryptocurrencies earned on Dogemate (Faucetpay, Express Crypto, Coinbase, personal wallets and much more); perform the funds transfer (Withdraw); contact the site administrators.

Finally, the explanation of the dashboard as a whole. First we will see the account level, which will rise as a result of the use of faucets and the accumulated experience. The more you level up, the more the percentage of cryptocurrencies earned will increase. You can view the various levels to reach by clicking on the bank strip located just below.

Four boxes show the daily shortlinks completed, the number of your referrals, the balance in DMT and the bonus points to be converted later in DMT Coins.

The page ends with the box to collect any promotional codes and your Referral URL that will make you earn 10% on the rolls and 25% on the shortlinks completed by your subscribers.

See you in the next article to continue making money with cryptocurrency faucets!

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Ethereum: 0x8D7E456A11f4D9bB9e6683A5ac52e7DB79DBbEE7
Litecoin: LamSRc1jmwgx5xwDgzZNoXYd6ENczUZViK
Ripple: rUb8v4wbGWYrtXzUpj7TxCFfUWgfvym9xf

Telegram Channel:
Netbox Browser:
Horizen Faucet:
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FaucetPay and Express Crypto: the heirs of FaucetHub

FaucetPay and Express Crypto are the new reference point for many Faucets following the remodeling of the famous aggregator.
On November 9, 2019, the owner of FaucetHub announced that the site would no longer be able to perform the online microwallet function as we knew it. The story of FaucetPay and Express Crypto starts from here.

The reason was closely related to the new regulations that require cryptocurrency exchange sites, even with low volumes, to register as financial companies.

As a result of all this, FaucetHub became a company specializing in Offerwalls services, primarily offering the opportunity for advertisers to earn from the traffic generated and for advertisers to carry out more targeted market research.
The only crypto that remains supported is Bitcoin while all the Altcoins were withdrawn from the site on 10 December.

The most painful note is linked to the Api Faucet which was disabled along with all the functions related to the "cryptocurrency taps" sector.

From 10 December onwards, the transition phase to the new platform with a new name began.
We just have to wait to see who, but especially if, will take the place of FaucetHub as a reference base with full support for the many faucet sites currently in circulation.
The owner of FaucetHub himself has done his utmost, in collaboration with other sites, in order to be able to find a worthy replacement.

Many owners of many small cryptocurrency faucets remained at the window hoping that the situation could evolve.
In our opinion the 2 subject portals of this topic, FaucetPay and Express Crypto, which are splitting the faucet market, are worthily covering almost all cryptocurrency tap sites.

See you soon for new news!

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Litecoin: LamSRc1jmwgx5xwDgzZNoXYd6ENczUZViK
Ripple: rUb8v4wbGWYrtXzUpj7TxCFfUWgfvym9xf

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Earning Cryptocurrencies with Faucets: “Konstantinova” Faucetpay

7 faucet sites linked to the FaucetPay aggregator. It is easy to earn cryptocurrencies with Konstantinova's Faucets!

Last article of the year dedicated to a multifaucet. Konstantinova after the departure of FaucetHub underwent a heavy restyling, reducing the number of sites to just 8: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Digibyte, Dash and Tron. Everyone relies on the Faucetpay online microwallet.

To earn cryptocurrencies with Konstantinova's faucets, no registration is required and you simply need to enter your wallet address relating to the cryptocurrency registered on FaucetPay.

Enter your wallet address and press login. You will have to solve a simple captcha, with the exception of the Bitcoin faucet which requires a double procedure, and you will immediately get the cryptocurrency reward that will be sent to your FaucetPay account. If you wish to receive a larger amount of crypto, press Bonus (on balance a shortlink) and solve the various captchas. The amount obtained will be added to the claim you will make later.

You can make a claim every 5 minutes and the amount may also differ from time to time. Scrolling down the page you will find your Referral URL which will allow you to earn an additional 20% on each claim made by your subscribers.

The available balance of the faucet, a link to online casinos dedicated to cryptocurrencies, a continuously updated list of the best faucets and a link to a page with the market prices of the most important cryptocurrencies are displayed at the top right.

As can be seen, Konstantinova maintains the simplicity and reliability of the recent past. Appointment in the new year for many interesting faucets!

If you liked this article and would like to contribute with a donation:

Bitcoin: 1Ld9b165ZYHZcY9eUQmL9UjwzcphRE5S8Z
Ethereum: 0x8D7E456A11f4D9bB9e6683A5ac52e7DB79DBbEE7
Litecoin: LamSRc1jmwgx5xwDgzZNoXYd6ENczUZViK
Ripple: rUb8v4wbGWYrtXzUpj7TxCFfUWgfvym9xf

Telegram Channel:
Netbox Browser:
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CoinPot: 7 Faucet sites to earn free cryptocurrencies

