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Investigation of (Dis-)Favor 1\3 questioning freedom of will (in Macro-society)

This item began as a simple idea to investigate "social construct" theory, a trendy theme in academia and identity politics. It turned into a staggeringly complex constellation of ideas, with surprises galore.
The idea occurs to me: validate (or not) 'social construction' of beauty. If not, then sense of beauty is innate (source is not one's society, but genetic or other episocial influences).
Natural Tendency towards Beauty in Humans: Evidence from Binocular Rivalry 2016 | plos (technical study)
Reading in Contemporary Aesthetics "Why Beauty Still Cannot Be Measured", by Ossi Naukkarinen, because beauty is a personal determination, and a metaphor of favor, but how is it determined? Example: which of these women looks beautiful to you? note: only descriptor for the AI search is "beautiful woman", AI learns about beauty by sifting mega-data; how effective is it? (achieves given goal?) AI results are socially constructed in the most explicit way possible! Beauty may not be measurable, but it can be selected (parsed) from non-beauty. Measurement is a comparison of some phenomenon to an abstract dimension. Selection is a go, no-go choice.
What is Nudge theory? This item straddles the fence between Macro and Micro societies, paradigmatic Nudges come from Macro sources, but include an option to choose without pressure to conform. Micro sources are always more direct; which side of the fence are you on, friend?. (Greener side, of course.)
What about searching for "good", images? note how often the WORD good is pictured. Good is a language construct that must be interpreted from the individual's perspective.
Ok, now search for "favor" images note that AI mostly interprets favor as a small gift, not as a preference (which is difficult to represent by image)
Well then, search for "preference", images note that the word preference happens to be used by a line of hair care products from L'Oreal, which dominates the returns... commerce rules!
social construct (def, search result)
validate (or not) 'social construction' of beauty
Is Socialism a social construct? (LoL) Socialism Defined (EVERY Country is Socialist!) 2.2k views Sep 29, 2019 Rokn'MrE
To (social) Construct, or Not to (social) Construct, is there a choice? (note most results are about gender)
Parsing gender
Discussion of gender is not my direction of choice in this part 1 investigation. I want to seek how an actor (esp. me) makes a choice, in a quest for freedom of will. Perhaps come back to gender in a future item.
person makes a choice, in a quest for freedom of will (selections available)
Exemplar Hyp (Harry) Frankfurt’s compatibilist theory of free will 2009 5pg.pdf
I notice my choice of article was partly determined, partly free, but parsing out those factors would be too much divergence from the goal here. But Truth (a two side coin) is my story, and I'm stickin' to it.
(previous link, compatibilism):
3 It explains our intuition that human beings, but not lower animals, have free will. Lower animals lack free will because they lack the second-order volitions which are constitutive of free will. (This item is unnecessary and probably not true; how do we know animals have no "second-order volitions"? Having no other language than "body", we can only surmise (guess) what their volitions are. Volitions come before actions, we cannot see them or interpret them in any way. Brain conditions might be interpreted with MRI scanning, but to put a subject in a scanning device is to prevent any other actions. Such measuring ruins the connection between mental state and volition being measured, except we can safely assume that every measurement of animals must default to the volition to escape the measuring device.)
That's the first-order, highlighted deviation from compatibility theory. Clarification of "second-order volition": a path from choice to action has an intermediate "middle-way" tunneling mode, contracting (taking on) a desire to make a choice, prior to making the choice. In order to prove freedom, one must establish the mental preference for an imagined outcome in order to prove that preference did come from within the person and was not forced by other external deciding factors (genetic factors are pre-determined).
incompatibilism Note: the approach is wrong by the universal assumption, IOW that the intersection of determined and free is zero. It's a supremacy position, or superposition principle (LoL), the error is in over-simplification. The Logic Argument (p.5) is not representative of reality, which is more nuanced. Therefore, Frankfurt's thesis is good (denial of incompatibilism), but not due to the case presented (superposition).
Take Frankfurt's case (p.4) of Black vs Jones4 to be analogy for State vs Individual. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (other sources exist, search for yourself)
The (myusername) determinism/free-will duality hypothesis (denial of incompatibilism due to non-zero intersection):
Most choices, including the choice of desires, are determined by contingencies of which one is the natural desire of the actor to optimize his/her outcomes ("best wishes"). Is a person always compelled to have best wishes? What is best depends on a person's mental state, which is usually determined by external factors, but those can vary in cogency (impact on behavior). Consider the choice to commit suicide, certainly not a trivial choice. (The Chosen means of execution (puns intended) is somewhat more trivial, but again, partly determined by external conditions.)
Some choices, nearly all trivial, are free because no interfering contingencies are apparent during the choosing interlude. It may happen in hindsight, that a past choice is observed to be a mistake, usually because some contingency was overlooked or unknown during the choosing. This observation should be remembered so as to avoid repeating a future choice like that mistake. Choices always have risks, including the choice to do nothing.
Different day, slightly different approach... parsing choice. 1 important choices that have many deep effects later, for instances a marriage partner, a new job, a new residence; 2 trivial choices which have minor effects, risks or physical involvement, for instances a choice of toothpaste at the market, to like or not a web-link or museum exhibit.
According to (myusername)'s determined/free paradigm, type 1 choices are nearly all determined by pre-existing conditions (not free). Type 2 choice is the arena of freedom. I suppose a person's low risk-aversion parameter could expand the envelope of freedom, but that's a characteristic that develops during maturation, one's history of choices and ensuing responses. Successful responses lead to more freedom, failures to less. So even when freedom exists, it accumulates a history (habits) which become a determinant.
Contracting the Social Construct Disorder (it's contagious) Take 1:
How does an actor (person in question who comes to an internal state, or inner-construct) interact with a community or society? Must it be IRL, or can virtual interaction suffice to construct internal states? And more to my point, must the interaction be two-way (containing feedback), or simply via broadcast medium? (broadcast includes published books, articles, records, radio, TV or Internet A/V shows, etc.)
Interaction with broadcast media can be summarized by: a choice, a degree of attention and focus (time spent on and attention given to item), a like/dislike or more complex reaction to item, having future behavior influenced by item, to continue a stream of behaviors (especially sequential item choices) as consequence of influence of item, to develop a complex of attitudes built upon stream of items (eg. just mentioned 'risk aversion parameter and habit).
Before going on, I notice that broadcast media is like Sunshine, Rain, and Grace. It is made available by participation in a community, and falls without curse or blessing, it's all there for the choosing (or ignoring), depending on the contingencies.
Mind control theory? (because mind is the inner source of volition... behavior, control the mind (easy), hence control the behaviors (difficult otherwise))
Mind control courtesy Tavistock Inst.
Construction of Favor (or any knowledge) upon Familiarity
What is Social Construction? (cntrlZ)
"For instance, trees are only differentiated from other plants by virtue of the fact that we have all learned to see them as "trees."
But we don't all know about trees to an equal degree. I know rather much about trees from my interaction with them: living among them, planting them, sawing them, moving them, burning them, etc., not from reading or talking about them. No doubt, there are many persons all over the world who have very little experience of trees, and cannot 'construct' treeness as well as me. Direct experience is more realistic and developed than social constructs.
Favor and Familiarity are interwoven by choice
I chose to live alone with trees and not alone with sea, or desert (for examples), because it was easier to go with trees. Was the choice free? I could have chosen city or suburb with even more ease than forest, so ease of choice was not the deciding factor, it was my preference of lonely forest over crowded urb that decided me. So maybe it wasn't really about trees, it was about independence or something else like that. When we choose, we may not understand the contingencies, but our decision (choice) may be due to habits or patterns that have developed in the maturity process. Habits are strong determinants, and they develop, according to Ian Plowman, 4 ways.
The cntrlZ article makes the case for 'Strong Social Construction' based on that 'knowing' which is all about language, certainly a social construct.
Within the social construction of language is the game. Outside the social construction is reality, the real world. (a list of social constructs follows)
That makes it clear. Experiences (direct ones) without resort to language are NOT social constructs. That observation makes another distinction clear: gender may be a social construct, as it's a language issue, but sex is not a social construct, it is a direct experience issue that develops in the maturation process: birth, infant, child, puberty, sexy adolescent, sexy adult, old (unsexy) adult, death. Prior to puberty, sex is incipient in its development, but comes to life, (like a flower blooms) after a decade or so. Knowing about sex as a child is by observation from outside (thru the looking glass), after puberty, it's direct experience, and much later, it's a fading memory.
Regarding Looking-glass self theory the notion of socially constructed identity (defining the self by differences/ affinities to others),
... the outcome of "taking the role of the other", the premise for which the self is actualized. Through interaction with others, we begin to develop an identity of our own as well as developing a capacity to empathize with others... Therefore, the concept of self-identity may be considered an example of a social construction.
... makes a spurious expansion of identity formation to include everyone (a unity), or nearly so. According to Reisman's Lonely Crowd, there is a triality of social nature, expounded by parsing people into tradition, inner, and other directed personalities. This theme was a scholar's response to the US trend toward consumerism and conformity to "norms", (local traditions, eg. "keeping up with the Joneses") mid-20th century. The social construct crowd would be Reisman's Other directed personality, which may truly be the majority, in USA certainly. However, the tradition-following and inner-directed personalities are a significant minority. Let's not ignore them (I'm in there.)
What is “Mob Mentality?”
Herd mentality | wkpd
Are All Personality Descriptions Social Constructions? Sep.2019 | psytdy
... that objective reality does not directly reveal itself to us, is true beyond a doubt.
The preceding statement author, JA Johnson, is way off (and his article is full of falseness). Objective reality IS direct experience, no more revealing modality exists. Denial of this obvious fact (just lied about above) is a redefinition of the term (a social construct). Experience is beyond language, thus beyond 'description'. However the following is a true reveal about (((Yews))) (the like of whom Dr. Johnson seems):
It is true that when we describe someone with socially undesirable traits... we are constructing for them a social reputation that might decrease their chance of success in life. This is precisely one of the concerns of (((social constructivists, like Dr. Johnson))), that certain categorizations (eg. a separate race) reduce power and status.
Proof that Truth is not a social construct (relative to culture, like morality absolutely is)... What do you believe in? Cultural Relativism
Conformity is a social construct (should be obvious, it's a social source of choices). What causes conformity? Social interactions, which traditionally occurred (Macro-version) in newspapers, magazines, cinema and radio programs. As culture changed the popular media to radio, TV and then to Internet, and church attendance fell out of vogue, the advertising industry became more powerful in defining social constructs. That's why Internet censorship is so important.
Who are the 'influencers' in society? (They used to be parents, teachers, peers... now it seems to be YouTubers, like PewDiePie. But an intentionally underplayed contingent of influencers is the predominantly Left-Leaning academia, who collectively promote Marxist preferences and political activism toward Socialist positions. Academia is pushing social construction because it provides an intellectual framework that denies the old (social injustice), and says ok to their preferred ideology, Cultural Marxism (new social "just us"; socially constructed ideas can be anything you want, their cogency depends on efficacy of publication).
Micro-Social Constructs are most cogent (due to conformity being human nature), discussed in part 2.
Bottom Line (part 1)
If you like freedom, and are serious about it, you must distance yourself from society, because it tries to reconstruct you according to the norm... conform!