A group of top-of-the-range Faucet sites that will make you earn free cryptocurrencies quickly: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin and Dash. In this article we would like to describe in detail how this small group of faucet sites that rely on a single online microWallet: Coinpot. In our opinion, by far the most practical and famous of all the sites in the category for earning free cryptocurrencies.
Before reading, we recommend reading the introductory article of our blog in order to better understand some terms and already own an indispensable personal multi-currency wallet.
To earn cryptocurrencies, the first thing to do is sign up at the following link: No personal data is required, only the email address.
As for the first 5 "Moon" sites, it will be sufficient to log in with the same email with which you signed up for Coinpot and you can immediately make the claim (always alternate reCaptcha and SolveMediaCaptcha). You will be free to choose whether to make a daily claim or several claims throughout the day. The minimum waiting time between one claim and the next is 5 minutes.
Once you have made the first claims you will be able to see the crypto earned automatically credited to your Coinpot wallet. We will explain its functions in detail below.
Follow this advice to Earn even more Cryptocurrencies ... And these are the top 5 Coinpot-related faucet sites. Always remember to log in by following the links we have reported. The greater the number of referrals you will bring, the greater your earnings. The "Moon" sites in addition to guaranteeing you a 25% of the amount of each claim made by your referrals, will give a 1% bonus (up to a maximum of 100%) to the claims you make with your account. Our advice is to create a main desktop account and a secondary mobile account in order to personally verify the real functioning of the system. Your personal referral link will be shown to you by clicking on the refer link located at the top of the page.
2 more Faucets join the Moon galaxy! In addition to the 5 sites mentioned above, there are 2 others that offer almost identical efficiency and functions: BonusBitcoin and BitFun. To earn free cryptocurrencies in this case you will need to sign up using the email address as done previously on Coinpot. Use the same credentials.
The referrals program is exceptionally profitable as it offers a 50% bonus of every claim made by your subscribers. Even with a few subscribers, you will notice a steady increase in the cryptocurrencies you earn.
BonusBitcoin can occasionally be annoying but still offers a daily bonus on the total claims made. The waiting time on this site is 15 minutes and the link to the personal Referral is available in the center of the page. Under the "Claim Now" button there is also another option: "Change your claim setting".
Selecting it will open a small window: putting the check mark on "Always receive the average claim amount" you will always earn the same number of Satoshi for each claim while leaving it empty you will have the opportunity to earn 5,000 Satoshi with a single claim. The downside is that in the meantime you will get a lower average prize.
Bitfun is by far our favorite Faucet site because it rewards with relatively high amounts and requires very little time to make the claim. The time interval on Bitfun is identical to that of the "Moon" sites: 5 minutes. You will find the Personal Refer link under Account.
Brief explanation on how the Coinpot MicroWallet works. After this roundup of sites we want to quickly explain how the Coinpot microWallet works. In the main interface you will be shown the 5 cryptocurrencies that you can earn: BitCoin, BitCoin Cash, Dash, DogeCoin and LiteCoin. As you may have noticed, Tokens are not supported.
In the drop-down menu of each Coin you can decide whether to deposit crypto in the microWallet, transfer them from the microWallet to your personal wallet, convert them all into a single crypto (to more quickly reach the minimum transfer amount on the personal wallet), undermine them with your PC or view the latest transfers confirmed by Coinpot.
As for the Coinpot Tokens, the menu offers the possibility to convert them into other crypto, mine them with the PC or participate in 2 games of luck. Coinpot Tokens will be given to you in the order of 3 at a time for each of your claims made or 1 for each claim made by your referrals.
A very useful section of news and updates is also available and fortunately there are very few banners.
Last in terms of innovation, the Challenges, which you can select on the left in the summary menu. In practice, following a certain number of shares (claim, conversion of crypto, purchase of lottery tickets, etc ...) you will be given stars. The Challenges can be daily, monthly or linked to the achievement of a specific goal.
Each star will guarantee you an additional 100 Coinpot Tokens.
At the end of the challenges / Challenges period, lasting 30 days, those who have collected the highest number of stars will receive an additional maxi-prize in Coinpot Tokens.
Finally, we remind you that for each transfer to the outside you will be sent an email requesting confirmation that will be valid for 30 minutes. After this period of time you will have to carry out the operation again and no amount will be lost.
Keep following us! All the articles will always be dedicated to cryptocurrency faucets other than the previous ones that will allow you to quickly increase your earnings.
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Earn Cryptocurrencies with GetFreecoin Faucet

Three Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Tron faucet sites connected to the new Express Crypto microWallet that will help you Earn Cryptocurrencies with GetFreeCoin.
GetFree, also commonly called GetFreeCoin, is a multi-faucet site comprising a total of 3 crypto: BitcoinCash, Litecoin and Tron.
To register, you will need to enter your Express Crypto ID that was generated when you registered on the faucet aggregator site. For more information, you can read our detailed article that will help you earn cryptocurrencies with GetFreeCoin

Earn cryptocurrencies with GetFreeCoin
As you may have noticed, the claim button has been replaced by a classic RainCaptcha. Wait 10 seconds and make the "claim". Cryptocurrencies earned with GetFreeCoin will be sent directly to your corresponding wallet on Express Crypto.

"Treacherous" advertising pages will not open and the procedure itself is fast enough to allow you to run the 3 faucets in quick succession. The amount of cryptocurrencies received in all three GetFreeCoin sites is good.

The waiting time for the next claim is 10 minutes, therefore quite short.

Once executed, you will be shown the amount sent on Express Crypto and the referral link to be sent to contacts, friends and acquaintances. The bonus is great and will make you earn another 15% in cryptocurrencies.

The return in style of one of the best multi-currency faucet sites - GetFreeCoin - on the market for reliability, ease of use and recognized award.

We greet you and give you an appointment at the next article!

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Ethereum: 0x8D7E456A11f4D9bB9e6683A5ac52e7DB79DBbEE7
Litecoin: LamSRc1jmwgx5xwDgzZNoXYd6ENczUZViK
Ripple: rUb8v4wbGWYrtXzUpj7TxCFfUWgfvym9xf

Telegram channel:
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Como empezar a ganar dinero por internet

Como empezar a ganar dinero por internet

Como empezar a ganar dinero por internet

hoy les traigo una guía de como empezar a ganar dinero por internet mediante el uso de faucets, esta es una pequeña guía para nuevos emprendedores que quieren empezar en el negocio de las criptomonedas y no saben por donde empezar.

Que es una Criptomoneda

Las criptomonedas son un tipo de moneda digital, que son aquellas que no existen de forma física pero que sirven como moneda de intercambio, permitiendo transacciones instantáneas a través de internet y sin importar las fronteras.
En el año 2009 apareció la primera criptomoneda completamente descentralizada, el Bitcoin, que fue creado por Satoshi Nakamoto junto con el software que los sustenta (blockchain). A día de hoy no se sabe quién está detrás del nombre del creador. La aparición del bitcoin fue tan innovadora que los términos de Criptomoneda y Bitcoin se funden en uno sólo y es indistinto hablar de una sin la otra.
En nuestros días, han aparecido más criptomonedas basadas en la pionera Bitcoin, que se conocen como altcoin, algunas de ellas son Namecoin (2011), Litecoin (2011) o Peercoin (2012)

Que es un faucet

Un faucet es un sistema de recompensa que regala cantidades pequeñas de criptomonedas.
las faucets son páginas web o aplicaciones para móviles. El significado de faucet en español es grifo, por lo que también es usual encontrarlos así en foros o páginas web sobre bitcoin.
Las faucets de bitcoin nacieron con la intención de promocionar las criptomonedas, difundir cómo funciona bitcoin y ponerla al alcance de todos sin necesidad de conocimientos tecnológicos ni de equipos potentes. El primer grifo fue creado por Gavin Andresen en 2010 y se llamaba bitcoin faucet. Inicialmente regalaba 5 bitcoins por visita.
Los grifos bitcoin se financian mediante publicidad y a través de donaciones. Actualmente siguen siendo muy populares y se han convertido en casi en una tradición que se ha extendido a otras criptomonedas, desde Bitcoin Cash a Dogecoin.

Por que empezar con faucets

Las faucets surgieron para intentar dar a conocer las criptomonedas a un mayor público. Por tanto, son una herramienta perfecta si quieres empezar a tener criptomonedas sin realizar ninguna inversión. Son perfectos para aprender para qué sirven las criptomonedas**, cómo funcionan las transacciones y los monederos de las criptomonedas** o incluso saber cómo trabajan los exchanges bitcoin.
Además, indirectamente, puede suponer una fuente de ingresos a largo plazo. Hace 8 años, en 2010, cuando el bitcoin apenas valía un centavo de dolar, se creó el primer faucet que regalaba 5 BTC por visita.
¿Te imaginas obtener hoy en día 5 BTC? Si una persona los hubiera mantenido, tendría más de 30.000 euros o 35.000 dólares americanos en criptomonedas. Si los hubiera vendido en diciembre de 2017, cuando bitcoin alcanzó su precio más alto, habría ganado más de 100.000 dólares.
¿Quién dice que el bitcoin no continuará subiendo? Si confías en las criptomonedas, no tienes excusas para no usar las faucets bitcoin.

Como funcionan los faucets

Todos las faucets de criptomonedas son muy similares y aunque pueden existir variaciones, suelen funcionar de manera muy similar:
  1. Ingresar en la página.
  2. Escribir la dirección de tu monedero bitcoin en un campo de texto.
  3. Completar un captcha o antibot para demostrar que eres humano.
  4. Pulsar un botón para reclamar tu recompensa.
Las faucet están vinculadas a un registro o a un monedero(WALLET). Cada vez que reclames criptomonedas, estos se sumarán a los que ya tienes en tu cuenta. Es decir, actúan de manera acumulativa.
En ocasiones tanto el captcha como el botón para reclamar tus criptomonedas están ocultos entre la publicidad. Con un poco de atención se encuentran sin dificultad. Si notas algún problema a la hora de reclamar tus criptomonedas, recargar la página suele solucionarlo, ya que los captcha pueden bloquearse.
Una vez se utiliza un grifo de criptomonedas, es necesario esperar un tiempo para volver a usarlo. Dicha periodicidad depende de la faucet. Existen algunos que puedes reclamar cada 5 minutos y otros en los que es necesario esperar varias horas. Normalmente a mayor espera, mayores serán las ganancias.
Las recompensas de las faucets acumulativas son modestas, pero son el recurso ideal para las personas que quieran iniciarse en el mundo de la criptomonedas. Con un poco de constancia empezarás a ver ganancias.
Algunos faucet de criptomonedas tienen la opción de multiplicar las ganancias participando en algún juego de azar. Por lo general, puedes perder todo lo obtenido, por lo que no siempre es recomendable utilizar estas opciones.

¿Cómo ganar en una faucet bitcoin?

Para ganar criptomonedas con un faucet únicamente necesitas un monedero(WALLET). en este caso no orientaremos al uso de Coinpot. Este microwallet está integrado con varias faucet. Cuando reclames tus criptomonedas estas se transferirán automáticamente a tu monedero Coinpot. Más adelante en este artículo hablaremos de dichos faucets.