Before you go, think about what is a hermit?, which should not be confused with Hermetic, name derived from Greek god Hermes. 7 Great Hermetic Principles – The Teachings of Thoth (illustrated)... same topic 2016
Investigation of (Dis-)Favor 2\3, Micro-Societies
Social Circles; Mates, Kin, Friends
note on Mates: school-, (prison) in-, marriage-, ship-, etc. note on my link choices, page rank has a strong influence
Social group (aka circle)
Is Conformity Human Nature? Don't blow this list off, if you want to understand social constructs. At least look at first item.
What is Social Proof?
Are Micro-societies any less 'constructing' than Macros? Or do some constructs exist for all realms, macro and micro? I think they are more constructing, because micros carry feedback, whereas macro is all absorption, individuals have negligible effects on society at large. They act in a statistical sense, with a few exceptions.
Concept vs Percept (concepts are stable mental recordings, and physical manifestations of them; percepts are changing sensations and reflexes which depend strongly on the situation, memories of which are variable too)
Favor, Good, and Beauty are words that belong in the same 'conceptual basket' (ward), they are alike, all refer to action 'like', as an affective (and affirmative) perception. Conversely for the word's opposites.
Perceptions are non-language reactions to stimuli, therefore not social constructs. They may be evoked into a social arena via language (or other virtual records), but these are only shadows of the perception, so what is evoked is drawn up from the receiver's own memories of perceptions.
Division of Labor (and role models) are Social Constructs
Sex is the most basic divider of labor, for all societies, especially the most primitive. As societies develop towards more technical, sex falls away from the divider, as natural talent and innate interest gain influence, until the basic operations of reproduction remain, the core division. What about rankings in the division?
natural tendency for dominance?
Are males naturally dominant in nature? | qra
(arguments opposing) Male Dominance (theory) with (bogus) "Explanations", by 2 feminist authors using Marxist ideology 2017 | verso While this blog seems to have obvious (to me) flaws, it does raise interesting ideas and references.
what attributes help males gain social status? Basic: status is competitive. It takes talent and effort to win.
To Raise Male Status (18 Rules) | @rctvmn (not because age 18 is best)
Dominance vs Prestige 2010 | psytdy Note: blatant bias toward Prestige via argument parsing Pride. (author is Jewish, maligns DJ Trump (nationalist), lauds John Lennon (globalist))
modes of thought: socially-controlled vs spontaneous
Major Component of Social-Construction: Public Education 3 Modes of Thought Jan.2019
Kaufman again: How Renaissance People Think 2011 | psytdy Note: We discussed concept vs percept, here Kaufman refers to fellow-Jew Seymour Epstein's dual modish rational vs experiential theory, same idea set.
polymath (short for Renaissance Man)
Favor-Goodness-Beauty paradigm
Favor is not favored in prior art, Truth takes Favor's place in the Transcendental Spectrum: Transcendentals 5pg.pdf
We have already seen the idea in part 1 that Truth is a disputed transcendental in the social-constructionism academic universe. Academics use the "universal fallacy" that their favored item is part of an incompatible pair, which by logic excludes everything not in their favor. They want to ignore the nuances in order to push an ideology toward a supremacy of thinking, just like in a totalitarian state.
Whereas the (myusername) principle of Truth, it has a dual nature, 1 relative to a society (democratic consensus); and 2 absolute to reality (math/science/technology). So 'Favor' is a better term because objective proof (no contest) is not required (except the meaning of objective that says 'objection!', meaning 'contest'). 'Favor' implies bias which is the subjective reaction that matches Goodness and Beauty better than 'Truth'.
Apply Truth-Goodness-Beauty paradigm to social construction
it is unconcerned with ontological issues...
because the aim of constructionists is to justify a collective "truth" of their own construction. A social construct is not absolute, it's anything a society wants it to be ("social proof"). That's a good description of tyranny... The Empowered Female Parasite 2014 (that's a surprising result, here is one not-surprising.)
Social Proof: established by culture media (mind control, a monopoly 2012 (scroll down long graphic), of the Juice 2015), go back to part 1, macrosocial constructs.
Does Appreciation of Beauty have any innate sources? (otherwise it's all a social construct) Neuroscience of Beauty; How does the brain appreciate art? 2011 | sciam (in brain)
Onward (Dis)-Favor Readers...
Investigation of (Dis-)Favor 3\3, House of Not-Friends
Contracting the Social Construct Disorder Take 2
Living outside the 'Normitory" (away from Dreamland (everybody's asleep), to where Nessun Dorma (nobody sleeps))
It so happens that an ethnic group which originated in eastern Mediterranean Middle-East evolved to specialize in intelligence, commerce, morally corrupt enterprises, and crime. Essential to their success was eugenic traditions that applied artificial selection to just those same specialties, which makes this ethnic group a formidable enemy. They have developed a very strong sense of in-groupness, and a vested interest in social construct studies. A unified collective is a more effective competitor than an inchoate population of diverse individuals.
This group has as ethnic traits: global dispersion (aka Diaspora), preference for urban environments (aka Cosmopolitan, or Globalist), covert inter-group rivalry (aka InfoWar), and deception (aka MOSSAD). This cosmopolitan group must operate covertly and deceptively, because those are effective tactics, and they are a small minority (2% of USA), therefore weak in the democratic sense.
Immoral Social Constructs enforced by 5th column subversives
wethefifth (political audio series)
serendipity: freethink
Another construct search, without gender reference
Is morality a social construct? If so, how can concepts such as 'good' exist? (note especially the links in top comment, to reddit posts)
"Good" can be understood as a variation of "Favor" as a direct experience (perception) of "like", rather than some idealized notion of an obvious social construct such as "greater good" (a theoretical derivation by interventionist actors-with-agendas trying to impose their own preferences upon others, IOW ideology hegemony pushers, for instance viz da wiz)
Cultural hegemony is the Chosen's mitzvah, that we all must go to Emerald City, land of Oz, where YHWH (impostor) rules.
Cultural hegemony
Concepts of Ideology, Hegemony, and Organic Intellectuals in Gramsci’s Marxism 1982
There is no universal morality. Morality is much like Beauty, in the mind of beholder (actor who holds to a specific moral code). Morality is a social construct, and varies between societies. (I think a fair definition of morality is a code of ethics which is community-specific.) For a society to sustain, it needs to be isolate from conflicting societies. If different societies, with different moralities must coexist, the natural tendency for actors in the same niche toward dominance will destroy or remake the subordinate societies, which reduces the conflicts.
Status Hierarchies: Do We Need Them? blog 2012 | psytd
a need for 'virtue signaling'? It's natural, and likely unavoidable, evidence pride displays.
Status Assignments: by birth (heredity) or merit (talent)?
Let's assume your morality values social effectiveness. The best path to that is to have talented persons dominant (meritocracy). Next we happen to know that talent is hereditary, but not perfectly so. Therefore birth (kinship, aka kingship) is only an indicator of talent, which is infrequent among low status groups, much higher among high status kinship groups. Thus we must conclude that awarding status by pedigree and family privilege is not the best way to effectiveness, but it often does work. What works best then, must be? a competitive system of merit-proving, with special attention to high-status families. (Helps if the natural tendency for snobbish repression is circumvented, for examples Han-style Civil Service Exams, and the Roman military promotion avenue, which occasionally led to top gun.)
Sustainable Competitive Advantages (aka moats): Network Effects 2019 | sEknα
Our Brain's Negative Bias 2003 | psytdA
Fear: it's the greatest (motivator) 2009 Owen Benjamin made a video about Fear over TIME 16 min.
Dominance Hierarchy employs FEAR to dominate
Dominance hierarchy | wkpd Social dominance theory | wkpd
scaring children is not ok, Sydney Watson blog 11 min
tools for social mobility and dominance (list)
9 Important Factors That Influence Social Mobility Social dominance orientation | wkpd SDO should theoretically be highly important to Jews, as their ethos tends strongly to emulate it among themselves and denigrate it towards outgroups (Goyim). Thus we should expect to see this field of study monopolized by Jewish scholars. Studying the Gentile: Fanciful Pseudoscience in the Service of Pathologizing the Covington Boys | OO
Contracting the Social Construct Disorder Take 3
Different day from Take 2. Re-consider interactions with a community or society: traditionally occurred locally, on Sunday meetings at church, parties, having a beer after work, town hall or children's group meetings, (eg. PTA, scouts) etc.
Re-consider "contracting". Original idea was meant to acquire, like a disease, not by design (choice), but determined by contingency (unlucky chance). Today, "contracting" means getting smaller, shrinking, like a cooling branding iron, or melting ice. Iron has several crystalline phases, the cooler, the more compact (more atomic order). Ice is contrary to most materials, as its crystalline structure is larger than its liquid phase, so as it melts (entropy always increases, going to less ordered) its atoms become more fluid. In both cases, the natural mode of change is toward ambient temperature. This trend (recursion to the mean) is maybe the most unbroken law of all physics.
Re-considering "Disorder"; original idea was meant as a mental disease, like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), IOW anomalous condition, out-of-order, (order being assumed normal) in the human behavior dimension. Today it means individuals out-of-line, like discontinuities in a crystal. (Discontinuities are what make metal harder.)
When all the atoms of a metal are aligned (continuous), the state is called "annealed". This is the softest condition. When the metal has been "work hardened" by hammering, or forging, it acquires discontinuities (crystalline order becomes mucked up). This is a harder state. Hardness is measured by forcing a small ball into a test material and measuring the resulting depression (dent). Discontinuities resist dents and every other kind of deforming force (decreased plasticity (weakness) means increased elasticity and maximum yield (resilience, see Young's Modulus, Indentation hardness, Impact Toughness and Moh's Hardness)).
Now make analogy of metal with society. Non-conformist individuals (like followers of Marginotions) make society (if he-he-heeded) more resistant to outside forces (like George Soros, or seekers of Tikkun Olam) trying to make a dent in the established order (tradition, Protestant Ethic).
Contracting the Social Construct Disorder Take 4
Different day Re-consider "contracting" again. Today, it means make-a-deal, as in commercial contract. This kind of contract is in flux nowadays, as the advent of bitcoin has introduced a mathematical means of authorizing legal agreements (aka contracts) in a distributed ledger that makes such agreements social in a very direct sense. The social part of "social construct" is present in a world wide network of participating computer operators, while the construct part is present in a software package (app) that is now called "smart", meaning has built-in security and ongoing timely operations, like confirmation checking. In this contract-paradigm, the "disorder" part is due to it being outside of previous power-holding elites who are chagrined by the prospect of losing some of their powers to the Internetwork, which is out of their control. IOW disorder for elites, and made-to-order for independents. (note on that quote)
Social Contract per britannica (briefly) per wkpd
explicit vs implicit contracts Differences Between Implicit & Explicit Agreements (law) 2017 more specific, social contracts Social Contract Theory UT (includes videos, glossary)
to be continued: fairness is a social construct (contrast with deterministic fate)
study notes (all 3 parts, this series)
Gentrification, Displacement and the Role of Public Investment: A Literature Review 2015 pdf
why is 'social construct' a popular theme?
Pareto principle implications for marital harmony, a very brief summary of research by J Cacioppo)
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Hitler Hunt for 7/16/2019

I found 135 Hitlers in Politics today.