Faucets para Coinpot 2020

Coinpot es un microwallet gratuito para enviar, guardar y recibir criptomonedas. A día de hoy soporta Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH), Dogecoin (DOGE) y Litecoin (LTC), aunque está en constante crecimiento.
Una de sus principales ventajas es su integración con diferentes grifos de bitcoin, lo que le ha otorgado una gran popularidad. Es decir, cuando utilices una de las faucets bitcoin asociadas, tus ganancias se transferirán de manera automática a tu monedero Coinpot.
Todos los grifos para Coinpot, son faucets sin mínimo de retiro, ya que tu saldo se transferirá a tu cuenta de Coinpot. Además, son seguras y fáciles de usar.
Abrir una cuenta en Coinpot es sencillo y gratuito. Únicamente te solicita un correo electrónico y una contraseña. Es muy importante que el correo electrónico que indiques sea el mismo que utilices en las faucets, ya que es lo utiliza para asociar las cuentas. Puedes registrarte en el siguiente enlace: Coinpot
En los últimos meses han ido integrando nuevas funcionalidades como: Un multiplicador, un sistema de lotería, un sistema de minado de criptomonedas o una criptomoneda propia (Coinpot Token).
A principios de 2019 incorporaron un nuevo sistema de recompensas. Según tu actividad en sus diferentes faucets o en sus funcionalidades, recibirás pagos en Coinpot Tokens. Estos tokens podrás convertirlos más tarde en la criptomoneda que prefieras.
Una vez ayas creado tu cuenta coinpot ya puedes empezar a usar los siguientes faucets solo necesitas escribir el correo electrónico con el que creaste tu cuenta coinpot sin necesidad de ningún registro y tus ganancias se transferirán directamente a tu cuenta coinpot.

![img](0c3v9f2nkav41 " ")
-----------------------------------------------------Moon Dogecoin--------------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------------------------Moon Bitcoin----------------------------------------------------
--------------------------------------------------------Moon Cash------------------------------------------------------
------------------------------------------------------Moon Litecoin----------------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------------------------Moon Dash------------------------------------------------------

Una recomendación personal es de mi parte es que uses los 5 faucets solo te llevara unos 10-15minutos reclamar todas las recompensas.
También aconsejo usar un navegador como Brave Browser si quieres ver mayores ganancias, pues este navegador te paga por solo usarlo y si vas a usar estos faucets no esta demás un ingreso extra.
------------------------------------------------------Brave Browser---------------------------------------------------

Brave Browser es un navegador muy cómodo y ademas muy seguro a la hora de navegar por internet, Brave Browser paga a sus usuarios por usar su navegador en su propia moneda BAT tokens la cual puede cambiarse por casi cualquier tipo de moneda.
Espero Les aya resultado util esta guía pronto estaré trayéndoles nuevos métodos y tips para triunfar en el mundo de la criptomoneda.

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Free bitcoin faucets

BitFun: Claim every 5min. ((read more))
Bonus Bitcoin: Claim every 15 minutes: ((read more))
Moon Litecoin: Claim every 5min. ((read more))
Moon Dash: Claim every 5min. ((read more))
Moon Bitcoin Cash: Claim every 5min.(( read more))
Moon Bitcoin: Claim every 5min.register:
Moon Doge: Claim every 5min.

From list above, all your clicked crypto coins are collected in cryptocurrency microwallet :

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CoinPot é Dinheiro Certo – Como Ganhar Dinheiro Na Internet

A Coinpot é um microwallet de criptomoeda que coleta automaticamente todas as reivindicações de usuários de torneiras de criptomoeda.
Saiba como reivindicar criptomoeda GRATUITAS com a microwallet, na Coinpot é muito fácil de usar.
Aprenda como ganhar Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins, Dash e Bitcoin Cash nas melhores faucets da atualidade que pagam a cada 5 minutos. Seus ganhos podem aumentar com as suas referencias!
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These are my top 3 facourite bitcoin faucets for earning free bitcoin!

The 3 following bitcoin faucets are what i think are the best.They all have different ways that let you earn the most bitcoin!
I find this bitcoin faucet interesting as it lets you earn 2 Satoshi every 5 minutes but you also have the option to wait and earn even more, this is useful for people that dont want to claim bitcoin all the time but still earn as much bitcoin as they can. earnings go straight to a coinpot account. The site has a 50% referral commission.
In my opinion bonus bitcoin is a good bitcoin faucet as the wait between claims is only 15 minutes and the claim amount is pretty good at an average of 18 satoshis per claim. You also have the option to choose between a stable rate of (at the time of writing) getting 18 satoshi every time or having the chance of earning more/less. Again bitcoin earned goes to a coinpot account and the site also has a 50% referral commission.
This site is currently my personal favourite bitcoin faucet. Though it has a long claim wait at an hour, it lets you earn abt 27 satoshi per claim; up to $200 worth per claim. The site has many other features to earn more bitcoin and prizes including Multiply BTC, Betting, Rewards and Many more. The site holds your bitcoin amount until you choose to withdraw to a bitcoin wallet/microwallet. And as the 2 other sites also has a 50% referral commission.
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How to make some free money with cryptos for beginners (almost passive!)

As a STEM-student time is rare and money is tight, so I always look for opportunities to create some passive income, even if it is just a couple dollars a month. First let me say: If you haven't done anything with crypto yet and you are confused, don't let it stop you and just follow this guide. Money is money after all and you'll get used to it very fast.

Well, I've recently started looking into options to earn beermoney with cryptos and at first sight I was a bit disappointed about the possibilities. Let me explain faucets. A faucet is basically a website with a lot of advertisment where the owner shares some of the revenue they get from the ads with you. All you have to do is click a claim button and you will recieve a small amount of crypto upon clicking a captcha to prove you're a human. The problem here is: The amount these faucets pay is really really low and absolutely not worth the time to click a captcha. You can claim in set periods of time e.q. every 15 minutes, every hour, whereas the amount of crypto you receive stays the same. The amount you need to payout is also very high and not worth the headache. You could easily earn more doing some surveys lol.

But then I found another attempt, which seems to be pretty unique. Faucets that are stacking up and you can claim whenever you want to claim. So the money you get for clicking after 24 hours will be way higher than the amount you get when you click after 1 hour. So, I used this to my advantage and now I mainly just claim from these faucets 1-4x a day and I pull in around 0,10-0,30$ a day for 2 minutes of work each time I claim them. It sums up. Especially when you're on your laptop anyway and click more often. But even if you just click them once a day it is still a decent passive money maker that requires no effort. They also reward you with some bonuses which is really cool. For example you get +1% for every day you claim in a row and are always rewarded with a random bonus ranging from 0-100%. So don't let go and aim for that daily bonus to stack up.

So, here's what you do to set it all up:

1) Get a Wallet

A wallet is the basic tool to do anything with cryptocurrency. Just search the internet, it is full with information. Personally, I use Atomic Wallet on my Laptop. Use any free wallet you want.

2) Register on

This is a microwallet from which you can keep track of your faucet-earnings and can later transfer your money to your wallet. There are no fees, the design is pretty nice and the amount to withdraw to your wallet is fairly low (about 3,6$) and easily reached in like 10-15 days. It is required to access the following faucets. The big bonus here is that all your faucet claims are directly paid to whereas other faucets need a minimum amount to withdraw to a microwallet and an even higher minimum amount to withdraw to your wallet. You receive coins for every claim you do which is really cool, because you can later exchange them into any cryptocurrency the site offers. You can also exchange one cryptocurrency for another with no fee. I always exchange all my coins and cryptos for Bitcoin and withdraw them once I reach the amount. Cryptos you will earn: Bitcoin, Bitcoincash, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash.

3) Register on the faucets

There are 7 faucets linked to coinpot of which I mainly use 6, because the 7th isn't stacking up. Here you can claim every 15 minutes and it is only worth it if you have some extra time.
Moondoge for Dogecoin
Moonbitcoin for Bitcoin
Moonlitecoin for Litecoin
Moondash for Dash
Moonbitcoincash for Bitcoincash
Bitfun another one for Bitcoin
And the last one, which is the only one that doesn't stack up, but also pays directly to your coinpot and can be claimed every 15 minutes (would only use if you got a lot of free time, but then it can be quite lucrative): Bonusbitcoin

So, all you do is set it all up and then leave it open in a tab or login once a day and claim your stacked up cryptos. It's really easy and very quickly done. If you forget them one day, they will still stack up, but you lose your daily bonus which is why I really recommend you to at least claim once every 24 hours. If you claim more often you will get more. You can claim every 5 minutes. They will directly transfer into your coinpot wallet where you can transform them into one another. I would recommend you to stick to one crypto of your choice to withdraw faster. No fees.


Okay, for this one you register on, which is another microwallet similar to coinpot. You can mine there if you want or do some minitasks, but basically you need it to receive money just like coinpot.

Then you register on satoshilabs. This website is awesome. You can claim coins from their faucet every 5 minutes and invest them in "buildings" which will produce you even more coins. You need to do some grinding at first to get your farm going (I highly recommend saving for Generators instead of Bunkers because the payout is way higher for them, you can complete some surveys to get your first Generators up quickly) and then you can watch your money grow passively. It's a really fun game and definitely worth participating in.

Some other sites working with faucethub, where you can claim a decent amount once per hour are: and freebitcoin

They need some grinding to get to the withdrawal amount, but they pay decently and can also earn you interest after some time. They are currently the best faucets you can link to your faucethub-account and if you have one, there's no harm in checking them out and see if they work for you.



If you're fixed with crypto stuff now, I can recommend you another site to generate passive crypto income. It's called Mannabase and will give you Manna, which is their own cryptocurrency, every week. The project is made up very nice and their vision is to create something like a Universal Basic Income. You just need to register, validate your ID and get free Manna which you can exchange for Dollars or other Cryptos. You should check them out.

These tips should work from any country and I really hope I could help someone. Happy earnings and keep grinding!
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Fastest way to collect Coinpot on Iphone