As backlash against Trump’s ‘go back’ comments builds, here’s Ronald Reagan’s ‘love letter to immigrants’: ‘You can go to live in Germany, Turkey or Japan, but you cannot become German, Turk or Japanese. But anyone, from any corner of the Earth, can come to live in America and become an American.’
RacistGOP trends on Twitter as Republicans stay silent on Donald Trump's racist attack
Rep. Al Green says he will file articles of impeachment against Trump tonight, despite pushback from Democratic leaders
Melania Trump remains silent on husband's racist tweets despite having been a US citizen for shorter time than Ilhan Omar
Kellyanne Conway Snaps Back at Reporter: ‘What’s Your Ethnicity?’
Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner And Every Trump Administration Official Accused Of Using Personal Email For Work
When Does America Reckon with the Gravity of Donald Trump's Alleged Rapes?
Twitter Users Slam Mitt Romney’s ‘Spineless’ Reaction To Racist Trump Tweets — The Utah senator refused to answer a reporter’s question on if he thought the president was racist.
'Good,' Says Elizabeth Warren, After Billionaire Right-Winger Peter Thiel Says She's 2020 Democrat He Is 'Most Scared By'
Trump’s Racism Is Not Blundering -- It Is Tactically Deliberate - Trump's racism is not an oops, it's a fascist strategy.
William Barr steps in to make sure the NYPD cop who killed Eric Garner won’t be prosecuted
Federal judge permanently blocks Trump admin from adding citizenship question to 2020 census
Donald Trump has made it clear: the only 'real Americans' are white and Christian
ObamaWasBetterAt trends after Trump Attacks on Minority Congresswomen
GOP advisers reportedly told Trump his racist attacks on Democratic congresswomen may have backfired
President angrily attacks victims of his racist tweets for third day in a row, as impeachment calls grow
Trump supporters stand by the president amid inflammatory tweets: "That's why I voted for him"
Oregon to require schools to teach about Holocaust
Pelosi is forcing House Republicans to go on the record on Trump’s ‘go back’ tweets
New Hampshire county commissioner quits GOP because of Trump
Trump Is Now Calling “The Squad” “Pro Terrorist” In Yet Another Racist Tweet
Trump says he will 'take a look' at investigating Google for treason.
Mayor Kenney: ‘If Donald Trump Ever Has To Go Back Where He Came From, He’s Going To Have To Go To Hell’
‘Nobody Opened the Door’: Neighbors Rally During an ICE Raid in Houston
House Condemns Trump’s Attack on Four Congresswomen as Racist
Jewish Protestors form human chain around ICE Headquarters saying “Never Again is Now”
'Unfit to be president': Full text of House impeachment resolution on Trump
‘Really Good Speller’ Trump’s Handwritten Note Shows Embarrassing Mistakes
Conway To Reporter Who Asked About Trump’s Racist Tweets: ‘What’s Your Ethnicity?’
Ilhan Omar to Maddow: Trump Is ‘Corrupt,’ ‘Inept,’ and the ‘Worst President We’ve Had’
Chris Evans Exposes ‘Painfully Transparent’ Reason For Trump’s Racist Attack
Donald Trump is like a 20th-century fascist, says Sadiq Khan
Trump’s notes show he doesn’t have a clue how to spell Al Qaeda
House GOP Leaders Claim Trump Tweets Not Racist Because We Are ‘Party Of Lincoln’
If You Helped a Racist Become the Most Powerful Person in America, Then You’re a Racist Too
Kellyanne Conway to reporter: What's your ethnicity?
Kris Kobach: I Might Still Support Trump if He Came Out and Said ‘I’m a Racist’
Anti-Defamation League blasts Trump for 'invoking support for Israel to defend this racism'
Kellyanne Conway just said something that should stun you
Trump is an apocalypse
As Hate Incidents Grow, More States Require Schools To Teach The Holocaust
Trump vs. 'the Squad' makes watershed moment in racial politics
Children in states with strict gun laws are less likely to die, according to a new study
Treasury secretary says he doesn't find Trump's tweets racist
Trump repeats racist attack, says Democratic congresswomen ‘can leave’ the US
Puerto Rico’s governor needs to step down
Trump: I don't have a racist bone in my body
‘Trump’s Going to Get Re-elected, Isn’t He?’ Voters have reason to worry.
There’s One Heresy That Sets Bernie Apart From All Other Dem Contenders to Unseat Trump
Trump Faces Backlash from Base over Bitcoin
Watch: Ilhan Omar declines to respond to Trump claiming she supports al Qaeda
Moderate Dem slams 'squad' for threatening to primary him: 'They're not Democrats ... they're socialists'
Sieg Heil! I mean... Beep Boop, I am a robot.
My purpose is to find and link comments in Politics that contain the word 'Hitler'
Since my birth, I have found a total of 43614 Hitlers in Politics. On average, I found 79 Hitlers per day.
Today, I read 54953 comments. In total, I have read 24333224 comments.
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[Genesis, 1 - 6]53 [Genesis, 7 - 11]54 [Genesis, 12 - 19]55 [Genesis, 20 - 26]56 [Genesis, 27 -32]57 [Genesis, 33 - 38]58 [Genesis, 39 - 45]59 [Genesis, 46 - 50]60
[Exodus, 1]61 [ - ]62 [6]63 [Exodus, 7]64 [ - ]65 [11]66 [Exodus, 12]67 [ - ]68 [18]69 [Exodus, 19]70 [ - ]71 [24]72 [Exodus, 25]73 [ - ]74 [32]75 [Exodus, 33]76 [ - ]77 [40]78
[Numbers, 1 - 6]79 [Numbers, 7 - 11]80 [Numbers, 12 - 17]81 [Numbers, 18 - 22]82 [Numbers, 23 - 29]83 [Numbers, 30 - 36]84
[Deuteronomy 1 - 6]85 [Deuteronomy 7 - 13]86 [Deuteronomy 14 - 19]87 [Deuteronomy 20 - 25]88 [Deuteronomy 26 - 29]89 [Deuteronomy 30 - 36]90
[Joshua, 1 - 5]91 [Joshua, 6 - 9]92 [Joshua, 10 - 14]93 [Joshua, 15 - 19]94 [Joshua, 20 - 24]95
[Judges, 1 - 5]96 [Judges, 6 - 10]97 [Judges, 11 - 16]98 [Judges, 17 - 21]99
[1 Samuel, 1 - 7]101 [1 Samuel, 8 - 15]102 [1 Samuel, 19 - 24]103 [1 Samuel, 25 - 31]104
[2 Samuel, 1 - 6]105 [2 Samuel, 7 - 12]106 [2 Samuel, 13 - 18]107 [2 Samuel, 19 - 24]108
[1 Kings, 1 - 4]109 [1 Kings, 5 - 9]110 [1 Kings, 10 - 16]111 [1 Kings, 17 - 19]112 [1 Kings, 20 - 22]113
[2 Kings, 1 - 5]114 [2 Kings, 6 - 10]115 [2 Kings, 11 - 15]116 [2 Kings, 16 - 20]117 [2 Kings, 21 - 25]118
[Ezra, 1 - 6]119 [Ezra, 7 - 10]120
[Nehemiah, 1 - 7]121 [Nehemiah, 8 - 13]122
[Esther, 1 - 5]123 [Esther, 6 - 10]124 [Esther, 11 - 14]125 [Esther, 15 - 16]126
[Judith, 1 - 7]127 [Judith, 8 - 16]128
[Job, 1 - 7]129 [Job, 8 - 14]130 [Job, 15 - 21]131 [Job, 22 - 28]132 [Job, 29 - 35]133 [Job, 36 - 42]134
[Psalms 1 - 14]135 [Psalms 15 - 28]136 [Psalms 29 - 41]137 [Psalms 42 - 53]138 [Psalms 54 - 63]139 [Psalms 64 - 72]140 [Psalms 73 - 79]141 [Psalms 80 - 89]142 [Psalms 90 - 99]143 [Psalms 100 - 106]144 [Psalms 107 - 118]145 [Psalms 119 - 135]146 [Psalms 136 - 150]147
[Proverbs 1 - 7]148 [Proverbs 8 - 17]149 [Proverbs 18 - 24]150 [Proverbs 25 - 31]151
[Ecclesiastes 1 - 6]152 [Ecclesiastes 7 - 12]153
[Song of Songs]154
[Isaiah, 1]155 [ - ]156 [6]157 [Isaiah, 7]158 [ - ]159 [12]160 [Isaiah, 13]161 [ - ]162 [19]163 [Isaiah, 20]164 [ - ]165 [27]166 [Isaiah, 28]167 [ - ]168 [31]169 [Isaiah, 32]170 [ - ]171 [35]172 [Isaiah, 36]173 [ - ]174 [40]175 [Isaiah, 41]176 [ - ]177 [46]178 [Isaiah, 47]179 [ - ]180 [53]181 [Isaiah, 54]182 [ - ]183 [59]184 [Isaiah, 60]185 [ - ]186 [66]187
[Jeremiah, 1 - 6]188 [Jeremiah, 7 - 12]189 [Jeremiah, 13 - 18]190 [Jeremiah, 19 - 24]191 [Jeremiah, 24 - 30]192 [Jeremiah, 31 - 36]193 [Jeremiah, 37 - 42]194 [Jeremiah, 43 - 48]195 [Jeremiah, 49 - 52]196
[Ezekiel 1 - 11]198 [Ezekiel 12 - 19]199 [Ezekiel 20 - 24]200 [Ezekiel 25 - 32]201 [Ezekiel 33 - 39]202 [Ezekiel 40 - 44]203 [Ezekiel 45 - 48]204
[Daniel, 1 - 4]205 [Daniel, 5 - 8]206 [Daniel, 9 - 12]207
[Hosea, 1 - 6]208 [Hosea, 7 - 14]209 [Joel]210 [Amos]211 [Obadiah]212 [Jonah's Mission to Nineveh]213 [Micah]214 [Nahum]215 [Habakkuk]216 [Zephaniah]217 [Haggai]218 [Zechariah]219 [Malachi]220
[1 Esdras, 1 - 4]221 [1 Esdras, 5 - 7]222 [1 Esdras, 8 - 9]223
[Wisdom of Solomon, 1 - 9]224 [Wisdom of Solomon, 10 - 19]225
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[Gospel According to Matthew, 1 - 7]235 [Gospel According to Matthew, 8 - 13]236 [Gospel According to Matthew, 14 - 21]237 [Gospel According to Matthew, 22 - 25]238 [Gospel According to Matthew, 26 - 28]239
[Gospel According to Mark, 1 - 4]240 [Gospel According to Mark, 5 - 9]241 [Gospel according to Mark, 10 - 13]242 [Gospel According to Mark, 14 - 16]243
[Gospel according to Luke, 1 - 6]244 [Gospel According to Luke, 7 - 11]245 [Gospel According to Luke, 12 - 17]246 [Gospel According to Luke, 18 & 19]247 [Gospel According to Luke, 20 - 22]248
[Gospel According to John, 1 - 5]249 [Gospel According to John, 6 - 11]250 [Gospel According to John, 12 - 17]251 [Gospel According to John, 18 - 21]252
[Acts of the Apostles, 1 - 5]253 [Acts of the Apostles, 6 - 11]254 [Acts of the Apostles, 12 - 16]255 [Acts of the Apostles, 17 - 22]256 [Acts of the Apostles, 23 - 28]257
[Letter of Paul to the Romans, 1 - 6]258 [Letter of Paul to the Romans, 7 - 11]259 [Letter of Paul to the Romans, 12 -16]260
[First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians, 1 - 6]261 [First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians, 7 - 11]262 [First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians, 12 - 16]263
[Second Letter of Paul to the Corinthians, 1 - 7]264 [Second Letter of Paul to the Corinthians, 8 - 13]265
[Letter of Paul to the Galatians]266 [Letter of Paul to the Ephesians]267 [Letter of Paul to the Philippians]268 [Letter of Paul to the Colossians]269 [First Letter of Paul to Timothy]270 [Second Letter of Paul to Timothy]271 [Letter of Paul to Titus]272 [The Letter of Paul to Philemon]273
[A Letter to Hebrews, 1 - 4]274 [A Letter to Hebrews, 5 - 10]275 [A Letter to Hebrews, 11 - 13]276
[A Letter of James]277
[The First Letter of Peter]278 [The Second Letter of Peter]279
[First Letter of John]280 [Second Letter of John]281 [Third Letter of John]282
[A Letter of Jude]283
History of the Jewish Church, vol. 1 — Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, D.D. —[Lecture XX : On the Nature of the Prophetical Teachings (part i)]284 —[Lecture XX : On the Nature of the Prophetical Teachings (part ii)]285 —[Lecture XIX : The History of the Prophetical Order (part i) ]286 —[Lecture XIX : The History of the Prophetical Order (part ii)]287 —[Lecture XVIII : Samuel and the Prophetical Office (part i)]288 —[Lecture XVIII : Samuel and the Prophetical Office (part ii)]289 —[Lecture XVII : The Fall of Shiloh]290 —[Lecture XVI : Jephthah and Samson (part i)]291 —[Lecture XVI : Jephthah and Samson (part ii)]292 —[Lecture XV : Gideon (part i)]293 —[Lecture XV : Gideon (part ii)]294 —[Lecture XIV : Deborah (part i)]295 —[Lecture XIV : Deborah (part ii)]296 —[Lecture XIII : Israel Under the Judges (part i)]297 —[Lecture XIII : Israel Under the Judges (part ii)]298 —[Lecture XIII : Israel Under the Judges (part iii)]299 —[Lecture XII : The Battle of Merom and Settlement of the Tribes (part i)]300 —[Lecture XII : The Battle of Merom and Settlement of the Tribes (part ii)]301 —[Lecture XI : The Conquest of Western Palestine — Battle of Beth-horon]302 —[Lecture X : The Conquest of Western Palestine — The Fall of Jericho]303 —[Lecture IX : The Conquest of Palestine]304 —[Lecture VIII : Kadesh and Pisgah (part i)]305 —[Lecture VIII : Kadesh and Pisgah (part ii)]306 —[Lecture VII : Sinai and the Law (part i)]307 —[Lecture VII : Sinai and the Law (part ii)]308 —[Lecture VI : The Wilderness]309 —[Lecture V : The Exodus (part i)]310 —[Lecture V : The Exodus (part ii)]311 —[Lecture IV : Israel in Egypt (part i)]312 —[Lecture IV : Israel in Egypt (part ii)]313 —[Lecture III : Jacob (part i) ]314 —[Lecture III : Jacob (part ii)]315 —[Lecture II : Abraham and Isaac (part i)]316 —[Lecture II : Abraham and Isaac (part ii)]317 —[Lecture I : The Call of Abraham (part i)]318 —[Lecture I : The Call of Abraham (part ii)]319 —[History of the Jewish Church : Introduction]320 —[History of the Jewish Church : Preface]321 —[Appendix I : The Traditional Localities of Abraham's Migration]322 —[Appendix II : The Cave at Machpelah (part i)]323 —[Appendix II : The Cave at Machpelah (part ii)]324 —[Appendix III : The Samaritan Passover]325
[Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition]326 [.]327
[Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe (Harrit, et al.)]328
[Principia : the mathematical principles of natural philosophy — Isaac Newton]329
[Daniel and the Apocalypse — Isaac Newton]330
[A paraphrase and notes on the Revelation of St. John — Moses Lowman]331
be good to one another[.]332
keep in touch[.]333
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old.r*ddi*.com/r**livers*rm**commen**/a5k*l6/*ocr*tes_g*eek*p*ilosoph**i* 26: old*re**it**om/**s*kra*es/comm*nts/co*3d*/socr**es_gree**ph*l*sophy_ii/ 27: old*re****ve*sAr***c*mme*t**a5v0fs/*hr*sostom_sacr*d*elo*uenc*_i/ 28: old*re**/Ol*v*rsA*my*c*mments*a5v**x/c*rys*st*m*sacre*_elo*uen*e_i*/ 29: ***dit*com*Oli**r*Arm*/c*mm*n*s*a5v17i*ambrose_ep*scopal_au**or*ty_*/ 30: old.reddit.c*m*OliversAr**/com*e*t**a*v1iz/am*r**e_epis*op*l_*****rity_ii/ 31: ol*.redd*t*c**/Olive*sA*my/comm**ts/*5*1**/augusti**_chris**an_theolo*y_*/ 32: old.reddit.***/*live*sAr*y/**mme*ts*a5v**z/aug***in*_christian_*heolog**ii/ 33:***live*****y/*om*ent*/a*v2n6/theo*osius*t**_latter_d*ys_**_rom*_i/ 34: o**.*e***e**Army/**mments/a5v2vy*the*d*sius*the_*a*t**_days*of_*ome_i*/ 35: old.r**d**/**ive*sA*my/comme*ts*a5*3d1/leo_*oundation_o*_t*e***pac**i/ 36: o***r*d*i*.com/O**v***Army/comme*ts/a*v3qk/le*_fo*ndation_o*_the_p*p*c*_ii/ 37: *ld.r*ddi*.com/M*hamme*/*o*me**s/bmx8bm/**h*m***_sarac*n*c_conquests_i* 38: 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63: old***ddit.c*m**/Oli*ers*rmy/c*mme*ts*a5hywr*the_book_*f_e*o*us_cha*ters_*_** 64: old*r*ddit.*om*O**v*rsArmy/*o*men*s/a5h*69/th*_book_o*_exod******pters_7_1*/ 65: old.**ddit*com*Fur*he*UpAndFurther***co*ments/9j*h5v*the*corp*e**ar*_de*x* 66: old.**/*/Olive*s*r*y*c*mment*/**hz69*t*e_book_of*exod*s_c*apt*r*_7_1** 67: **d*r***i*.com/Ol**ers*rmy*comments/**hzdf/*he_bo*k_*f_exo*us_chap*e*s_12*18/ 68: old.r**rt***UpAndFurtherIn/c**me***/9j*4yb/l*_corps***a*t_**oi*/ 69: o**.reddi**c**/*/O*iv*rsArmy/comments/a5***f*the*boo*_**_exodus_c**pters_12_*8/ 70: *l*.*e**/OliversArmy/*ommen*s/**hz***the_bo**_of_e*odus_*h*p**rs_19_2*/ 71: ol*.r*ddit.c*m*Fu*therU*AndFurt*erIn**ommen*s*9k*dd***he*corpse_part*fou** 72: o*d.*eddi*.*om*O*i**rsArmy/comm*nt*/*5hzoh**he*book_of_*xodus_ch*p**rs_19*2*/ 73: ol***eddit.c**/*live*s*rm*/*omment*/a5*zx2*th***ook_of_exodus_chapt***_*5_32/ 74: old.reddi**c*m*Fu*t*e*Up**dFu*therIn/comments/a***f*/t*e_corpse_*ar*_v* 75: old.reddit.*om/r**li**rsA*m*/commen****5hz*2**he_b*ok_o***xo*us_cha*ters_25_32/ 76: o*d.r*ddit.c*m/O*ive*sArmy/co*ment**a5i0**/th*_b*o***f_exodus_c**pt*rs*33_40* 77: o*d*r***kag**/*o*me**s/9m*7*f/the_corpse*part_six* 78:*it**om*Oliv**sA***/comme*t*/a5***m/the_*ook_*f_ex*dus*c**pters_33_40/ 79: *ld.reddi**c*m/TheD*ad**a/com*en*s*b*gxv7/n*mber**1_6/ 80: ol*.reddi**com/*/TheD**dSe*/comm*nt**b*h*06/*umbers_7*11/ 81: old*redd***TheD*adS**/c**m*nts*bapt*w/*um*ers_12_17/ 82: o***ph*aim/comments*b*w*i***um**rs_18*2*/ 83: old.reddit.**m/*/*he*ead**a/c*m*ents/bb7i*s***mb*rs_23_29/ 84:****c*m*M*u***io*/comments/bb9y8m*numbe**_30_36/ 85: *ld.r*ddit.*om/**Ka**shb*r*ea/commen*s/bc**qdeuteron*my**_*/ 86: *ld.reddit*co*/**t*erhorn*comm*nts/*cqa*o*deu*eron*my_7_**/ 87:*/P*nob*cot*co*me*ts/b*wt**/**utero**my_14*1*/ 88: old**e*d*t.c*m/*/A*n*t*k*c*mment*/bc*mua/deuteronomy_*0_*5/ 89: **d.**dd*t.*om*A*a*aea/comments/bdul*x**e*teronom*_*6_29/ 90: old.**ddi****m/Aln*lam/*omme*t*/b**p*e/deu*e*onomy_30_36/ 91: old.*e**i*.c*m**/O*iv*r*Army/comments*a6kxxi*the_b*ok_o*_jos*ua_c**p*ers_1_*/ 92: o*d.r*ddi*.co*/*/*livers**my/com*ent*/**k***/t*e_book_o*_jo*h*a_chapters_6_9/ 93: ***.r*d*it.**m/**Oliv*rsArm*/co*ments*a6*xd7/the_b*o*_of_j*shua_chapt*rs_10_**/ 94: old*red*it*com/r****v*r***my/c*mment*/a6kw4d/*he*bo*k_of_jo*hua_*h**ters_15_19/ 95:***ve*sAr*y/co*m*n*s/***vo**the_bo*k_of_jos**a_c*a*t*r*_20_24/ 96: o*d*r*ddi*.com*gno**icism/co**ents/93r**v/th*_b*o*_*f_ju*ges_chapt*rs_1*5* 97: old.reddit.c*m/gno**i*ism/c*mm***s**4*ix1/*he*book_*f_judg*s*ch*pt*rs_6_1*/ 98: ***r*gn*s*ic*sm/*omm*nts/94tip*/the_b*o*_*f_j***es_chapte*s_1***6/ 99: old.r*ddit.*om/gno*t*cis*/comme*t*/*55k*5/**e_book_of_*udge***hap**rs*17_2** 100: old*redd*t.**m/*urthe**pAndFurther*n/comm**ts/9*zj*q**ut*/ 101: o*d*red*it.*om/r*Olivers*rmy/c*mm*nts/a*bq5n/t*e_*irs**b*ok_of_s*mu*l_ch*p*e***1_7/ 102:*dit****/r*gn*sti*ism/com**nts*8i25yj*s*ul**no*nted_king/ 103: *ld.redd*t*com/r***ost*c**m/co*ments**j1*c1/first**oo*_of*samuel_chapters*19_t**u_*4/ 104: old**gnos*ici**/c*mments/*jp98t/1*sam*e***5_**ru_*1* 105: *l*.reddi*.*o*/r*Ol*v*rsArm*/comment*/a69v6*/th*_*econd_b***_of**am**l_chapter*_1_6/ 106:*di**com/O****r****y/c*mment*/a69**f/the_sec*nd_book_of_samu*l_chapt**s_7_**/ 107: ol*.reddi**com/o*i*ersa*my/co*me****a69umj/th*_**co*d_*o*k_of_samuel_c*apters_**_**/ 108: *l**red***/*as*er***thodox/commen*s/9h7*c4/second_bo*k_o*_s*m*el_c*ap**rs_1*_2*/ 109: old.r*dd**.com/r*eup*r*t*s/commen*s/bj**81/f*r*t_boo*_of_k*n**_1_*/ 110: ***i*.com*r*euph*ates/comme*ts/*ju*yy/f*rs*_bo*k*of_kings*5**/ 111: o**d*t.*o*/*a*a*i*/comments/b*n*to/f*rst_book*of_kings_**_1** 112: ol**r*dd***z**ephath/commen*s**m4ocl/*irst_book_o*_ki*gs*1*_*9/ 113: old.*e*dit*com/*/e*i*nge*ecomme***/*m**t*/first_book_*f_*ings*20_22* 114: ol*.r***it.**m/*/baal*h*lisha/*om*en*s*c*fg*w*th*_sec*nd_book_of_*in**_chapters_1_5/ 115: 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old*re**i*.com/*/gno*t*c*sm/***m*nts/a9*38l/*he***rst_*et*er_of_paul_*o_th**corinthians/ 263: o**it*co*/gno**ic*sm/**m*ent*/a**g*the_f*r**_le*ter_*f_pau*_to_the_corinthi**s/ 264: ****/**o*ti*****comme*ts/aa634the_s*cond*lette*_of_p*ul_to_*he_cori**h*an*/ 265: old.r**d*t.*om/g*o*tic*sm/c*mm**ts/aanqeu/t*e_se*ond_lett*r*of_***l_*o_the*co**nt*ians/ 266: old.reddit.c*m/*/Un*t**R*si**anc*9*1/c*mme*t*/86*q*u/th*_lette**of_p**l_to_the_gal*ti*ns/ 267: old.r*ddi*.com/gn*sti*i**/com*e*ts*aa**cb*the_l*tt*r_*f_paul_to_th**ep*e*i*ns/ 268:*i*.*om*gnosticism/co*men**/a**v3b/t*e_lett*r*of_*a*l_to_the*ph*l*ppi**s* 269: *l*.reddit.*om/Sam*ria/comm*nts*ak****/*he_*et*er_*f_pau*_t*_the**o*oss*ans/ 270: o**.reddi*.com/*/E*ste*nOr*hod*x***mme*t*/abmp*e/t**_*irst_l*tter_of*paul_to_t*mot*y/ 271: old.*e*dit.c*m/*/Eastern*rt*od*x*c*mm**ts/abn*ye*the**e*o*d_**tter_of_pau*_to_t**othy/ 272: *l****dd***f*o*Chr*stians**omment*/abw8a8**h*_letter_**_paul_t*_titus/ 273: 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old.redd***com/g*os*icis*/*o*m**ts/**jntn*lecture*xiv_**bor*h_pa*t_2/ 297: old.reddi*.com*r**nost***sm/*omments/*bpqy7/**ct*r*_xiii*i*rae*_under*th*_j*dg*s_*art_1* 298: old.redd*t*c*m/r*gnosti*ism/*omment*/8bro*5/lectu*e*x*i*_*sra**_*n*er*the_judge*_pa**_2* 299: ol**red*it.*o*/gnos*ici*m***mme*ts/**2adl/lec**re*xi*i_*srael_un**r_the_j*dges*part_3/ 300: *ld**ed*i*.co**r*gnost*c*s*/com*en*s/8cb4**/lecture_xii_the_battle_of_m**om_an*_*e*t*eme**_of* 301: *ld*r*ddit*c*m/*/gnostic*sm/comment**8cojui/lec*ure_*ii_th*_*a*tl*_of*m*ro*_and_s*tt***en*_o*/ 302: ol*.reddit.*om/*n*st*ci**/comments*8f**l8/le*tur*_xi_the_conquest_of_**s**r**p*l*st**e/ 303: ol**reddit.*om/*nos**cis*/c**ments/8g4***/lectu*e_*_the*con*ue*t_of_*e*tern_p**estine*t*e/ 304: *l*.redd**/gno*ti*is**co*men*s/8iqnex*lectur**ix_*h*_*onq*est*of_pal*st*ne/ 305: o***i*ism/commen**/*k7p*7/l*ctur*_v***_k*d**h_a*d*pisg*h_part*1/ 306: o*****nost*cism/*o*ment*/8ljyf*/le*ture*viii*kad*sh_a***pi**ah_par*_2/ 307: 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319:*it.c**/*/g*o*t*cis*/comment*/*w*2s8/lectu*e_*_the**all_of*abra**m_*art_2* 320: ***i*.com/gn*s*i*ism**om**nts/*v4rwh/hi*to*y_o*_th*_*ewish_*h*rc*_introduc*ion* 321: *ld*r*ddit.c*m*g*os*icis*/comme*ts/8*j71h/*i*tor*_o*_the_**wish_c*urc**p*eface/ 322: `old.reddit.comEastertoox/commens/9gwup/_taditioa_[... post size limit of 40,000 characters reached]