Fastest way to collect Coinpot on Iphone
If you don't already know, Coinpot is one of the leading Crytpocurrency microwallets today. Not only is it connected with the top 7 highest paying faucets they also give the ability to Convert all Alt-Coins to whichever supported coin you like (all coins are inter-exchangeable). Anyway going through all 7 faucets is tedious and requires abit of effort for desktop users...
It came to my attention a lot of people will claim Coinpot when they can, but have limited access to a desktop computer. If you happen to have an iPhone, I have a workflow widget that only takes 4 minutes to run through but collects all 7 faucets and then a bitcoin lottery after. It’s useful if you travel or go on vacation and want your loyalty intact (sorry androids, I am sure there is something comparable available!)First if you aren’t already, you need to register with
Then download workflow if you don’t already have it for iOS, and use the widget down bottom
To get it working just get workflow from the Apple store (free of course) and then download my widget shortcut below (also free of course)
Workflow by Apple
Check out the workflow I built!
All you do is run the widget, it loads up browser and you make your first claim, scroll down a little bit and “Done” shows up in the top left, click that and it loads the next page in line. It’s really quick and saves so much time. When you finish it sets a reminder for 1 hour, and next time you run it just asks permission to delete said reminder
This has helped alot of redditors and I have since received very positive feedback! Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments!
Feel free to Upvote to help out others!
Enjoy and happy collecting, Goodluck!!
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How I earn effortless passive income and how you can do, too! (includes refs)

Hey guys,

I'm a twenty-something student from Germany starting his journey to generate passive income and I would like to share my plan with you and maybe inspire you. I really start from scratch and being a STEM-related student money is tight and time is scarce, but I'm dedicated to get this shit up. So, here's what I'm going to do:

Getting some basic passive income up by running auto-surfing websites as much as I can. Claiming 1-2 times per day from a crypto faucet (takes so little time that i consider it passive). Using this income to invest into more sustainable passive income businesses like for example my t-shirt business or stockphotography. Designing a few designs every week to additionally get it going. Endgame: Youtube-Channel in the tutoring niche of a highly demanded but not yet provided topic in my subject. Maybe a unrelated health blog with affiliate links, let's see. Daydreaming, man. However, in this post I will just focus on the stuff you don't need time or money for to generate a basic passive income each month. I really encourage you to use this income to invest in further sources of passive income as they are all very unsustainable, but a good way to get that shit started.

But yeah, back to the small stuff´for now. Websites that generate passive income simply for leaving them open. It's called autosurfing and it's basically a website that pays you a small amount of money each minute to keep a tab open that redirects you to several sites. It is financed by websites paying the owner to get traffic. Most of them are fairly new so there is no payment proof for all of them yet and maybe one or two can turn out as a scam, but I give them a shot. I mean, hey it's free and you do not need to invest either time or money to get started. Just keep them all open in a window and forget about them. Needless to say they do not make you rich. You better find out for yourself, it's a real easy way to get some extra bucks. The links are ref-links which give both of us a small bonus. I will list pay per minute, minimum payout and max per month if you manage to run them 24/7 (which I don't, but maybe some of you are interested in it). You can cash out via paypal. Starting the list with the highest-paying ones. They all have the same layout, you just need to register individually for each one and click the start earning button.

1) Autosurfing $0,001/min. Min Withdrawal: $10. Max/30days: $43,2
This one seems too good to be true. But if they are legit I don't want to be the one missing out. Especially as it takes no effort at all to get it running and you can't lose, right? Can be a bit buggy when registrating. Just try a few times in case that happens. $0,0002/min. Min Withdrawal: $3. Max/30days: $8,46
Second highest paying one. Fairly new. $0,00015/min. Min Withdrawal: $2,50. Max/30days: $6,48 $0,00012/min. Min Withdrawal: $1,50. Max/30days: $5,19 $0,0001/min. Min Withdrawal: $1,00. Max/30days: $4,32 $0,0001/min. Min Withdrawal: $2,00. Max/30days: $4,32 $0,0001/min. Min Withdrawal: $2,00. Max/30days: $4,32 -> spanish one, but easy to navigate

EDIT: There are some new now. I wrote a guide about autosurfing on medium to get you started. Check it out!

This can stack up to $76,29 a month if run 24/7. You get the point. If you only leave them open for 12 hours a day it's still like $38 dollar. There are also premium programs which can increase your earnings even further, but I want a few payments from a site before I look into them. There are few other websites which I skip here because the minimum withdrawal is way too high for the rate they pay or they're not available in english.

Another similiar website I can recommend is You can use their surfbar and it automatically directs you to websites that pay ebesucher money for traffic. Just like the other sites. It's a bit hard to calculate here since points per visited site do vary, but I estimate that it pulls in about $6 max per month if run non-stop.

Get all these websites running in one window and add for another roundabout $8,75 a month. You simply have to open 4 tabs with a radio (you can mute them) and get paid 1 point every 15 minutes. 1000 Points translate into $3,05 (January 19).

There are also Apps that pay you cash for swiping a banner away every time you unlock your phone or pay you to receive a few test-sms every other day, but I haven't looked into them yet. I will do so soon and update the post. Oh, and don't forget phone farming! True effortless passive income is real lol.

Well, wanna hear more options how you can easily earn some money each month with very low effort? Don't be afraid of cryptos if you aren't into them yet. You'll get into them pretty soon, I promise. And you should definitely give them a try considering that they can rise pretty high in value and can easily be converted to cash if you don't want to keep them. Free money is money, after all.

2) Cryptocurrency

So, now at first you need a wallet to do anything with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of free alternatives, just search the internet to get started. Personally, I use Atomic-wallet on my Laptop.