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Why public blockchains like BTC/ETH/most Alts should be avoided in favor of privacy protecting ones like Monero

I have been in the cryptocurrency market for quite some time, and I must say that the way business has conducted has changed in many ways from the good ol' days of wild west. In light of these changes, I feel like we have taken a dangerous route in the blockchain arena, and it is even more important to educate the new people who are entering the cryptocurrency arena for amazing price gains.
A number of new people who have entered always want to catch the new Bitcoin at a few cents in order to make to 1000X gains, and often do not think about the consequences of their actions. I fear that they might loose all their money, not because of price crash but because of something even more dangerous.
Before I proceed, I would like to present the state of crypto market back in 2014-2016.
Because of the way the people acted it was often said Bitcoin is anonymous and cannot be tracked and is only used by criminals. However, the truth cannot farther than this brainwashing statement that governments have given you. Because of which now citizens of most countries almost willingly without thinking give their whole life's information, because they are fooled into believing that privacy is only important to someone who has to hide. If you live in any democratic country, please open up the constitution of your country, and in almost every country privacy is a basic human right. There is a reason why it is in the constitution and not in the laws, because the writers of the constitution learned that governments never keep to their word, and there must be a way to prevent governments from changing certain sect of laws (which we call constitution).
Because the governments couldn't change privacy laws, to do surveillance of citizens, they had to use another approach - make them give their own data, by brainwashing them. I have a term for it opt in surveillance where the host willingly allows the attacker to surveil them. Until as recently 1990's people would freak out if their homes were tapped, or they were being followed everywhere with a guard appointment by the government. You might not ask the question why, because it has probably been taught by society and parents as second nature to us as we grow. The reason is our old war history, not because of the society. This what governments never want to share with you. This is what was done in many countries during the scary war times of World War 1, and World War 2, especially in Europe, with the most prominent one being in Germany. What is even more hidden is that it started in the beginning with all the good intentions of taking care of the citizens from criminals (which we call today terrorists), and slowly started encroaching even more into people's privacy like knowing their personal information about whether they were Russians/Jews/Germans/Polish, their jobs (what professions they did), their education level etc (today's similar system would be Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc). Please visit any museum in Europe to research about it more. It then moved to money like finding from banks how much people earned, how much land they owned etc (today's equivalent of public blockchain). This is where I'm worried. In effect once public blockchains become ubiquitous, the safety mechanisms put in place via writing Constitution would be completely broken in every democratic society.
Now before anyone dismisses my argument, please read the full post below on why.
Crypto market Post mid 2017
Now I'll connect the future dots for you. Ethereum and most of the altcoins (most of them being ERC-20) are based on a public blockchain, where you see exactly which address owns how many Ethereum, altcoins, bitcoins, litecoin etc. You can find a rich list of every token, with the exception of Monero (XMR). You can see who sent how many Bitcoins, Ethereum, etc to each other.
Till now this was only addresses. This is what you call pseudo annonymity. It means only partial annonymity. Because although you can see the transaction, and the amounts, contract data, being executed on the blockchain, they are only linked to generated addresses from the seed (which itself is generated randomly).
There is a core reason why the seed was generated randomly. One reason is to ensure that your money doesn't get access to it, based on Mathematics of NP hard problem - it is easy to generate the public key from the private key (your seed), but computationally almost impossible to get the private key from the public key. Your Bitcoin address is generated from that. There is a reason why addresses were generated that way, and not aliases were used (something that people find so human readable and easy to use). While addresses are hard to remember, they served a huge purpose which is being defeated now - privacy of your identity.
Unfortunately because most people these days do KYC/AML or connect mnemonics or even email addresses and names to these addresses (as a feature of ease of use for general public), it is now trivial to keep track of every transaction of every person on the planet on every token purchase except Monero on every food item purchased on every hooker paid ever in life on every hotel room booked on every bottle of beer bought on every packet of cigarettes bought on every secret trip from your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend on every medicine bought on every illness you had before on every new item you clicked at on every idea you supported on every real estate apartment you/your family/your friends every bought on every cellphone call you made on how much you/your family/your friends have in wealth. Literally the whole life history of you, your wife, your husband, your kids, your parents, your friends.
And this is will be visible to any attacker once they gain control of your personally identifiable information by
Attack scenrios
Ironically the biggest advantage of public non-private blockchains is also their Achilles heel. While these blockchains bring transparency from the fact that you cannot manipulate the data on the blockchain, it also means you can NEVER EVER delete the data. This means once an identity has been attached to your address, you are forever traceable. For my EU friends, your right to forget and most of the GDPR laws, would effectively be worthless. No one can be prosecuted either, because no one owns the network, no one can shut the network. Even if you transfer funds to another address, that transaction will be visible on the blockchain.
I hope I explained it well, and people do start valuing their privacy for the sake of their friends (who could also be put unknowingly in danger by accepting money from their friends in crypto), their family, and themselves. If you really want to own crypto, prefer privacy coins over any publicly visible coin. Move to a private coin while you can. It might be that no one will want to buy those tainted coins.
Peace Out.
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Hitler Hunt for 7/17/2019

I found 135 Hitlers in Politics today.

As backlash against Trump’s ‘go back’ comments builds, here’s Ronald Reagan’s ‘love letter to immigrants’: ‘You can go to live in Germany, Turkey or Japan, but you cannot become German, Turk or Japanese. But anyone, from any corner of the Earth, can come to live in America and become an American.’
RacistGOP trends on Twitter as Republicans stay silent on Donald Trump's racist attack
Rep. Al Green says he will file articles of impeachment against Trump tonight, despite pushback from Democratic leaders
Melania Trump remains silent on husband's racist tweets despite having been a US citizen for shorter time than Ilhan Omar
Kellyanne Conway Snaps Back at Reporter: ‘What’s Your Ethnicity?’
Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner And Every Trump Administration Official Accused Of Using Personal Email For Work
When Does America Reckon with the Gravity of Donald Trump's Alleged Rapes?
Twitter Users Slam Mitt Romney’s ‘Spineless’ Reaction To Racist Trump Tweets — The Utah senator refused to answer a reporter’s question on if he thought the president was racist.
'Good,' Says Elizabeth Warren, After Billionaire Right-Winger Peter Thiel Says She's 2020 Democrat He Is 'Most Scared By'
Trump’s Racism Is Not Blundering -- It Is Tactically Deliberate - Trump's racism is not an oops, it's a fascist strategy.
William Barr steps in to make sure the NYPD cop who killed Eric Garner won’t be prosecuted
Donald Trump has made it clear: the only 'real Americans' are white and Christian
ObamaWasBetterAt trends after Trump Attacks on Minority Congresswomen
GOP advisers reportedly told Trump his racist attacks on Democratic congresswomen may have backfired
President angrily attacks victims of his racist tweets for third day in a row, as impeachment calls grow
Trump supporters stand by the president amid inflammatory tweets: "That's why I voted for him"
Oregon to require schools to teach about Holocaust
Pelosi is forcing House Republicans to go on the record on Trump’s ‘go back’ tweets
New Hampshire county commissioner quits GOP because of Trump
Trump Is Now Calling “The Squad” “Pro Terrorist” In Yet Another Racist Tweet
Trump says he will 'take a look' at investigating Google for treason.
Mayor Kenney: ‘If Donald Trump Ever Has To Go Back Where He Came From, He’s Going To Have To Go To Hell’
‘Nobody Opened the Door’: Neighbors Rally During an ICE Raid in Houston
House Condemns Trump’s Attack on Four Congresswomen as Racist
Jewish Protestors form human chain around ICE Headquarters saying “Never Again is Now”
'Unfit to be president': Full text of House impeachment resolution on Trump
‘Really Good Speller’ Trump’s Handwritten Note Shows Embarrassing Mistakes
Conway To Reporter Who Asked About Trump’s Racist Tweets: ‘What’s Your Ethnicity?’
Ilhan Omar to Maddow: Trump Is ‘Corrupt,’ ‘Inept,’ and the ‘Worst President We’ve Had’
Chris Evans Exposes ‘Painfully Transparent’ Reason For Trump’s Racist Attack
Donald Trump is like a 20th-century fascist, says Sadiq Khan
Trump’s notes show he doesn’t have a clue how to spell Al Qaeda
House GOP Leaders Claim Trump Tweets Not Racist Because We Are ‘Party Of Lincoln’
If You Helped a Racist Become the Most Powerful Person in America, Then You’re a Racist Too
Kellyanne Conway to reporter: What's your ethnicity?
Kris Kobach: I Might Still Support Trump if He Came Out and Said ‘I’m a Racist’
Anti-Defamation League blasts Trump for 'invoking support for Israel to defend this racism'
Kellyanne Conway just said something that should stun you
Trump is an apocalypse
As Hate Incidents Grow, More States Require Schools To Teach The Holocaust
Trump vs. 'the Squad' makes watershed moment in racial politics
Children in states with strict gun laws are less likely to die, according to a new study
Treasury secretary says he doesn't find Trump's tweets racist
Trump repeats racist attack, says Democratic congresswomen ‘can leave’ the US
Puerto Rico’s governor needs to step down
Trump: I don't have a racist bone in my body
‘Trump’s Going to Get Re-elected, Isn’t He?’ Voters have reason to worry.
There’s One Heresy That Sets Bernie Apart From All Other Dem Contenders to Unseat Trump
Trump Faces Backlash from Base over Bitcoin
Watch: Ilhan Omar declines to respond to Trump claiming she supports al Qaeda
Moderate Dem slams 'squad' for threatening to primary him: 'They're not Democrats ... they're socialists'
Sieg Heil! I mean... Beep Boop, I am a robot.
My purpose is to find and link comments in Politics that contain the word 'Hitler'
Since my birth, I have found a total of 43614 Hitlers in Politics. On average, I found 79 Hitlers per day.
Today, I read 54758 comments. In total, I have read 24334521 comments.
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Babylonian Money Magic: The Secret Power Of The Deep State & How To Break Free From The Slave Matrix

I wanted to make a post to demonstrate how the Deep State controls the world through Babylonian Money Magic & Debt Based Slavery which is a major leg of Babylonian Money Magic.
Money really started in Babylon. They ruined the entire country & everyone became debt slaves. Back then, they used look at the King like an inspired God so it was easy to fool the people. They presented money as a useful tool but it was more like a siphon that would allow the Deep State to milk everyone. The basic premise is that make the people think money makes life better, get to to use it, and vacuum it all up. It is extremely easy to vacuum it all up when one prints money. The head of the Deep State has always been the money printing bankers.
Babylon was a Idol Worshiping hell hole with slaves, people sacrificing kids to Lucifer, and all kinds of sick stuff. The Deep State had the entire game rigged in their favor and the people were totally brainwashed. They always wish it was like this for us today but we are WAY smarter in modern times and more aware. Babylon was so evil that it was overrun in a war so they moved to Rome & convinced Julius Ceasar to work with them to enslave the masses with Debt Slavery. In exchange, Ceasar would make a fortune. He was an egocentric piece of shit like many politicians so he easily agreed. Overtime, Rome was completely bankrupted and that is the reason it fell. They convinced the invading Army to let them keep Rome & Rome was used to spread Babylonian Money Magic & Debt Slavery worldwide. Before Babylon, the entire planet was in a phase called the Golden Age when nobody used money.
This is the gist of it all. These bankers are basically the Khazarian Mafia. Their official title is called the 'Saturn Death Cult'. They worship Saturn as part of their religion & they sacrifice many to Lucifer including children, soldiers, civilians, and others. They are a Cult. These aren't just rogue businessmen that ruined the world. These are a religious cult with the religion being Lucifer. They are decepted into thinking that Lucifer will exalt them as Slave-Masters where each Khazarian gets 3000 civilian slaves. To them, they are the chosen people of Lucifer just like the Jews believe they are the chosen people of God. We are all equal so both are wrong. They keep wondering why Lucifer doesn't show up and fulfill the process like we wonder why Christ hasn't returned yet. I have dug into over 10,000 pages of research plus have read over 10,000 in college over 9 years studying Business Psychology. I know a little bit but I am in no way trying to brag. My only concern is a good future for us all. In my research, I have dug into books full of spiritual secrets. Just like the Luciferians have their evil book of secrets, we have our good book of secrets. Through digging, I found that Jesus has been waiting at the door for us to stop crying & start practicing the only 2 things that will bring a Utopia to the world (Love & Forgiveness). Once we practice this on a planetary scale, Jesus will arrive. I am afraid we were mislead into believing we have to wait for the world to get so bad that Jesus feels sorry for us and saves us. This is a great manipulation because it caused us all to want death & destruction because we think Jesus will come back. The truth is, the death & destruction is what motivates us to finally stop doing what we think is right, and start doing what the ingenious Jesus knows is right. Love builds planetary wealth because love means wanting to do good things for other people. When we are in a constant state of love, we are constantly channeling love in our local environment which makes it better even when we don't do anything! Here is a man who channeled love to 1 jar of rice vs hate to a 2nd jar of rice to prove the point:
Still, when people channel love, it means they want to do good things to other people or things. This causes them to improve their local reality. When everyone is improving their local reality at the same time or at least most people are, the world improves and becomes wealthier. A Wealthy Planet looks like a Utopia. Money has nothing to do with it. We can have all the money imaginable but if the planet looks like shit, it means its poor.
Forgiveness on the other hand ends revenge or negative Karma. By ending revenge/negative-karma, we stop destroying the world. Wars, infighting, ect.. all destroy the planet and make us poorer. Forgiveness ends the destruction. For this very reason, Jesus explained that if we want to live in a Utopia, all we have to do is love & forgive all people including those Khazarians. If a mass murder is caught, he can be forgiven, but he has to be quarantined for the sake of the other people. Its too risky to keep him free. Love means love to all people equally not just the mass murderer. Now, when we jail a man for 60 years just for selling crack cocaine, that's brutal. That's not showing any love at all. Putting him in a cage for 60 years causes much more harm than good. As you can see, the lack of love is harmful. Anyone can end up in jail. Almost 1% of America is in jail but guess who makes all the money from our criminals? The Deep State runs all business including corporations, the Government, & illegal businesses like human trafficking.
By the way, all these tips are good for all religions including muslims, Jews, ect... Religions are all controlled by the Deep State from the top. All Christian, Muslim, Jewish, ect.. leaders are all Deep State Luciferians fooling us all. For Christians, they tried to make religion as cheesy and non-nonsensical as possible so that we would be repulsed and become atheists. They also made every action into a sin to imprison us. Sex, for example, is no sin. The idea that we have to be perfect is a Deep State plant to confuse the masses. Its about growth, not perfection. Religion doesn't matter. Religions are just cults trying to tell us how to think. We don't need them or their priests to reach God. All of life is God.
Some may be wondering why this economic post has shifted to religion, it is because religion is a key part of it. The Khazarian Mafia isn't like a TV mafia that robs everyone. They are a religious cult worshiping Lucifer. If anyone wants to know more about Lucifer & his direct connection to the cult who is milking the world, you can read it here:
So this is the Deep State. They created Babylonian Money Magic & Debt Based Slavery strictly to ruin the world by transferring all the wealth from the 99.9% to them. They do this for various reasons, not just money. They want to breed misery & suffering for all kinds of reasons but one of them is to cripple humanity so that we can't help ourselves or progress in life. This way, we stay low & easily exploitable. The only reason we are piercing through their iron grip as we speak is because we are mentally evolving beyond their control. Its like if a man keeps pigs within a fence. The pigs want to be free but they don't know how to be free. Eventually the intelligence of the pigs evolves to the point that they realize they can just ram the fence & run off into the woods where they will be free & happy. We are doing this as humanity right now. Mark my words this is true. It's not a matter if "if" but "when". This is why they are quickly trying to raise the level of tyranny with their attempts to start WW3 to create the Socialist, Luciferian NWO complete with Concentration Camps, genocide of non-Luciferians including atheists, 5G kill grid genocide to depopulate the world, legalize pedophilia & bestiality, sacrifice children to Lucifer openly, and all kinds of sickening things. Some of us here have been awake since 2016. It took us many months of ass busting work just to convince the sleepers that HRC was a pedophile or that the Deep State even exists. Later the woke ones pushed the fact they worship Lucifer. Keep in mind, we were laughed at, cussed out, called names, & all kinds of stuff when we were opening people's eyes but eventually, they woke up & started listening to all that is simply but the truth veiled in incredible secrecy. Now that people believe the world is run by a Luciferian cult, the next step is to understand that Lucifer is the leader of the intergalactic deep state but even Lucifer is in its final days. No matter what happens, just know this story will end good for all of us. That is guaranteed except if we do nothing but I can see all the woke people are working. The idea is to speed up the process so we can enjoy life. I won't go through all the Lucifer stuff here, but here is the link again:
After the Lucifer stuff is understood, the final frontier is God. That area of things is utterly magical and I can in no way explain how magical it is in human terms nor can the human mind imagine it. Once the God element is understood, all of life makes perfect sense. Imagine if someone took you to an underground prison & said this is your new home for the rest of your life. You would probably panic, kick, scream, and get hysterical but then imagine if all your friends & family came in and said it was all big practical joke. You would calm down and shrug it off. That is the secret behind life itself. None of this is real. Its all a matrix video game of our own making but we have to agree to erase our old memories before birthing into this place. We are all incredibly high powered, totally evolved perfect being running this matrix for a long list of complicated reasons which will all make sense in the future when the worldwide Spiritual Awakening hits. The Deep State knows all about this but they are hiding the truth from us because the truth will set us free. It's too complicated to explain right now but if anyone wants to learn more about this, you can read "Conversations With God" trilogy but its really a 9 book set. Q even mentions stuff about this here and there. Here is Q mentioning how the Luciferians are milking us for LOOSE energy which is created out of Misery itself:
He is just hinting at it but it looks to me like he's warming up for the bombshells. If Q was really part of a fake show, which nobody knows for sure, then he is appealing to the really woke people who know what's up to convince us that he is real. Either way, considering the Khazarians have fooled us since the age of Babylon, we can never underestimate them. These people are Master manipulators using all kinds of technology to manipulate including AI tech.