Next step you need to register on It is a microwallet where all your earnings from the following faucets are directly transfered to without a fee. A faucet is a website with a lot of ads on it that pays the visiter a share of the revenue in cryptocoin. Problem with most faucets is that you can claim the same amount of cryptos every set time, for example all 15 minutes you get 30 satoshi (bitcoin-unit), but if you claim every 50 minutes you'll also get 30 satoshi. And in most cases you need to accumulate a very big amount of coins to get them transferred to your wallet. This is not the problem with coinpot, however. The featured faucets all stack up. This is the big advantage. You can claim them every 5 minutes, but also only once a day or even every second day and the amount you get will still keep on getting higher. The withdrawal amount to get them to your wallet is also very low (3,6$ worth of cryptos) and can be easily reached within like 15 days. So yeah, I recommend you to get yourself a second e-mail for coinbot and the following stuff. Coinpot has a really nice layout and supports 5 different cryptocurrencies (Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoincash, Dash, Dogecoin), which you can exchange for one another without fees. I always transfer all my cryptocoins and the tokens (you get tokens as bonus points every claim) to bitcoin to be able to withdraw them faster. Okay, so here's what you do:

You register on coinpot. And then you sign up with the same mail on these faucets:
Moonbitcoin faucet for Bitcoin
Moonlitecoin faucet for Litecoin
Moondogecoin faucet for Dogecoin
Moondashcoin faucet for Dash
Moonbitcoincash faucet for Bitcoincash
Bitfun another faucet for Bitcoin
(If you have some more spare time you can also join Bonusbitcoin, it won't stack up, but you can claim every 15 minutes and it will reward you with a daily bonus. Pays pretty decent, but isn't really that passive.

Here's how it works: The amount you get will stack up until you claim. When you claim you need to resolve a short chapta to prove you're human and you will receive your cryptos directly in your coinpot wallet. You will get tokens for each claim you make which you can exchange for cryptos. You will also receive a bonus each time you claim. +1% per each day you claim in a row and a random bonus between 0-100% which is really cool especially when you wait long for them to stack up and then receive some 87% bonus lol. You can claim every 5 minutes if you want, but it's not really worth your time. I suggest claiming them 1-2x a day, only 1x for the most passive way and to get your daily bonus going up. I claim them every now and then, mostly like 1-3x a day, sometimes when I'm on my laptop anyway and bored more often and I generate like $5 worth of cryptos a month. Considering you don't do anything but click the captchas a few times a day which takes you like 2 minutes for all of them it's a very nice small income stream.

Another cryptorelated thing which truly is completely passive is Mannabase. You should definitely check them out! They have a very appealing website and their vision is to create a universal basic income for every human being. You need to register, verify your ID to them and they will pay you some Manna every week without you doing anything. You can exchange this coin for bitcoin or dollar then.

3) Other stuff

This isn't actually passive, but I always keep open, when I'm on my laptop. It is an academic survey portal that actually pays very high (like 9 British Pounds) per hour. They don't have many surveys, so I'll always let the window open and check from time to time if there is a survey I can reserve for myself.

I sometimes also use for some passive video watching and the daily check in bonus. Video section is a bit buggy though, so you need to babysit it a little more than the autosurf-websites. It's like Swagbucks where you can fill out surveys and stuff. But I don't invest much time on those, just do a survey once a while to get to the withdrawal amount on those. Oh, and Swagbucks is pretty nice for Cashback here in Germany.

So, yeah. That's my guide to all of the shit I do on the internet lol. You can easily pull in up to $80-90 a month if you're dedicated. It's up to you how much you use this stuff, but I think it's a good start to passive income. I aim for a minimum of $40 a month to invest in my more sustainable passive income businesses and try not to miss any free opportunities on my way. Right now I got a browser window open making money for me and another one with cryptos waiting to be claimed while I write this post. You could do that, too! Absolutely no effort besides the initial setup. If you use my referral-links you get some bonuses, support my journey and I hope you can start yours soon, too.

So long. Happy earnings and keep grinding!
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How to use coinpot to earn a couple dollars of cryptocurrency daily

Here's my guide to earn money through cryptocurrency faucets. You won't make a living, but you can get free crypto every day worth a few dollars.
Step 1. Create an account at, a cryptocurrency microwallet.
Step 2. Claim from all 7 of the faucets listed below. They pay out different cryptocurrencies but you can also convert your earnings into your preferred crypto with no fees. (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Dash.) Each of the faucets pays directly into Coinpot.
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Using Coinpot and its faucets to get a few dollars a day

Here's my guide to earn money through cryptocurrency faucets. You won't make a living, but you can get free crypto every day worth a few dollars.
Step 1. Create an account at, a cryptocurrency microwallet.
Step 2. Claim from all 7 of the faucets listed below. They pay out different cryptocurrencies but you can also convert your earnings into your preferred crypto with no fees. (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Dash.) Each of the faucets pays directly into Coinpot.
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Buenas a todos, este es mi primer post en el foro. Es un poco largo así que paciencia y no me maten.

Para empezar, hoy en día la crisis nos abruma a todos y debemos encontrar métodos alternativos para producir algo de ingresos para el sustento del día a día, por otra parte debemos dejar de lado eso de la "viveza criolla" y empezar a ser más solidarios con nuestros hermanos (cosa que he visto en gran medida en este foro). Teniendo eso en cuenta les planteo una forma de generar criptomonedas de forma pasiva conocida como faucets.

¿Qué son las faucets?
Estas son páginas de internet en las que podemos conseguir criptomonedas. Estas se reclaman cada cierto tiempo establecido por la página. Lo unico que se necesita para generar pequeñas cantidades de criptomonedas es una cartera o wallet.