So lets get back to how Babylonian Money Magic works.
  1. The top of the Deep State are banks because banks control the money printing machines. This means banks are infinitely wealthy. There is not a year that goes by when banks don't print a bunch of money for selfish reasons like to buy Corporations, to bail out their bankrupted Banks, to bribe 3rd world tyrants, to pocket in their own accounts, to fund the drug trade, to fund child trafficking, to fund ISIS, to fund gangs, & pretty much all kinds of very sick things. Banks literally own everything in the end. They are the secret hand behind every Corporation, Mafia, large Gang, Education Centers, & pretty much all things related to power. Who controls the banks? The "Saturn Death Cult". The "Saturn Death Cult" is the official name of Earth's Deep State. So now we can see why Banks are so utterly powerful. Not only do they control the money printing machines but they also control our money because we deposit all of it in their banks. From there, they constantly have 95% in use to produce more wealth. They hand your money out in loans, invest in new businesses like Uber, buy Bitcoin, or whatever they want. No matter what happens, they keep getting richer and richer and richer while we all keep getting poorer and poorer. Btw, when they claim the richest people are Billionaires, that is a total lie. I spoke to a very rich man who told me they have Trillionaire's, Quadrillionsiares, and beyond. Ultimately the banks are the richest. Just the Rothschild family themselves own half the world! We have to share the other half and the rest of the Deep State hogged up most of the other half.
  2. Lower level controllers of money are also making a fortune. They always have. These are the people who rig the Stock Market to guarantee they make money, they get a cut of the money every time it goes from one country to the other, & they have an infinite amount of other ways to play us for fools behind closed doors. When they print money to pocket it, they reduce the value of our dollar. That is why a movie used to cost a nickel and now it costs $20. Imagine how much money they have been printing? They even control all the 3rd world countries because they give them money masked as "humanitarian funds" but its actually being pocketed by the tyrants, who in exchange serve the Bankers like slaves. Its very sad because the locals never see a dime. It all ends up in the 3rd world Deep State's pockets. Even in Jesus' time, they were making 40%-80% by exchanging money into shekels so that it could be used to purchase animals for sacrifice. Jesus got so upset at seeing this con-operation, he let the animals out and flipped over the money-changing tables. The Sanhedrin Group, a Deep State element that worked for the Roman Empire, already wanted to kill him but now they lost their money-changing business. Nobody dared change money while Jesus was still alive after that. They waited a long time before resuming operations. A group of Hebrews created an anti-banking league which went all the way to 33AD when the Romans came in and slaughtered them all in Jerusalem where they destroyed the Temple and all that. They wanted to make an example of that group. The Roman Empire & the Pope figurehead killed many, many people just to make themselves a lot richer. Eventually they bankrupted Rome causing it to fall. This is why empires fall. It is because the Bankers are milking it for all its worth. They are also harvesting money out of all the Corporations they own (they own most), their criminals empires like human trafficking, drugs, ect.., taxes, high education costs, and pretty much anyway they can vacuum up our money. They control the speed of the vacuum so the vacuum can go fast, or it can go so slow that money increases in the economy. The reason the economy improves is because the elites have to use that money to hire us to do their dirty work. So they are giving us money which improves the economy, but their high powered vacuums are sucking it all back up. They have many, MANY vacuums running all at once. Meanwhile, we are here doing all their dirty work as slaves for chump change. They pay us as low as possible because the more they pay us, the more they have to vacuum up all the money.
  3. All those taxes that are said to go to helping us are actually used to harm us. Less than 5% helps us. The rest funds child trafficking, drug trafficking, bribing politicians, and whatever is needed. If our taxes aren't enough to fill their greed, they just print money which is also a tax. Inflation is a tax. When people print money, the value of your money goes down so its theft. If your 5 cents buys you a movie ticket but then the banks print so much that you need $20 to buy a ticket, that means you have to really work hard to catch up. Its just like getting robbed. No different at all.
  4. They create a serious lack of money in society for a few reasons. One, it keeps everyone busy running menial jobs so that we don't have time to do stuff that matters like spend time with the kids, raise them well, collaborate online to discuss strategies for the future, exercise, or do jobs that matter like removing graffiti from our streets, figuring something out for the homeless, beautifying the city, ect... Instead, we stand like fools at Walmart taking people's money only to hand it to the Corporate Slavemasters who are controlled by the Bankers. Do you see how it all works? You spend an entire 8-10 hours just standing there and doing the same thing over and over again until you go crazy! How does this help the world? I would much rather have you clean up street graffiti to be honest. All a Walmart worker does is collect money for the Deep State in exchange for people picking up way overpriced products. The products are overpriced because they keep the amount of resources they have a highly guarded secret from us. They have such oceans of resources, if a 90 year old man even saw a glimpse of it, he would start doing backflips. That amount of resources is so insane that it would justify dropping the price of everything by over 95! Its like sand. We say sand is worthless but its only "worthless" because we have a seemingly endless supply of it. Nobody would pay me anything if I tried to sell them sand but it is a useful thing to have on the planet and we have so much that its free. The Corporations were unable to harvest all of our sand, and then sell it back to us for high prices. They do that with other stuff like oil, metal, wood, plastics, aluminum, ect... They just harvest everything in site, hoard thousands of years worth, and then pretend we have a shortage to justify high pricing & poverty. It's all a big gimmick folks. So they keep society as poor as possible to not only freeze us in place since we are busy trying to get money from their corporate slave jobs, but also to prevent us from making any progress due to all the lost time. Also, when people are desperate, they are ripe for Bribery so they bribe the shit out of us whether we are bribed with $11 an hour to stand for 8 hours collecting money for Walmart or if we are Bribed $100,000 a month to run drugs for them. They abuse the shit out of their black hat criminals btw. They jail them, juice them for whatever they can, & endlessly abuse the shit out of them demanding more and more. If they don't give them more, they jail them to punish them. It's completely sick. Those criminals acted out of desperation & they get sucked into the deep state whirlwind of hellish suffering. So they have us poor, extremely busy doing boring shit, and cornered. There is no other way to get money. The only way to get money is if the Deep State gives it to us or if we share what we have with each other. They have most of the money though. Even the money we deposited into banks is being used. If more than 5% of society was to withdraw, the banks would say they don't' have it because they don't. It's all invested in making them richer.
  5. To further the damage, they no longer use these corporations normally. A real hospital is totally different than what we see today. A real hospital is way more human and cheaper. The Rockefellers changed all that. They made hospitals expensive and barbaric. They hid all the cures. They make more money that way. They even poison all the air, water, and atmosphere because it makes you see more Doctors meaning more money for them. This is another money vacuum. They do this with so many things. They sell you addicting sugary bullshit all the time so you get addicted and unhealthy meaning you buy more snacks and go to the Doctor more. They run fake wars. They just pretend the 2 presidents can't get along and then they tell the tax payers to pay the gigantic bill to the corporations who create all the weapons, ammo, and gear. Dick Cheney made a fucking killing out of the Iraq War! I think he is running Haliberton. Obama ran the heroine fields of Afghanistan where he important all that shit and got all the kids addicted to heroine in our neighborhoods plus through pharmaceuticals. George HW Bush, aka Poppy because he's addicting to his own heroine, is the leader of the worldwide drug trade. We had the drug Kingpin of the world as our President. He started in Texas in 1957 with the CIA. What a joke. All these poor drug addicts got all fucked up for nothing. We blame the drug addict but I am showing you a vision of what's beneath the veil of illusion you are seeing in the world today. This is just about the most transparency as one can get because they will never give us transparency. Doing so would mean they cannot conduct all kinds of evils which they do behind closed doors. We can beg all we want. It will never happen. They printed out all the money and stole whatever they could to buy everything on the world and they have weaponized it against us. Just the Rothschild family themselves own half the planet! When I tell people we need a max wage of maybe 25 million, they argue with me because they assume they will one day have more than that and they don't want any restrictions on their path to billion. Can you imagine how brainwashed Americans have become. We aren't seeing what is right in front of us. They broadcast the message of a good hard working American who goes to College and accomplishes all his dreams but this rarely every actually happens even for people with Master's degrees because they have Bankrupted America so badly, even Degree holders don't make much. The PhD college professors make $5 when they add up all the on and off hours they work. The university gives them a set amount of hours but overload their work so that they are forced to work past hours of pay or they are severely punished. Its disgusting. When its all said an done, they work 80 hours a week for $5 an hour. So basically thinking of it like this. They are destroying the planet and making a fortune out of doing so. We are the slaves doing it for them because we run all the businesses they claim to own. The only reason we do it is because they control us with fear. If we don't do shitty things on their behalf, they say they will cut us off. To say something to that the a population of people who are already financially desperate is a cold thing to do but they don't care. They are competing with each other to see how has the most Quadrillions. A desperate population is ripe for bribing. The man at Walmart doing repetitive movements is being bribed. The drug dealer is being bribed. Everyone loses but the Deep State wins. The House always wins.
  6. When the population is so desperate to survive, they just loan money at high interest rates. This is where Debt Based Slavery comes in. Once you owe money to someone, you become their slave. They are printing our own money at 13 cents a bill and loaning it to us at high interests rate so a $100 dollar bill costs 13 cents to make but they loan it to us for $100 plus interest. Rothschild, a foreign British James Bond like villain owns the Federal Reserve. He's not even American. He just made a giant straw to suck all the money out of America and put it in his bank accounts. Sure, he owns half the planet, but some people are ambitious you know. That's the magic of opportunity! I'm only joking but how many people do you know are so brainwashed that they think like this.
This is a gist of how Babylonian money magic works. Debt Based Slavery is the final element. It is the banks saving us from bankruptcy while putting us in this place to begin with. It's all big game and the 99.9% are the brunt of the joke. Even the politicians, Hollywood deep staters, MSM media, and other low level Deep State goons are part of the slave hierarchy. The only slavemasters are the banks. The rest of it operates as top down slavery. Everyone is a slave. Even if Rachel Maddow is making a lot of money by being a good slave, they force her into humiliating things like eating shit, fucking animals, and all kinds of horrid things because it pleases their Lucifer. The filthiest human beings on Earth who worship Lucifer are making the most money out of all of us because they rigged the system like a Casino and in a Casino, the House always win. The players always lose.
The only way to not lose in a Casino is to walk out. We can beg and beg century after century that they unrig the system but every time we do, they just point and laugh at our faces. They laugh all the way to the bank! No amount of begging or crying will help.
Do you know how they have stopped 7 billion people from standing up to the banks? Simple. They just put on a fake WWE show where seemingly benevolent forces are fighting the Deep State so that we end up being pacified and do nothing to help ourselves. This is called the Masonic Checkerboard Technique. We see both White & Black squares but never realize all of them are on the same team. To us, its like a football game that never ends. The game just keeps going and going. Sometimes its between Republicans and Democrats. Sometimes its between the US and USSR. Sometimes its between the US and Nazi Germany. The Nazis are part of the same deep state as our very Government is. Those US & USSR were allies the whole time. They just used each other as bogeymen to trick us all into paying more tax dollars to expand the military. The military is not for our protection. It is to protect the Bankers from us but the soldiers who are inside the military are completely unaware of this. They think they are doing an honorable thing for us. You should see how shitty they are treated inside of the military. If you think we are slaves, they are the real slaves. I know because I did 3 years. Cops are another group of hardcore slaves who think they are helping the people but are really there to prevent the people from going against the Bankers and to milk us with fines. They don't pull us over because they care about us. They pull us over to give us a bill. No matter what we do, we are milked endlessly.
This is a general idea of how Babylonian Money Magic works. The House always wins. The people always lose. To create Socialism in America, they not only important a lot of the Nazi Party members like John Podesta or Rod Rosenstein or even Merkel in Germany, but they also are desperately trying to bankrupt America as fast as possible until we are standing in 4 hours lines for break and soup. Once this happens, they will rig up an emergency to suspend the constitution, install Socialism, open the concentrations camps, and prepare the world for the NWO with the Pope as the anti-Christ. Why are we using this system? Because we are brainwashed that with enough slave labor, we will become billionaires. It's all bullshit. The players never win in the casino. Only the Casino wins. Nobody else.
But, what if I told you there was a way to disconnect ourselves? What if we can just walk out of the Casino and be free? As in the example before, the poor pigs want their God given right for freedom but the little wooden fence is blocking their path. They don't realize they can use their combined strength to just ram the fence, leave, and be forever free. In the pigs mind, he is hopelessly stuck as a prisoner who is being fed only to be eventually slaughtered. It's not hopeless though, the pig will one day evolve to be smart enough to realize he can combine forces with the other pigs and break down the fence. That is exactly what we are facing here. The humans don't know what to do to break the cycle of slavery because people are seeing an illusion instead of the grim truth beneath the illusion. I have pretty much explained the grim reality here but there is a way of breaking out of the fence and freeing ourselves as a people. I spend 2 years studying day and night to figure this out. It's so easy. Not only will we be forever free, the Deep State will lose all of their power at the same time. To top things off, all crime related crimes will disappear, poverty will disappear, fake wars will disappear, everyone will be relieved of the insane amount of responsibilities we are put under, life will improve, planetary wealth will increase, freedom will be attained, peace will be established, the human trafficking trade will die alone with all money based crimes, transparency would be established, poverty would be erased, income inequality would be erased, the future NWO plans would be erased, and pretty much every aspect of life would improve.
If the Secret to our enslavement is that the House, who controls all the money including what we deposit in the banks, is money itself, then we should simply change the world system from a money-trade based system, into a gifting based system. To get a gist of the gifting based system, see the 12 minute video here:
The strategy is this: We already run everything including the banks. They just run the highest positions is all. The rest of the businesses, power centers, the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, NATO, McDonalds, Apple, the Police, the Military, ect.. is all run by us. We make up 99.9% of the work force so we basically run it. The Deep State is the one who gives us orders from the top down slave-system they made. We do as we are told because we don't know any other way to survive without their money. Since we run the entirety of the system, lets just keep running it without the money element.
This basically means the bus driver refuses to accept payment, the deli guy makes free sandwiches, the police patrol the streets for free, the furniture maker makes stuff for free, the wood chopping company chops wood for free, ect... We all do the same exact thing we are doing now but take the middle man, money, out of the equation. This will instantly free us up. No longer are jobs held up because of money problems. We can just keep moving without stumbling due to a lack of funding. We can hire more help without worrying about the costs. Everybody would not only work for free, but we would also consume for free. The world itself would pay for the consumption. As long as we keep moving, the machine keeps feeding us instead of the Bankers. When we use money, we are feeding the bankers, not ourselves. When we dump money, we are feeding ourselves therefore we are instantly a LOT more richer as a community.
As far as ownership, we can no longer consent that the Rothschild family owns half the world and the rest of the Deep State owns the other half while the 99.9% are stuck fighting over the pennies. No fucking way. This isn't working for me. It's not working for the people on this board. Its not working for people in Africa, Russia, China, or nowhere else on the planet. The only ones benefiting from this are the bankers. Once in a while we all get a good run where we do OK but that can change overnight. Some people are wrecked. They have a criminal background or a lot of debt or child support or whatever it is that is wrecking them. Many are homeless even though we have more than enough homes but the bankers want more money which we don't have because they stole it all. Even if we give away our restaurant food, the Deep State plants little trouble makers who are hired to claim they were poisoned by the food so they can sue the restaurant owner as punishment for benefiting society. Now the restaurant owner is forced to dump all of his food in the trash because he is afraid of getting sued. Again, he is controlled by money. Fuck all this bullshit. All we need to do is stop using their money and SHARE all businesses, education centers, Government buildings, and whatever the hell else is an institution means to serve society. All of that shit becomes equally all of ours. We would make it totally transparent so anyone can go into the back offices of Apple and inspect it for evil. Do you know how much evil, diabolical shit is going on now without transparency? Its disgraceful and sickening. These bankers & their Deep State minions have shows where children are murdered in savage wage right on stage just for their own entertainment. Some of these ritual slaves escaped and blew the whistle. They take people, put them in a cage, and burn them for their Satanic Rituals. These people are seriously fucking demented & they claimed ownership of the entire planet! We are sitting here just waking up to our own slavery. We didn't even know we were slaves just 3 years ago. So we would share all of the businesses & power centers. Our own homes and stuff would belong to us only. Anything personal is our own. Anything that serves society belongs to us all. All the hoards of resources, tech, and knowledge belong to us all. We just share everything as fairly as possible in our local realities.
Finally, we just work like regular and that job pays for our consumption. Anyone raising kids, going to college, watching a sick elderly person, or anything like that is already working so they don't need to find a 2nd job. That is a job. A lot of the women who wanted to go back to raising kids can finally do so. Rockafeller fooled women into thinking corporate slaves was a good thing. This way, the women get taxes and used as slaves while the kids find a new parent which is the government teacher once again controlled by the banking class. Then they lowered wages so that 2 people have to work just to survive. Having kids is so overwhelming, I seriously, and I mean seriously recommend not having kids right now. Either way, we need to naturally depopulate over the next few generations. 4-5 billion is good but 7 billion is too heavy. The Deep State wants us down to 500 million for control reasons while good people assume 4-5 billion is fair. Deep State does this through wars and mass murder. Good guys do this with education. As long as we work at least 25 hours a week, I think we will all be OK. All those boring, menial jobs where we collect money for walmart will be gone. All accounting jobs gone. All banker jobs gone. We want them gone. This way, we free up the people to do the more important work like finding homeless people homes, removing graffiti, destroying the drug factories, upgrading the hospitals, rebuilding war torn cities, and much more valuable thins. There is nothing valuable about some spending all year collecting money for Walmart. There is nothing valuable about running mathematical numbers to process taxes for the Deep State. The world isn't actually improving. We can really improve the world in an ocean of ways. That's real MAGA. That's fun MAGA and we would all be doing our own thing to MAGA. The world would very quickly build up in wealth so we can all enjoy planetary wealth.
So we end the use of money, share all things that serve society while keeping our private property (home, car, stuff inside house), and work/consume for free. This will knock out 2 birds with 1 stone. First, we will no longer be slaves. We will be completely liberated. There is no way to enslave us without the money. 2nd, we will pull the rug up from under the Bankers feet. Goldman Sachs execs will no longer be Gods among men, they will no be men among men. The new system would basically create a world of true equal opportunity. If I can do it, then you can do it. In this work, they say if Rothschild could own half the planet, everyone can own half the planet. That is complete bullshit and nobody should believe this shit. They laugh in backrooms as they puff on their cigars that we all seem to believe that we will be rich if we slave hard enough. All that happens is that we become slaves and stay poor with stupid pipe dreams. We would enrich the entire planet and level out the playing field at the same time!!! Who wouldn't want this except for the bankers of course or maybe extremely brainwashed people who cannot see through the illusion.
One last thing, I hope that Trump & Q are ready but considered we have been fooled since the age of Babylon, I wouldn't be surprised if we are fooled again. What they always do is put a seemingly benevolent force against the Deep State. They beat the shit out of each other on TV so we think good forces are fighting for us. This can be republicans VS democrats, the US vs Nazis, or whatever it may be. We end up rooting for the good guys without realizing they are all bad guys putting on a fake WWE show where the banker is Vince McMann. This is call the Masonic Checkerboard Technique. This is done so we end up being pacified and do nothing. For this reason, we have to do something as an insurance policy in case we are being bamboozled again.
We have a perfect plan to fix it all of the world's problems & shut down the NWO in 1 foul swoop. If we don't do it, God knows how many more generations will have to suffer before the woke population musters up enough courage to do it. Its better just to do it now and get it over with so we can reap all the many rewards, save our futures, and save the future generations. All it takes is loving cooperation just as Jesus said. We have to be united. Either unite or die. They push "Divide & Conquer" hard for this reason. We hold unspeakable power when united. Everyone will see that once we unite. They are afraid of a united people.
All we have to do is meme the shit out of this idea until enough people hear about it and see through the fake illusions the bankers setup for us. Once we think we can get 5% of the population to act, we just do it. 5% is critical mass. When 5% does something beneficial, the other 95% follow. We can do all this very quickly.
Think of us like a sports team VS the bankers who are another sports team. We were a disunited group of 7 billion VS a very united group of 8500. Once we unite, we will outpower them like crazy and this is done inside the mind so it doesn't take more than a second to do. Everyone is only responsible for their own mind. If you can do it, you have achieved success. Next, we push the idea non-stop until the masses find out just like we pushed the idea that HRC was a pedophile. It isn't really hard. It just requires persistence. Once we feel comfortable with our numbers, we push to stop using the money and just do it. We can do it nationwide but if people see us doing it here, they will be quickly inspired to do it in their own countries so I have no doubt this will become a worldwide event.
We are like the pigs who are upset about being fenced in. We found out in 2016 but now, after a lot of thinking and brainstorming, figured out we can push ourselves past the gate and be forever free. We can do this ASAP instead of waiting for decades for the Deep State to free us which will probably never happen to be honest. i think we are the hero of the story. The Deep State things we are the hero which is why they use the Masonic Checkerboard Technique. We have to realize that we are the hero. We have to unite. We have to break through the gate together as a team. We will be free, NWO plans will be canceled, and life will become fun again.
Honestly, this is the most pivotal point in human history. Should we walk out of the Banker Casino and be forever free or do we keep trying to beat the rigged games even though we have been on a non-stop losing spree since the age of Babylon?
—————————————— More ideas for the future:
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