Las faucets son scam o generan muy pocos ingresos
Depende, ciertamente muchos sitios como estos son creados para minar criptomonedas a partir de los usuarios y en verdad terminan no pagando. Por otra parte, la cantidad generada no es "exorbitante" pero puede contribuir a nuestras ganancias mensuales ya que estas páginas te pagan solo porque las visites, es una ganancia pasiva sin mucho tiempo invertido.

¿Qué faucets usar en tal caso?
Personalmente recomiendo las asociadas a la microwallet CoinPot, las cuales son la familia Moon(BTC, BCH, DOGE, LTC y DHS), sus páginas respectivamente:
El tiempo de reclamo de estas son de 5 mins.

¿Por qué estas y no otras? ¿CoinPot?
Por el tiempo que han estado activas pagando y el beneficio que pagan directamente a la microwallet CoinPot.
CoinPot es una microwallet que si bien no es tan famosa como Coinbase, tiene sus beneficios, por ejemplo:
¿Reclamar cada 5 mins? qué flojera
Si bien el tiempo de reclamo "para maximizar ingresos" es de 5 mins, una forma de optimizar esto es hacer el reclamo en las páginas en intervalos de 25~30 mins (ojo esto no aplica para todas las faucets, pero en general funciona). Esto es más agradable que estar pegado a la pantalla cada 5 mins y nos permite estar al tanto de otras actividades que estemos realizando. Los reclamos se realizan colocando el correo asociado a la cuenta de CoinPot y resolviendo un simple CAPTCHA, el pago se hará inmediato a tu microwallet Coinpot.

Y esto es todo sobre el post, espero les sirva y si quieren empezar y a la vez ayudarme un poco al mismo tiempo (los sitios también cuentan un sistema de referidos en el cual puedes ganar un % más invitando gente):
Venceremos mis panas.

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How do I get my bitcoins out of epay and microwallet?

So I have set up my epay and microwallet, and I have around 14000 bits in them alotgether, but my address (1A79ERsS5RwBVBo9ogMYTqzeFMyPqvZ1VX) is different than the one multibit have given me. How will I recieve the bitcoins locally when the address multibit given me is different?
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How Bitcoin Faucets work - YouTube 0.001 BTC Coinpot High earning microwallet by Autoclaim faucet⚡️ Best Faucet for 2020 Micro-Wallet - YouTube Faucethub Microwallet Alternative -Express Crypto Multicoin Wallet for Bitcoin Faucets & Offerwalls Coinpot Micro Wallet:(2020) + 6 High Paying Crypto Faucets - GET FREE CRYPTO 2020

This list of Microwallet faucets are special?because Microwallet utilizes?a unique singular bitcoin address to track your funds and deposits your earnings into you bitcoin wallet every 2-3 days. By utilizing these Microwallet faucets, you are advised to?use the same bitcoin address for all faucets?as the bitcoin address you use defines your account balance. A micro wallet is simply a variant of the typical Bitcoin wallet that allows you the opportunity to remove small amounts of Bitcoin before moving them to your own wallet. This is because the charges involved in transferring very small amounts of BTC can totally cancel out the earnings. Especially with faucets where the rewards earnings are often very small. Using a micro- wallet allows the ... Bitcoin Aliens is a unique bitcoin faucet that is inclined more towards gaming and works a little bit different as compared to other Bitcoin faucets. It is available in the industry since the year 2014 and since its year of establishment, the Bitcoin Aliens games have given away over 1090 BTC (7+ million USD) to its over 2.5 million users. Alle hier von uns Empfohlenen Faucets um Bitcoin, Satoshi, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash zu verdienen nehmen Ihre Bitcoin Wallet Adresse nur an wenn Sie sich bei einem unserer beiden Micro Wallets Anbieter angemeldet haben. Dies hat den Hintergrund das keine Transaktion gebühren anfallen weil die Zahlungen der Coin nicht in das Netzwerk kommt und somit auf dem ... Bitcoin faucets are an easy and effective way to earn free satoshi in small amounts. You can earn by viewing ads too, this is a fun and easy way to get crypto without too much effort. There are many other ways to earn bitcoin, like surveys, crypto exchanges, etc. Be careful with cloud mining sites, as the majority of this type of websites are SCAM. Bitcoin faucets remain the easiest and best ...

[index] [13406] [46362] [21265] [22524] [1924] [38641] [15550] [35047] [16500] [33253]

How Bitcoin Faucets work - YouTube

(NO SHORTLINK) EARN 5000 SATOSHI PER DAY NO LINK BITCOIN FAUCET NEW MICRO WALLET - Duration: 2:50. BITCOIN BOSS 893 views. 2:50. Express Crypto Melhor Faucet 2019 Ganhe Neo-Ripple-Tron Etc ... Best Faucet for 2020 Micro-Wallet CoinPot — Earn Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Dash for free . High faucet auto claim. Make 100$ p... Pay & Get Paid instantly at low fee MicroWallet Link : MicroWallet is a dedicated service for websites accepting cryptocu... CoinPot (High_earning_faucet) is a multi-cryptocurrency microwallet that helps you transfer your funds to your personal crypto wallet without any charges. A microwallet is a wallet that holds ... 4 Faucets De Bitcoin Pagando Satoshis De BTC Instantâneo Na FaucetPay ... 6:18. CedsonHub Nova Microwallet Como Usar e Como Funciona Essa Microwallet Faucet - Duration: 11:06. Bitcoin Login 612 ...